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Hb analysis


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Hb analysis

  1. 1. Harry Brown Analysis February 27, 2014 caring selfless hides away frail lonely house proud Questions: 1. List the codes and conventions of a crime film. 2. What adjectives could you use to describe Noel? fearful morals routine isolated dull lifestyle 3. What possible audience responses could there be? nothing to lose Bloodbath Vigilante  jus/ce   Counter  cultural   pleasure   REVENGE GENRE SOCIAL REALISM Contemporary  situa/on Everyday  characters     Urban  drama   Struggle  to  survive  
  2. 2. Harry Brown Analysis ge What  are  audience  expecta/ons  of   the  revenge  film? m fil so ci al re al is m re n ve February 27, 2014 Application? How  do  these  elements  of   Filming  Style  contribute  to   Social  Realism? Which  of  these  are  the  following  classic  elements   of  the  Crime  genre  that  feature  in  Harry  Brown? Murder,  Widower,  Council  Estate,   Drug  Dealer,  Police  Raid,  Hospital,   Sword,  Inves/ga/on,  Drug  Overdose,   Ex  Soldier,  Pub,  London,  England,  Gun   Crime,  Stab  Wound,  Shoo/ng,   Mugger,  Gang,  Interroga/on,  Youth   Crime,  Chess,  Police  Pensioner,   Mobile  Phone,  Vigilante,  Riot,  Arrest,   Revenge,  Molotov  Cocktail,  Funeral,   Gun,  Character  Name  In  Title. Hand  held  camera   Ligh;ng Se<ngs   Famous  actor   Key words: naturalis*c  ligh*ng immerse Aylesbury  Estate  
  3. 3. Harry Brown Analysis February 27, 2014 ANALYSIS  OF  THE  OPENING  SEQUENCE SOUND MISE-EN-SCÈNE CAMERA/EDITING How does the sequence communicate messages/values? P 1 2 3 who? how? E why? 4 E Representa)on 5
  4. 4. Harry Brown Analysis February 27, 2014 BINARY OPPOSITES The narrative is driven by opposing forces clashing with each other. Lack of..... morals hope money things to do Lies role models respect Police Truth Evil ! N IO CT A DE CO I know what will happen next I EN ? DE CO A GM Questions in the narrative Old age Youth Good Criminal Fear Security
  5. 5. Harry Brown Analysis A Moral Panic is something identified by the media that emerges to be a threat to society's values/ideologies. Often stereotypes are used. So one argument could be that... Harry Brown is a pseudo social-realism film wanting to be taken seriously. The depiction of the young out-of-control criminals is absurdly over-the-top from the very beginning. Harry states that the young thugs simply do what they do for entertainment and the film is happy to exploit and then continue to perpetrate this nasty stereotype of the evil, predatory juvenile delinquency. This is finger wagging at the youth of today at its most extreme and reactionary. The young criminals are represented as either obscenely arrogant, aggressive sociopaths or pathetic, desperate junky scum. Harry Brown is cinema for outraged talkback radio callers and tabloid readers as it revels in blatant fear mongering. February 27, 2014