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Show me the money


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I’ll be talking about ways of driving revenue that are not so obvious and not so talked and written about so please join me. I’m Steffano Maffulli and I am Community Manager at Funambol.
When it comes to business models, open source developers can relate to Tom Cruise in the infamous “Show me the Money!” scene from Jerry Maguire:

On the 28th I’ll be illustrating the most popular dual-licensing and services models of open source companies, and discuss their applicability to other projects. I’ll also discuss how Software as a Service (SaaS) is both a major opportunity for commercial open source projects as well as a challenge.

The talk shares the experience of how Funambol, a popular mobile open source project, has adapted its business model over time to uniquely make money from mobile service providers, while not attempting to monetize its developers or users, yet still gaining significant value from its community. The talk will be of interest to anyone trying to figure out a successful business model for mobile open source.

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