Identifying Plagiarism


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This is to be completed along with your Plagiarism Student Worksheet

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Identifying Plagiarism

  1. 1. Lesson Objective:Today, we will describe what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.
  2. 2. What is Plagiarism?• Plagiarism is stealing o someone elses words o images o ideas then claiming them as your own.• Can be avoided by citing the source and using quotations
  3. 3. Examples of Plagiarism Words: words would include other’s writings, musical lyrics, speeches Ideas: are the original expressed ideas in words or print that are not common knowledge Images: Any reproduction of another person’s images, artistic work, or motion picture.CFU: Where have you seen plagiarism in your life?CFU: What are the 3 types of plagiarism?
  4. 4. Guided practice Students read example on worksheet and discuss with partner (Pair-Share). Example of plagiarism (words) • Original • From time to time this submerged or latent theater in Hamlet becomes almost overt. It is close to the surface in Hamlets pretense of madness, the "antic disposition" he puts on to protect himself and prevent his antagonists from plucking out the heart of his mystery.
  5. 5. Plagiarized version • Almost all of Shakespeares Hamlet can be understood as a play about acting and the theatre. For example, there is Hamlets pretense of madness, the "antic disposition" that he puts on to protect himself and prevent his antagonists from plucking out the heart of his mystery.Pair-Share: Discuss why this is an example of plagiarism.CFU: Why is this an example of plagiarism?
  6. 6. Example of Plagiarism (ideas)Plagiarism VideoPair:Share: Why was this an example of plagiarism?CFU: What would be another example of taking someone elses ideas?
  7. 7. Guided PracticeIdentifying Plagiarism
  8. 8. Guided Practice QuestionsAre the following examples of plagiarism?Use your worksheet and answer YES or NO and explain.
  9. 9. Example 1Original PassageAt the start of the Great Depression, many Americanswanted to believe that the hard times would be onlytemporary.Plagiarism-YES or NO?At the beginning of the Great Depression, a lot ofAmericans wanted to think that the hard times would beonly temporary.
  10. 10. Example 2Original PassageDevices in the iPod range are primarily digital audioplayers, designed around a central click wheel —although the iPod shuffle has buttons also.Plagiarism-YES or NO?An iPod is an MP3 player that lets you choose and playsongs to listen to using a click wheel (or on older versions,buttons).
  11. 11. Example 3Original PassageHe was a very silent man by custom.Plagiarism-YES or NO?He was usually a quiet person.
  12. 12. Example 4Original PassageA letter of thanks is a courteous acknowledgment of a giftor of something that was done for you.Plagiarism-YES or NO?A thank you note is a polite acknowledgment of a presentor something nice someone did for you.
  13. 13. Closure Answer the following questions on your worksheet.1. What is plagiarism?2. What are 3 ways that you can avoid plagiarizing material?3. Why is plagiarism wrong?
  14. 14. Independent PracticeRewrite the following statements on your worksheet in your own words:1. The automobile is zebra-colored.2. The educator removed the unruly student from theenvironment.3. The adolescent maneuvered the two-wheeled vehiclewithout hitting anything.