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How to qualify like a boss


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10 Tips for Qualifying Leads

Time is the most precious commodity in sales. So not wasting it is as much a key to sales success as anything else.

Qualifying leads is critical. Here are 10 simple tips to follow to properly qualify a lead and deliver the best possible sales experience.

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How to qualify like a boss

  1. 1. How To Qualify Like A Boss
  2. 2. Know Your Sources Know the source of the lead and what specifically they expressed interest in. (hint: it is way more narrow than it is broad)
  3. 3. Right Profile? Does this prospect fit the profile of companies you are targeting? Right size? Revenue? Is this the ideal customer?
  4. 4. Interest vs. Intent Is this interest or intent? (poking around at info vs. attending a demo or meeting or looking at pricing page)
  5. 5. What’s The Problem Specifically, what is the problem they are trying to solve. How do they know it’s a problem? Where are they feeling pain? What is it costing them not to solve this? How are they measuring the current impact?
  6. 6. What Are They Using Currently? Is there a competitive solution in place right now? ● What is going well? ● What is not going well? What is the primary goal of the solution? (Does that align with what you were told the #1 problem is?)
  7. 7. Budget Has a budget been set aside to solve this problem? ● What is it? If not, what is the process to get this budget- approved?
  8. 8. Decisions What is the decision making process? Who are the influencers (part of the conversation)? Who is the decision maker(s)? Does anyone have veto power (CFO, etc.)?
  9. 9. Time What is the timeline? Is there a deadline?
  10. 10. Roadblocks Are their any potential roadblocks that could come up (budgetary, political, etc.)?