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Enclosure 1 t&c coach responsibilities


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Enclosure 1 t&c coach responsibilities

  1. 1. T&C ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES AS A COACH Enclosure (1) Training and Curriculum Specialists (T&Cs) are the key to individualizing the professional development of Navy Child and Youth Program (CYP) professionals. The T&C's role is that of a coach, one who inspires, motivates, listens, guides, models and supports CYP professionals. As a coach, T&Cs function in many different capacities such as relationship builder, model, observer, communicator, helper and collaborator. GUIDELINES T&Cs should use The Coach’s Guide to the Creative Curriculum for Preschool as a guide to help them determine what to look for, what to say and what to do as they support and individualize the professional development of CYP professionals. This guide is meant to support T&Cs and make their job easier as they coach and support teachers. Although the guide is geared to working with preschool teachers, the concepts can and should be applied for working with all CYP professionals. To support T&Cs in the coaching process, the following guidelines should be followed: • T&Cs should observe teachers and classrooms on a regular basis. The Coach’s Guide Recording Tool (PS) and the Implementation and Planning Tool (I/T) should be used to document these observations. These tools will provide T&C the tools needed to record progress of teachers and individualize their professional development. • T&Cs should conduct formal observations of teachers quarterly, at minimum, using the Coach’s Guide Observation Feedback Form. This form will provide T&Cs the tool needed to organize and document their observations, plan their feedback and document plans for next steps. • T&Cs should establish a consistent, predictable schedule for coaching sessions. By establishing a consistent schedule, both T&Cs and teachers will know what is expected. • T&Cs should approve parent conference forms- Child Progress and Planning Report (PS) and the Family Conference Form (I/T) prior to teacher’s parent conferences. NOTE: Individual Child Profiles should not be used in parent conferences. This allows T&Cs to assist teachers in making the connection between observations, assessment and planning. • In order to help teachers support children’s learning, T&Cs should refer to the requirements listed in CNIC curriculum policy letters dated Jan 08 and Dec 08 and read and implement the following strategies in the Coach’s Guide: o Coach teachers to plan for assessment, observe and document children’s learning, analyze and respond to what they see, evaluate learning, use assessment information to plan, and communicate assessment information; o Coach teachers to work and partner with families in order to support children’s learning, and respond to challenging situations;
  2. 2. T&C ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES AS A COACH Enclosure (1) o Support teachers as they work to improve their interactions with children o Coach teachers on managing daily events such as routines, transitions, large group time, small group time and choice time; o Coach teachers on what children learn in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology; o Coach teachers on the integration of content through studies in preschool classrooms as they make the transition from a thematic approach to conducting meaningful, in-depth discovery/investigations with children. • T&Cs should utilize the following tools in the Coach’s Guide appendix to support individual teacher and classroom needs and to: o Plan for teacher’s professional development; o Assist teachers at the beginning of the year; o Assist teachers in setting up the overall classroom physical environment; o Provide teachers sample weekly planning forms. • T&Cs should mentor lead teachers to help them in coaching other CYP professionals. By mentoring lead teachers, T&Cs will have the support needed to be successful in meeting requirements. Lead teachers should to be actively engaged in the coaching process and can assist T&C’s with: o Reviewing weekly planning forms; o Conducting informal observations and role modeling; o Conducting formal observations using the Coach’s Guide Recording Tool (PS) and the Implementation and Planning Tool (IT); o Documenting formal observations on the Coach’s Guide Observation Feedback form. • T&Cs should develop a plan with their CDC director specifying the role of their lead teachers that is specific to their program needs. By developing a plan, the program will have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of lead teachers.