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India Development Institute - Exec Summary


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8 page exec summary of India Development Institute

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India Development Institute - Exec Summary

  1. 1. India Development Institute To Develop the Base of Indian Society Executive Summary For further information, please contact 07/07/07
  2. 2. India Development Institute - Proposal Why – The Context What – The Proposition & Impact How – IIT Alumni Engagement When – Future Action Plan Whom – Support Required 2 Send feedback to 07/07/07
  3. 3. Why: India needs to set its long-term priorities right “600 million low-income people in India, constitute the base of its economic pyramid with an average income of <$2/day ($10/day in PPP)…need to better meet their needs, increase their productivity and incomes, and empower their entry into the formal economy” - “The Next 4 Billion” report by World Resources Institute (2007) “India has to upgrade its basic infrastructure (transportation and electricity) … If I had one dollar to spend today, I would invest in–energy independence and reducing greenhouse gases”- Jeff Immelt, CEO General Electric (2007) “Time has come to create a second wave of institution building, and of excellence in the fields of education, research and capability building to prepare for the 21st century.”- Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India (2002) India’s Situation India’s Opportunity s) , V HIV ative on DS) Immediate need: al) 10 - 20 yrs 600 million Indians left behind, oc /AI rn income gap is growing rim ntiv Alte a ti Provide Global leadership e, , Organic farming on (Pre ation Alternative Energy ary ve v Green transportation uc are ser Scenario in 5 years: Sustainable Urbanization Ed lthc Con (P India’s knowledge economy could ( peter out resulting in social and He ergy ati political unrest 0-5 yrs 5 - 10 yrs a En Stimulate BOS economy Innovate Solutions Renewable energy Power generation ICT for rural areas eLearning Mobile Technology Scenario in 20 years: eGovernance Global climate change would Green buildings Clean water force water, energy and health crisis in the most populous nation 3 Send feedback to 07/07/07
  4. 4. What: To deliver basic services to all Indians We will begin with We will use a 3-pronged approach: “India’s Energy Security and Impact of Climate Change” 1) Recommend Policy: by assessing and proposing comprehensive To meet India’s current demand for power which are growing 7-8%/yr, it policies for various energy needs to double power generation by 2030. At the same time improving alternatives, impact on climate its Transmission & Distribution (T&D) by cutting losses from 35% to 13%, change, plans infrastructure & at the same time it needs to shift away from coal to renewable sources. capacity development. Hold meetings to guide Indian policymakers and negotiators in their regional and global discussions and recommend specific policy changes within India. Food Minimize Develop Transport Health Housing Impact on Carrying Promoting R & D: Analyze existing 2) Care research; initiate and encourage Climate Capacity research in important areas publish Innovation reports about direct impacts to India, Energy Water its economy, its regions, its people, Entrepre- and future growth. Support research Power Sanitation neurship centers being established at IITs, IISc IIMs and other research institutions. 3) Encouraging New Entrepreneurs: Education ICT Use the creativity of Indians to design eLearning eGovt. new breeds of Energy and Power (electricity) solutions suitable for India’s poor and their conditions. Train Build Social Entrepreneurship work- Skilled cells, involve young Indians in the universities and companies to Workers become entrepreneurs, provide them mentoring, venture capital funding, and to help scale existing companies. 4 Send feedback to 07/07/07
  5. 5. How: Build an ecosystem with all key stakeholders Our Philosophy - leverage existing think tanks (in the US and India) - grow research in academic institutions (IITs, IISc, …) - remove roadblocks through policy support - seed Indian business (incl. social entrepreneurs) • 100,000 IIT alumni • lots of IIM alumni Academia IIT's, IIM's IISc, IAS academy Intl. International Work w/ NGO action Various NGOs Stanford, JHU agencies interested in Agencies groups to do social social entrepreneurs Srishti helping (funding) India entrepreneurship United Nations around India, to do develop practical, programs, facilitate long-term solutions to & other promoters rural development, venture fund raising Clinton Global Init. its social, economic, energy, education e.g., ASHA… and environmental IRDC (Canada) environment ... issues. … Firms Energy: Chevron, BP Influence Policy Corporations Govt of India Tech: TCS, Infosys, changes, at the & Foundations Agencies Google, Microsoft National and State Telcom: Reliance India/US based Planning Comm. level, may also work Ag: Mahindra, Deere MNC Foundations Knowledge Comm. with activism groups Indian Other Think Tanks Media Other Think Tanks India Think Tanks WRI, RAND Diaspora Print CSIR, MIDC, TERI in US Broadcast Canada Internet Mostly in India 20 million NRI around the world (>2 MM Europe Both in India and outside in the US) emotionally identify with India, Mostly outside India 5 Send feedback to 07/07/07
