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How Real Estate Manager Is Helpful To Landlords


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You might have an experience with a real estate manager if you are dealing with lots of properties or rental units. Let’s find out why people need a real estate manager, what their responsibilities are and how to choose the best real estate professional for your property. This presentation will provide you answer for all these above questions.

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  • Despite having headache with property management issues, it's better to hire a real estate manager. Truly, there're benefits of hiring them. Good presentation!
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How Real Estate Manager Is Helpful To Landlords

  1. 1. Small starter homes Exotic Iceland Luxury mansions Small plots of land
  2. 2. What Are The Responsibilities Of A Real State Manager..????
  3. 3. Responsibilities Physical Responsibilities Rental Responsibilities Insurance Responsibilities Financial Responsibilities
  4. 4. Rent Collection Setting up rental rates Preparation Of Financial report
  5. 5. Calculate building income and expenses Analyze and reducebuilding expenses
  6. 6. Rent Collection Established System For collecting Rents and to maintain details in brief
  7. 7. Setting Up Rental Rates : Analyze the rents and vacancy rates Sets Rentals By Own Inform the owner about the details
  8. 8. Operating expense Repair expense Maintenance expense
  9. 9. Preparation Of Financial Report
  10. 10. Building Analysis Maintenance
  11. 11. Building Analysis Immediate or long term repair Enhancement in the building desirability Aiming For higher rent
  12. 12. Capital budget
  13. 13. Maintenance Maintenance of building Janitorial Service Preventive maintenance Routine Cleaning
  14. 14. Rental responsibilities Settling down the disputes Checking the eviction record
  15. 15. Insurance Responsibilities
  16. 16. Proper Insurance selection is the foremost work to mitigate risk
  17. 17. Types Of Insurance Casualty Insurance Co- Insurance Error & omissions Insurance Fire & Hazard Insurance Liability Insurance Rent-loss Insurance Boiler & machinery insurance
  18. 18. Check With Colleagues or local apartment Association for recommendations
  19. 19. Check The professional Directories through internet
  20. 20. Visit IREM & NARPM for finding a professional Real Estate Manager
  21. 21. Take Interview Of all Professionals Before handing Over Your Property
  22. 22. Website: