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CV- Sylvester J Lee

  1. 1. Sylvester J. Lee P.O. Box University, MS 662-816-4828EDUCATIONM.S. University of Mississippi-Environmental Toxicology, Oxford, MS. May 2012B.S. University of Mississippi- Pharmaceutical Sciences, Oxford, MS. May 2010RESEARCH INTERESTSAdaptive and evolutionary biology/ecology, genetic connectivity and implications for marinebiodiversity and marine conservation (specifically coral reef ecosystems). Bridging the gapsbetween primary research and direct implications towards marine conservation initiatives andpublic outreach through visual media (photography and videography).EMPLOYMENT HISTORYAugust 2010-June 2012Research Assistant. Environmental Toxicology Program. Dr. Deb Gochfeld and Dr. MarcSlattery-University of Mississippi. Projects focused on variability of antibacterial properties ofHawaiian corals, Montipora White Syndrome, Aplysina Red Band Syndrome, and oceanacidification on sponges and corals from Hawaii and the Bahamas. Processing of seagrass andsediment samples for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon analysis following the BP Gulf oil spill.May-June 2011Teaching Assistant. NOAA-funded University of Mississippi study abroad course “Coral ReefStressors: Adaptation in Tropical Marine Ecosystems.” Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas.March 2010-August 2010Research Technician. Department of Pharmacognosy, Dr. Marc Slattery-University ofMississippi. Projects focused on coral, sponge, and algal extractions, and secondary metaboliteisolations using High Performance Liquid Chromatography, and disease on corals.
  2. 2. February 2007-April 2009Pharmacy Technician. KrogerPROFESSIONAL ACTIVITES/ FIELD EXPERIENCEAquarius Mission in Key Largo, FL July 2011:Support diver/research assistant. Research on ocean acidification- acidified micro-habitats,sponge transplantation experiments, additive effects of acidification and increasedtemperature on sponge and coral physiology.Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas summer 2011:Investigating adapted tolerance to ocean acidification and elevated temperature in the marinesponge, Chondrilla nucula, from an extreme environment. Assisted in other group members’work on sponge, algal, coral, and fish ecology: coral reef surveys, sponge, coral, and fishcollections, transplant experiments, wet lab experiments, physiological measurements.Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas June 2010:University of Mississippi study abroad course “Coral Reef Stressors: Adaption in TropicalMarine Ecosystems.” Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas.AWARDS, ACHIEVEMENTS, AND RECOGNITIONSv Best Poster Award: Basic Sciences. The University of Mississippi Graduate Student Council Research Symposium 2012v Placed in Top 3 in Oxford Endurance 5k run (Male 20-24 division). Aug. 3, 2012. Oxford, MSv Awarded access to “laboratory section” in ‘eteRNA’, an online RNA synthesis project developed by Stanford and Carnegie Mellon University (<7% achieve laboratory access)v Featured instructables (8) by editors: Awarded a NOAA scholarship to participate in University of Mississippi study abroad course “Coral Reef Stressors: Adaption in Tropical Marine Ecosystems.” Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas. 2010v Completed 40 mi Bike Ride with a self-built single speed bike. 2012 Double Decker Ride Oxford, MS.v Nominated to participate in the 2010 “Ole Miss Women’s Council Leadership Series”v “Chancellor’s Ole Miss First” Scholarship (undergraduate-4 years)v Nominated to the National Scholars Honor Society (undergraduate)v Winner of the 2007 Freshman Interview Scholarship Contest-University of Mississippiv Eagle Scout -Troop 144
  3. 3. PUBLICATIONSLee SJ (2012) Adaptive tolerance to ocean acidification in the marine sponge: Chondrilla nucula.Master thesis, University of MississippiGochfeld DJ, KE Pappas, S Lee and GS Aeby (2011) Variability in Antibacterial Activity inHawaiian Corals. pp. 137-139. In: Pollock, N.W. (ed.), Diving for Science 2011. Proceedings ofthe American Academy of Underwater Sciences 30th Symposium. Dauphin Island, AL.Manuscripts in Preparation:Lee SJ, Slattery M, Gochfeld DJ. Phenotypic plasticity in the sponge, Chondrilla nucula, inresponse to site-specific stressors. Invertebrate Biology (In review).PRESENTATIONS AND SCIENTIFIC MEETINGSLee SJ, DJ Gochfeld, M Slattery. Adapted tolerance to ocean acidification in a marine sponge: aphysiological and biochemical approach. Benthic Ecology Meeting 2012. March 21-24, 2012Gochfeld DJ, S Lee and GS Aeby. Variability in antimicrobial chemical resistanceto Montipora White Syndrome. 11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Cairns, Australia, 9-12July 2012.Slattery M, S Lee, C Easson, C Williams, E Hunkin, D Gochfeld. Sponge diversity andacclimation in naturally-acidified marine caves. Advancing the Science of Limnology andOceanography (ASLO). Feburary 20-24, 2012.Gochfeld DJ, KE Pappas, S Lee and GS Aeby. Variability in antibacterial activity in Hawaiiancorals. American Association of Underwater Scientists Diving for Science Symposium. October10-15, 2011.
  4. 4. Corrales J, S Lee, L Steele, DJ Gochfeld, M Slattery, A Boettcher, KL Willett. Potential Impact ofOil Contaminants from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in Seagrasses of the Mississippi-Alabama Coast. Pollutant Responses in Marine Organisms (PRIMO). May 15-18, 2011.Corrales J, S Lee, L Steele, DJ Gochfeld, M Slattery, A Boettcher, KL Willett. Potential Impact ofOil Contaminants from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in Seagrasses of the Mississippi-Alabama Coast. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). April 26-28, 2011.LICENSES AND CERTIFICATIONSDiving:§ AAUS Scientific Diving certified (80 dives)§ NAUI EANx Diver certified§ SSI Advanced Open Water SCUBA certified§ SSI Open Water SCUBA certifiedOther:§ Oxygen First Aid for Emergencies certified-MEDIC First Aid International§ First Aid Certified- American Red Cross§ CPR/AED-Adult- American Red CrossSKILLS/ INTERESTSLab: High Performance Liquid Chromatography, chromatography columns, GasChromatography/ Mass Spectrometry, heat shock protein 70 quantification via western blots,protein quantification via Bradford Assay, chlorophyll a quantification, Pulse AmplifiedModulated fluorometry, lipid fraction ratio quantification, cyanobacteria counts, carbohydratequantification, disk assays and 96 well plate assays for antibacterial quantification.Software: R, JMP, Erdas Imagine, Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint, IMAGE PRO, IMAGE J,Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premire, Final Cut Pro.Languages: Mandarin Chinese (Beginner/Intermediate), Spanish (Beginner level)Extracurricular: Weekly volunteer at More Than a Meal soup kitchen- I tutor children andadults, interact with individuals on a personal level, and provide transportation for those inneed. Photography/ underwater photography, archery, Crossfit, biking, soccer, camping,drums, piano.
  5. 5. REFERENCESDr. Erica Hunkin (friend and colleague)- University of Mississippi. Postdoctoral ResearchAssociate in (662-915-2009)Dr. Marc Slattery (co-Advisor)- University of Mississippi. Professor of Pharmacognosy.Research Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Science. Interim ExecutiveDirector – NIUST. Director of the Ocean Biotechnology Center and Repository (NIUSTDivision) (662-915-1053)Dr. Deborah Gochfeld (co-Advisor)- University of Mississippi. Senior Scientist in the NationalCenter for Natural Products Research. Adjunct Professor of (662-915-6769)