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DODEA online preregistration


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Published in: Education
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DODEA online preregistration

  1. 1. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE EDUCATION ACTIVITY 4040 NORTH FAIRFAX DRIVE ARLINGTON, VA 22203-1635 FEB 25 2011MEMORANDUM FOR DEPENDENTS EDUCATION COUNCIL MEMBERSSUBJECT: Online Student Pre-Registration Application The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is pleased to announce theavailability of the Online Student Pre-Registration System. This system provides parents withthe ability to pre-register their dependents in a secure online environment. Online pre­registration will save parental time at the local registration office and will also provide theregistrars with advance awareness of potential enrollments. All parents who are looking toregister their dependents for potential enrollment in a DoDEA school are encouraged to pre­register using this system. The Online Student Pre-Registration system takes the two main paper-based forms forregistration into the 21 st century by making them fillable in a secure online environment. Thissystem allows parents to create their own account, with their own password, and allows them tofill out their information at their own pace. An online user guide is available at any time on thesite. The guide walks parents through the entire process of creating their account, filling outtheir information and finally submitting their information to the registrar. This system is available for use at:!. We welcome any andall feedback at the following e-mail address: ~~~t Acting Director