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Entrepreneur Center Slides - We First


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Entrepreneur Center Slides - We First

  1. 1. • Simon MainwaringHow Brands andConsumers UseSocial Media to Builda Better WorldPRESENTED October 16, 2012
  2. 2. Purpose: Why does your company exist?
  3. 3. Key Strategic Principles:“The future of profit is purpose.”“Brands must be the chief celebrant, notcelebrity, of their communities.”“Brands must seek consumer action, notacquisition.”Simon Mainwaring, author, We FirstNew York Times, Wall Street Journal, Amazon Bestseller 2011strategy+business ‘Best Marketing Book of 2011800CEORead Top 5 Marketing Book of 2011Amazon Top 10 Business Books of 2011
  4. 4. Competitive Advantage: What are you the only of?
  5. 5. Leadership: What dos your company do when its at its best?
  6. 6. Vision: What hope, vision or dream does your brand offer?
  7. 7. We First Vision
  8. 8. Thank you, Nashville EC. To instantly get these slides, this video and three free socialbranding training videos for your company PLUS information about a special training program offer, text your name and email to: 310 - 660 - 7221 Twitter: @SimonMainwaring Email: