programas de afiliacao brasil


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SLYTRADE Brasil Presentation, a new network of affiliation program based into Brasil

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programas de afiliacao brasil

  1. 1. SlyTRADE BrasilBusiness Plan<br />Presentation<br />
  2. 2. Brazil Online Advertising Market<br />Over 950 million reais in 2009<br />Growth of 30% over 2008<br />Forecast for 2013 South America = Over 13 Million USD<br />Performance Marketing<br />Reversal of roles between economic decision Advertising Advertiser and Publisher.The Advertiser that the rules of the game<br />Remuneration only achievement of performance:<br />Impression - Based on the times that the Spot appears<br />Click - Based on the number of users entering the site the subject of online advertising campaign<br />Lead - Based on the number of users who sign up for online form<br />Sales - Commission recognized for product and / or services sold online after campaigns eAdvertising<br />Business Model<br />
  3. 3. Affiliation Network Online Platform<br />Benchmark TradeDoubler Europe<br />Intermediary between advertisers and Performers<br />Administration of performance pay<br />Community Online Publisher and Advertiser (free)<br />Performance Marketing Services<br />Professional training<br />Professional platform Affiliation Network<br />Administration online campaigns 360°<br />Analysis and Reporting of Performance and Campaigns<br />Services and Solutions Partner (integrated)<br />Bid Management - Management keyword campaign on Google, Yahoo, MSN through the console SlyTRADE<br />Landing Page Autogenerator campaign<br />email and SMS - Manage email campaigns and sms integrated SlyTRADE<br />Mobile Affiliation - Managing campaigns on mobile devices<br />Soluzioni e Servizi<br />
  4. 4. Online AdvertisingMarket<br />The Performance Marketing represents the model of the future relationship between Publisher and Advertiser<br />
  5. 5. Affiliation NetworkOnline Platform<br />Intermediary between advertisers and Publicher for the sale of online advertising and administering the processes of return performance<br />
  6. 6. Performance Brokerage<br />Publisher<br />Advertiser<br />Internet<br />Users<br />Creating eAdvertising<br />campaign<br />Publishing<br />Campaign<br />Publisher<br />Search<br />Advertiser <br />Search<br />Campaign<br />Selection<br />Authorization Request Publication <br />Evaluation and Authorization Publication <br />Website<br />Destination<br />Site<br />Form Online<br />eComProduct<br />Internet<br />Navigation<br />Advview<br />Adv Click<br />CPV<br />Active path on Adv Online <br />CPC<br />Advertising<br />Registration form or online shopping <br />CPL e CPS<br />
  7. 7. Compensation Brokerage<br />Publisher<br />Advertiser<br />Internet<br />Users<br />Purchase<br />eAdvertising<br />Budget<br />Calculated Performance<br />Compensation<br />Receiving <br />Performance Compensation<br />Purpose<br />Product<br />Online<br />Receive<br />Sales money<br />Product<br />Delivery<br />Compensation<br />Calculation<br />Receiving<br />Compensation<br />
  8. 8. Online Console Advertiser<br />Account Management<br />Merchants can view/edit their login info as well as their personal details<br />Merchant Payment<br />View balance amount in merchant account<br />Merchants can deposit funds into the account at any time to avoid money empty status. Offline payment methods are support for merchants who wish to pay by Check or wire transfer<br />Ability to view payment history for a given period for payments made to affiliates and transaction history<br />Affiliate Management<br />Ability to view the status of affiliates (pending, approved, suspended and waiting)<br />Abilitytosearchforaffiliates<br />Merchants can view affiliate profile, suspend affiliate and approve affiliate<br />Abilitytoapprovemanualtransactions<br />Affiliate Program Management<br />Abilitytoadd/delete affiliate program<br />Merchants can edit affiliate program settings which includes IP blocking configuration, cookie settings, affiliate approval settings, email notifications, set commissions for sales/clicks/leads and its approval type (auto or manual)<br />Geo-Targeting: Merchants can choose the customers they would like to target based on their country locations. In this way, Merchants will only pay affiliates who referred customers coming from these specified countries. <br />Emails – Affiliate Messaging<br />Merchants can set up email messages that will automatically send to affiliates after specific system events<br />Thesemessages are 100% customizable<br />Ability to send paid emails to specific group such as all affiliates or all merchants which costs a specific amount set by administrator<br />Group Management<br />Merchants can reward their affiliates by giving extra commission depending on their participation by creating groups for specific affiliate programs<br />Merchants can select the members for this group from their affiliate base depending on their performance<br />Merchants can add/remove affiliates from this group at any time <br />Merchant Report<br />Merchants can view daily report for individual program or all their affiliate programs for clicks/sales/leads/impressions and subsales<br />Graphical Reports including: Bubble plot, Return Day Analysis, Affiliates at a Glance, Distribution report<br />Detail report for merchant's approved/pending recurring commissions<br />Merchants can view real-time statistics reports for a given period broken down by clicks, sales, leads, subsales, impressions, pending payments and reversed sales<br />Merchants can view detail reports for all affiliates for a given period<br />Merchants can view detail affiliate program reports for a given period broken down by types of advertising links<br />