  6. 6. How: IDI is incorporated in the State of IL (USA) Our Mission: To address India’s development challenges, to help forge consensus and promote collaboration among Indians and International agencies, so as to build infrastructure for energy/power, water/sanitation, education and to mitigate impacts of climate change on India's overall development . Incorporated (in State of IL) Jun 22, 2007 As a Not for Profit Incorporation, in State of Illinois We plan to apply for 501 (c)3 status with the IRS in the US And will also register it as a not-for-profit in India Website: Initial Directors Sanjeev Maddila, Harsh Koppula, Suresh Chandar Core Team Sanjeev Maddila, Chicago Management Consultant, Partner at Deloitte Consulting and Accenture in Chicago, PhD from Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; B Tech in Computer Science from IIT-Kanpur Krishen Dhar, New Delhi Successful Indian entrepreneur with a Polymers company, member of PanIIT-Global, past President of IIT Delhi Alumni Association, B Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT-Delhi Harsh Koppula, Chicago President/CEO of the US subsidiary of Sumida, a Japanese electronics manufacturer for the Auto sector, MBA & MS in Industrial Engg. from Univ. of Cincinnati, B Tech from IIT-B Neerja Raman, San Francisco Ex-Director of Research at HP Labs in California, Senior Fellow at Stanford’s Digital Vision Program, interested in Social Entrepreneurship, Exec MBA from Kellogg School of Mgmt. Rangan Banerjee, Mumbai Prof. Energy Sc. at IIT Bombay, co-author of India’s Energy Policy (Planning Commission), worked at Indira Gandhi Inst. for Development research, PhD and B Tech from IIT Bombay Prof. M A Pai and Sam Pitroda have been advising us, and we are supported by the staff of the National Knowledge Commission in New Delhi. 6 Send feedback to 07/07/07
  7. 7. When: Role of PAN–IIT and IDI milestones Benefits for IDI and PAN-IIT Partnerships • IDI needs PAN-IIT brand to enlist key players (IIT alum) in each stakeholder category • PAN-IIT needs IDI as a way to accomplish its key objectives of “Poverty Alleviation” & “Giving back to India” Support IDI as a vehicle to accomplish Preliminary budget for July ’07 – Dec ‘07 PAN-IIT mission of helping India by Further Research of US and India think Tanks (2 trips) $3,000 • Assign one board member to be on the IDI board Setup Indian Operations, incl. location, office staff, contacts $8,000 • Provide visibility at PAN-IIT events Develop IDI Website, including dedicated site fro Conference $4,000 • Support use of PAN-IIT brand in IDI’s fundraising Kickoff conference in India, incl. speaker fees, proceedings $50,000 • Give access to PAN-IIT membership (mentoring, feedback, critique) Hire a PR Firm for IDI launch preparation in US and India $20,000 • PR and media support - Launch IDI in Dec Develop IDI Brochure, printing, distribution before conference $10,000 2008 meeting • Provide seed funding ($100k) Register as non-profit in India & 501(c)3 application in USA $5,000 1-year milestones to be delivered by IDI Total $ (thru Dec’07) $100,000 • Complete team building • Raise awareness: Energy focused event coupled to appropriate event in India Dec 2007 or Jan 2008 • Create Plans: Business and operations plan delivered to PAN-IIT at next meeting in 12/08 7 Send feedback to 07/07/07
  8. 8. Whom: Our group has varied backgrounds Core Team (may expand) • Dr. Sanjeev Maddila (IIT Kanpur), Chicago • Krishen Dhar (IIT Delhi), New Delhi • Harsh Koppula (IIT Bombay), Chicago • Neerja Raman (Social Entrepreneurship), San Francisco • Prof. Rangan Banerjee (Indian Energy Expert), IIT Bombay Advisors • Prof. MA Pai, Emeritus UIUC and IITK, Chicago • Sam Pitroda, National Knowledge Comm, Chicago • Nandan Nilekani, CEO of Infosys, Bangalore Extended Team (will expand) • Suresh Kalathur (Motorola), Chicago • Prof. Ashwini Nangia (Univ of Hyderabad), Hyderabad • Mahadeva Mani (Booz Allen), Washington DC • Pankaj Bhatia (Global Climate Change policy expert WRI), DC • Prashanth Gopalkrishnan (Kalki Communications), Bangalore • Dr. Dhrubes Biswas (IIT Kharagpur), Calcutta Advisory Board (to confirm) • Dr. Ashok Khosala, Development Alternatives, Delhi • Prof. Raghu Rajan, ex-IMF, U of Chicago • Prof. Deepakraj Diwan, Georgia Tech • Dr. RK Pachuri, Chairman IPCC and TERI, Delhi • Dr. UR Rao, Ex Chairman of ISRO, Bangalore * Some of our team members are yet to be confirmed Board of Governors (Tentative) • Govt. of India (Prime Minister, Min. of Energy, Planning Comm…), Board representative from PAN-IIT, Representatives of Indian companies (e.g., TATA, ITC…), Representative of Energy business (e.g., BP, ONGC…), Representative Consulting firms (e.g., McKinsey, Bain…), Representative of other prominent Think Tanks (e.g. WRI, TERI…) 8 Send feedback to 07/07/07