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  1. 1. VERTIGO
  2. 2. TRANSFORMATION SCENE After Judy dies her hair blond Scottie is still disappointed because Judy has not put her hair in a neat bun which means she has almost stripped off but she’s not a complete women to Scottie just yet. When Scottie insists she says ‘ Alright’ and goes in the bathroom ; Scottie is really waiting for the women to be totally naked and ready for love. Judy lets herself be taken in control by Scottie, to be loved by him. This makes her a passive character in contrast to the way she was like before. Mulvey’s theory points out that females are the object and the males are the subject. We see Madeleine as an object from the cinematography and scores used. The camera as a gender of a male which forces the spectators to see her in Scottie’s perspective, for example she looking at the spectators (medium close up) which seems she wants to be looked at again.
  3. 3. • Green pallet • It shows Judy is bathed in green light , shows a ghostly image coming to life. It seems that Judy doesn’t want to be madeleine but she has too in order for Scottie to love her. The same way at the opening sequence we see a women being fetishized represents the uncanniness of her appearance , we cannot read her , behind the mask are imprisoned emotions , fear , desperation. • Scottie is transforming something that don’t exist. He is shown to be fascinated with Madeline who isn’t real and shows he will do anything to get want he wants. To get what he wants Scottie is shown in a active and domineering role as he controls Judy of what she should wear and how she should wear it. This is seen where Judy comes in the room with her hair down and Scottie tells her to put it in a bun. This brings out the theme perfection whereby Scottie has to have Judy in a spitting image of Madeline. • Judy is jealous of madeleine, Scottie likes madeleine and Judy wants Scottie to be loved so she lets herself be transformed to be loved. Brings back the themes of necrophilia because Scottie is recreating an image of a dead women. • The light symbolises the rebirth of madeleine which brings back Scottie to reality.
  4. 4. The camera turns 360 when they kiss which brings back the motif of spirals . It shows how Scottie is obsessed with madeleine through the use of the background changing it reminds him of madeleine. It seems like he is stuck in a circular structure which only revolves around madeleine. He fall for madeleine , he loses her , he gets her back and loses her again, this shows he can’t never get a perfect women of his desire. However the 360 could also represent his power over madeleine because he succeeded to reconstruct Judy into madeleine’s image. OBSSESSION