  9. 9. Publisher Futures<br />Account Registration<br />Affiliate Registration with all required fields<br />Password forget system<br />Set minimum payableamount<br />Can specify parent affiliate for second tier commission <br />Automated email messages for registration and approval by administrator <br />Account Management<br />Affiliates can view/edit their login info as well as their personal details<br />Ability to specify the payment preference and setting<br />Affiliate Payment<br />View balance amount in affiliate account<br />Abilitytorequestforpayment<br />Ability to view payment history for a given period for affiliate payments and transaction history<br />Affiliate Program Directory<br />View/search all affiliates programs listed in the affiliate directory<br />Ability to search for affiliate programs by keywords<br />Listing of newly listed affiliate programs<br />Banner Rotators<br />Allows an affiliate to join all the programs under a specific category <br />Listallavailablecategories<br />Automatic generation of banner rotator link codes<br />Allows affiliates to display a variety of ads in their website on a random basis<br />Affiliate Program Management<br />Join/Suspend affiliate programs<br />Get HTML codes for affiliate programs<br />Affiiate Sub-IDs: Affiliates can manage Sub-IDs so they can track links from multiple websites.<br />Affiliate Report<br />Affiliate can view daily report for individual program or all affiliate programs for clicks/sales/leads and subsales<br />Affiliate can view real-time reports for a given period broken down by clicks, sales, leads, subsales, pending payments and pending subsales<br />Affiliate can view detail transaction report for a given period for all affiliate programs<br />Affiliate can view transaction report for a given range of period for each Sub-IDs<br />
  10. 10. Affiliation MarketingService’s<br />Improve the conversion rate of online campaigns ensures continued investment and growing by Publisher<br />
  11. 11. eBusinessProcess<br />Acquisto nuovi prodotti/servizi<br />Lead/Sales<br />Conversion<br />Customer<br />Sadistaction<br />Click<br />Conversion<br />Performance Marketing Service<br />Objectives<br />Detailed analytical detection and analysis specialist Conversion Report<br />Developing strategic solutions for increasing conversion values<br />Advanced Analytics system and service to detect and analyze user behavior and conversions<br />LandingPage and Microsite to improve clicks, leads and sales conversion<br />Improving relationships with customers CRM strategies<br />Improving Conversion<br />•         Restrictions regarding the costs<br />•         Increase campaign effectiveness<br />Increase investment in eadvertising<br />•         More performance results<br /><ul><li>More online sales</li></li></ul><li>LandigPage & MicroSite<br />The Landing Page is the culmination of its user and click, which will be more attractive, well built, structured and relevant to the needs of the user's depth, the more willing to explore and to come back in. <br />If the user finds a Web page inviting and persuasive, be increased to take decisive action, be it a purchase or filling out a form, otherwise it will be harder.<br />Through the optimization of Landing Pages, you can test more combinations of structure and layout of the page - headline, image, text - presented in a completely random users and then analyzed to find the best solution to bring qualified traffic, achieve better performance and then develop the best business online.<br />
  12. 12. AdvancedAnalytics Service<br />1) Preliminary analysis of the site<br /><ul><li>analysis of the commodity sector of the site
  13. 13. investment analysis / marketing campaigns planned
  14. 14. identification of the technical features of the site and the main issues
  15. 15. identification of key channels
  16. 16. identification of pages targate definition conversion</li></ul>2) Optimal configuration of the solution of Web Analytics and its strategic parameters<br />3) Monitoring of the components of traffic and setting campaigns ADV<br />4) Analysis and preparation of periodic file with clear strategic directio<br />The complex data produced by a system of Web Analytics can be no simple interpretation and require a sensitivity that only time can develop.<br />The counseling service is a strategic tool to maximize e-business. <br />
  17. 17. Start-Up Business Plan(2010-2012)<br />Conquistare la quota del 3% di intermediazione Advertising online in Brasile<br />
  18. 18. Economic Forecast<br /><ul><li>BankMarketofTradeDOUBLER (Euro)
  19. 19. Middle GrossMargin = 24% (advertising intermediation)
  20. 20. Internet Advertising Prevision Brasil (millions R$): 2009 - 1.047, 2010 - 1.445, 2011 - 1.950
  21. 21. Quote ofAdv Market (intermediation): 2009 – 0,10%, 2010 – 0,60%, 2011 – 1,30%</li>