Easter revision session


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Easter revision session

  1. 1. Easter Revision session April 03, 2013 SECTION A ? PRODUCERS & AUDIENCES REVISION 2013 ANY QUESTIONS? Tips for the exam Question to think about Example paragraph Stimulus material
  2. 2. Easter Revision session April 03, 2013 Key questions TIPS How do fans express their interest in stars, genres or film series? At least 2-3 examples from your own studies What new technology is there affecting production, distribution and exhibition? Mention as many films as you can Why are some guaranteed to make profit and why are some high risk? (at least 3 in detail) Why is going to the cinema still popular? Slot in facts. Why are movies so central to the wider media business? Which genres are unpopular and why? How has Hollywood come to dominate world markets? Use terminology. Do we get to see the films we want to see or do we get to see the films that are provided for us? Show off your knowledge. Ancillary Market Spin off Tie-in
  3. 3. Easter Revision session April 03, 2013 What are some of the key ways which influence the kinds of What are some of the key ways films that get made today? which influence the kinds of films that get made today? DVD cover/ Articles Blue ray Quotes Reviews Box office data Stimulus Material Trailers and own examples Film website Blogs Merchandise Posters Forums Fansite
  4. 4. Easter Revision session April 03, 2013 SECTION B As well as star performers like George Clooney, audiences may be attracted by a star director. Big names like Scorsese, Spielberg and Tarantino dont even need first names any more. Much of the films marketing will then be contructed around this. It was interesting to see that despite having a huge star like Brad Pitt, on posters for Inglorious Basterds it was the directors name that featured most prominantly. FOR RECAP 1) Year and Director for both films. 2) 3 characters from each film. 3) Where is bullet Boy set? 4) Chance, chaos and coincidence are themes in EXAMPLE WHEN... Lock Stock. Pick a scene that illustrates this. 5) "I ain’t leaving the manor" states Wisdom. What is meant by Rickys reply? "This is just a place." How does this fit into the central themes of the film?
  5. 5. Easter Revision session April 03, 2013 Differences LIVING WITH CRIME Similarities 1. How far do the endings of the films 2. How far are the circumstances and you have studied for this topic confirm choices available to key characters in the their messages and values? films you have studied for this topic related to their social class micro elements Characters Themes Topic aspects of the genre narrative structure representation SECTION C
  6. 6. Easter Revision session April 03, 2013 APPROACHING SECTION C In the exam there will be a choice of two questions for the comparitive study. You must discuss the two films that you have studied. You can make reference to other films where there are opportunities, but only to support the points you are making about your case study films. You will need to spend approximately 45 minutes writing your answer. Accuracy (names, spelling, dates, terminology) is assessed. Your introduction should spell out why the two films are similar Compare how the two films use these: Perfect vision of humanity Abuse of technology MUST USE TERMINOLOGY MUST USE EXAMPLES
  7. 7. Easter Revision session April 03, 2013 BEGINNINGS COMPARE /CONTRAST IDEAS WESTWORLD SURROGATES Human Machines - no Idealised forms v emotions - from the safety Technology programmed of their homes e.g. female robot e.g. Maggie at end Surrogate shops KEY SCENES Renewable Robots rebuilt in resources lab (cycle) (most recent models) ENDINGS