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Game Developer Magazine, May 2012, Supplemental Info


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This is supplemental information for TERA: Reshaping MMO Combat,

Opened at proposal for GD Mag.

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Game Developer Magazine, May 2012, Supplemental Info

  1. 1. Supplemental Information for GDMag
  2. 2. Combat Type (Top View) Targeting Free-targeting damage -200 Back-end Stage (T3, T4, T5) T6 T5 T4 T3 damage T2 -200 each T1 Front-end Stage (T1~T6) Player Targets Weapon trail over time In fact, 3D volume for collision check Clusters
  3. 3. Pseudo CodeC++ style pseudo-code with Windows API :
  4. 4. Performance Peak time: Player 5500+ CPU-usage under 4% Scale 10.0 Blue Color: User Time Green Color: Kernel Time MMORPG TERA STORY