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Timeline chrono


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Timeline chrono

  1. 1. The Chicken The Sixties The Tender Trio Motel Goose leaves slum Shorty buries his wife The Seventies The Story of the Apartment Li'l Dice grows up Becomes "Li'lZé" the coke dealer Benny as Ze’s opposite The Runts
  2. 2. Li'lZé earning respect through fear Rocket broke and working in supermarket Benny and Angelina Flirting with Crime Benny’s party/death Rape of Knockout Ned’s girlfriend Shootout at Ned’s house The Story of Knockout Ned Joins Carrot’s gang Bank robberies Gang warfare in the favelas
  3. 3. Rocket hangs out at the paper Young children join the gangs “No one could remember how it began” Media take an interest in the war Rocket photographs Ze’s gang Rocket is given a job Ned escapes from hospital Ze invests in munitions “Get that chicken” Shootout/chaos/Rocket photographs it all Otto avenges his father’s death
  4. 4. Zé is shaken down for money, humiliated, and finally released Runts surround Zé and murder him Rocket takes pictures of Zé's dead body and goes to the newspaper Decides whether or not to put the pictures of the cops in paper Runts walk through City of God, making a hit list of the dealers