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  1. 1. Revision
  2. 2. BLACK SCREEN.TITLE CARD - REVISIONA crack of light appears and a quiet scratching noise canbe heard. The sound gets louder and the light increasesuntil a blinding light fills the screen.FADE IN TO:ECU CLOWN’S face. CLOWN is laughing.DISSOLVE TO:INT. STUDENT’S BEDROOM. DAY.The walls of the bedroom are covered with posters forplays, postcards and pictures of theatre actors, images ofcommunist figures and clowns, stills from the theatre, etc.On the bed are numerous books, papers, notes etc.BEV of STUDENT lying on the bed amongst the mess. VO (verse from Macbeth) Strange things I have in head, that will to hand; Which must be acted ere they may be scanned.STUDENT suddenly sits up and scrabbles around looking forsomething. She pulls out a Dictaphone and speaks into it. STUDENT Macbeth is a play about the collapse of man and his recovery from that collapse. In Shakespeare’s plot of events the welfare of a country is at the mercy of the well-being of the ruler.A scream is heard off-screen. STUDENT drops the Dictaphoneand rushes to the door.CUT TO:INT. STAIRWELL. DAYPOV of CLOWN At the bottom of the stairs looking up atSTUDENT at the top. STUDENT begins to run down the stairs. 2
  3. 3. POV STUDENT running down stairs. There s no longer a CLOWNat the bottom. STUDENT looks down. CU of WOODLOUSE onbottom step.CUT TO:INT. BEDROOM. DAYSTUDENT is on the bed. CU of box. Inside is the WOODLOUSE.She is trying to do some revision but is clearly havingdifficulty and stares blankly at the papers in front ofher. CU of notes pages. Ink beings to dip down onto thepaper until it makes out a vague clown’s face.CU STUDENT’S face. There is ink all around her mouth. Shelooks faint and falls off the bed. There is a knock at thedoor. STUDENT raises her head from the floor, looks at thebox. The WOODLOUSE is gone.CUT TO:INT. LANDING. DAYSTUDENT walks across the landing. Distant laughing isheard.CUT TO:INT. BEDROOM DAY.STUDENT enters. CLOWN is sat on the end of the bed with itsback to the camera. The Dictaphone is on the bed andlaughing is coming from it. The laughing gets increasinglyloud as CLOWN slowly turns around. STUDENT looks horrified.We see the CLOWN’S face for the first time. It is identicalto the STUDENT’S. There is a knock at the door and STUDENTrushes to open it. Outside is the WOODLOUSE on the floor.STUDENT turns back to the room and CLOWN has disappeared.Off-screen laughing can be heard. STUDENT runs out of theroom.CUT TO:INT. STAIRWELL. DAYLOW ANGLE of STUDENT running down the stairs. 3
  4. 4. CUT TO:INT. LIVING ROOM. DAYCU of a chessboard. BEV of STUDENT and CLOWN sat eitherside of the board. We now see they have swapped clothes.CLOWN still has the clown make up on but wears STUDENT’Sclothes. STUDENT is dressed in the clown outfit. CLOWNmoves a chess piece and after a lengthy pause for thought,STUDENT makes her move. CU of her fingers as she picks upthe WOODLOUSE and moves that to a new space of the board.DISSOLVE TO:INT. LIVING ROOM. DAYVoice over and music over the action. STUDENT and CLWON aresat opposite each other. STUDENT is cleaning the make upoff CLOWN’S face. STUDENT (VO) The soliloquy is Macbeth’s ultimate preparation of himself before the murder. What do we expect him to contemplate? Does her think about the plan? Is he filled with fear of being exposed? What does he need to do as soon as he performs the murder?As more make up comes off the picture and music fades out. 4