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Importance Of Screening Your Potential Tenants


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Most of the people now-a-days are having problems with tenants. So, what are the various ways to avoid problems with tenants? By tenant screening? Not a bad idea!!! So here in this slide, we will discuss about why tenant screening is essential, how tenant screening is going to help us, benefits with a good tenant and various steps to screen potential tenants.

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Importance Of Screening Your Potential Tenants

  1. 1. Importance Of Screening Your Potential Tenants..
  2. 2. A good tenant from a bad one A responsible tenant from an irresponsible one A non-paying tenant from a paying one
  3. 3. With A Good Tenant:
  4. 4. You can sleep easy at night
  5. 5. As you know the rent will get paid in time
  6. 6. & your property is in safe hands..
  7. 7. How To Screen Potential Tenants ??
  8. 8. Step1: Contact
  9. 9. Don’t waste your time by showing your property to those who won’t meet your basic standards.
  10. 10. Make a list containing some basic data like:
  11. 11. No of people
  12. 12. Step2: Show the apartment
  13. 13. Here you can evaluate your tenant by observing their:
  14. 14. Step3: Request an application
  15. 15. Your application must include: Personal data Social security Current & past landlords
  16. 16. Job details Criminal history Eviction On record
  17. 17. Step4: Approval process
  18. 18. After analyzing every single data make a choice whether to approve the tenant or not.
  19. 19.  Decide the time, date & place for your lease signing.
  20. 20.  Inform the tenant how you prefer to be paid and collect the correct amount of money from him/her.
  21. 21. Step5: Lease signing
  22. 22.  Thoroughly go through the lease paper and make sure your tenant understood every single rule.
  23. 23.  Be careful and do not cross your limits since it may cause you to put at risk for breaking “privacy laws in the landlord and tenant act”..
  24. 24. Thank You Website: