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Pelicula de ingles

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION!!!<br />The social network (social network social network in Spain and in Spanish) is a filmdirected by David Fincher was released on October 1, 2010 in US1 is based on thebook Billionaires accident, Ben Mezrich, and tells the story of the popular social network Facebook. The screenplay adaptation was done by Aaron Sorkin andstarring roles belong to Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake,who play Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin and Sean Parker respectively (the first two are the creators of Facebook, while the The latter is one of the founders ofNapster, who in 2004 joined the chairmanship of Facebook).<br />
  3. 3. CENTRAL IDEA!!!<br />In the story, which focuses on the figure of its founder, it shows an arrogant Zuckerberg, a genius that he is willing to discuss what is right, a man with few scruples, introverted and ambitious. Many critics have said that the profile created by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, has been very close to the original, making the image of the creator of Facebook becomes harder. Also in the film narrates the friendship between Zuckerberg and his partner, Eduardo Saverin, and how it deteriorates due to the acquisition of power from the network. In this way, the film shows itself as a true story of what was the process of creating the famous Facebook, however, the company has refused from the outset to be a true copy of reality. <br />
  4. 4. ARGUMENT!!!<br />In 2003, Harvard University, a computer named Mark Zuckerberg, a curious andunique student, turned it over to the network. With the help of some of hiscompanions, and after entering the network with different pages, in addition towinning great reputation at Harvard, Zuckerberg invented Facebook. This network, one of the largest in the world since its inception, had a very troubled backgrounds, as well as certain legal issues that have spread for a long time. The relationship between the creators of Facebook, the creative process which led to creating the web, and the consequences of the success of this network, the film is interspersed with sceneslocated at different points in time so that everyone knows how to have Facebookcome to be where you are and what has happened to their creators.<br />
  5. 5. CAST!!!<br />The protagonist of The network is the young Jesse Eisenberg, who although he has appeared in several movies, recently announced Zombieland. The actor, who so far has failed to win public support, particularly through its presence, listless and devoid of charisma, seems the perfect choice for the lead role in this new work. It is difficult to assess a performance like this, Eisenberg characterized as a character not only real but very modern, yet still relevant and is well known in the network. But the actor gives a performance round, giving your character a huge and unique personality, as has been portrayed to the real Mark Zuckerberg by those who knew him in real life.<br />
  6. 6. ACTORS!!!<br />Beside him stands the actor Andrew Garfield, who plays Eduardo Saverin, another co-creators of Facebook, and one of the most important characters of the film.Garfield has what Eisenberg lacks the charisma and appeal, along with some great acting skills, getting to all the sequences necessary emotional charge. His role in this film will help so that when you see the costume of Spider-Man in the resumption of the series, the audience already knows a little face. Expectations for their career, are high. And not least, the very popular features Justin Timberlake Sean Parker, the controversial creator of Napster, which also played a role in the development of Facebook. Timberlake is a mass actor and likes or dislikes, but we must recognize that this paper gets, completely, causing mixed feelings in viewers. Just see one or two scenes in the shoes of Sean Parker to give us an idea of ​​what this unique character walking shoes. Other actors who will be seen in supporting roles are Brenda Song, Disney usual astonishing in a brief role, but intense, Armie Hammer on the dual role (as Winklevoss twins), and Max Minghella <br />
  7. 7. FILM !!!!<br />Leaving aside the subject matter of the film, which has long been on everyone's lips is, the network is an excellent film in every way. Development, very entertaining and interesting, even for a biographical drama is carried on the right track. The combination of past and present, with a long progression in terms of the origins of that network, make the story keeps us interested from beginning to end. That treats a topic as current as Facebook is an additional incentive, since it is commonplace and familiar to all Internet users, but which, somehow, few know where it came from.Appreciate the development and the stages through which the network has passed and what has led to its creators, will give new meaning to the very users of Facebook, especially to entrepreneurs who have ideas they try to surprise the world .<br />
  8. 8. FILM!!!<br />The film adapts a novel about what happened around Facebook, but as I have made clear some of the real people involved, this is a film dramatization. Not everything happened exactly as you see in the movies, and everything has taken a bit towards the end to make it more emotional and intense. However, appreciating the history and the script of a film, that after all is what it is, the network happy and leaves you feeling more positive.<br />
  9. 9. CONCLUSION!!!<br />Rumors say that the network will be one of the movies that swept the Academy Awards next, and possibly it will. Its director has all the cards to be the odd award,and the film, though the deal is more likely to go unnoticed. The film, currently leads aspectacular box office in the United States, and if all goes well, possibly still breaking records.<br />