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Newsletters kn columnas

  1. 1. CLASSROOM TECHNOGY<br />JAVEVIRTUAL<br />INTRODUCTION <br />Javevirtual has as principal function provide support to the projects of the teaching and services by means of the Technologies of the Information and the Communication.<br />This way constitutes in a space for the teachers' training, the production of educational material and the investigation, in the field of the educational computer science for the sake of the development of the knowledge, the integral formation of the students and the presentation of a service to the company Javeriana.<br />This unit focuses his human and technological resource in strengthens the culture of reflexive use of the technologies of the information and communication in the educational context of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana-Cali, taking advantage of the possibilities that offer these technologies for the improvement of the quality in the processes of education and learning<br />OBJECTIVES<br />to create an academic culture in the reflexive use of the technologies of the information and communication in the educational context, from the creation of a space of discussion and presentation of works and reports realized by students and teachers, towards the search of new forms of learning.<br />To construct new knowledge across the managing of the virtual pages (BLACKBOARD).<br />To support the activities of teaching and service by means of the integration of the virtual technologies focused the education and the learning.<br />To promote the construction of educational material rested on TIC, as a pedagogic strategy that favors the improvement of the academic quality<br />OUR SERVICES <br />Javevirtual is constituted as an academic unit which aim is to give support to the initiatives for the integration of the technologies of the information and the communication (TIC) to the academic processes across the production of educational material (BLACKBOARD), in the field of the educational computer science, in the field of the development of the knowledge, the integral formation of the students and the presentation of a service to the company Javeriana.<br />BLACKBOARD<br />It is an interactive tool of management that allows the communication and real time collaboration to teachers and students slant e-mail, exchange of files on line, equally allows to the teachers Javerianos the publication of notes and the eventual information of the subject. <br />In addition one can accede the BB so much inside like out of the university campus, by means of a user and password.<br />1996440-15240<br />LIVED EXPERIENCES<br />It is a very interesting and charitable experience because it allows us to accede to new technological areas and gives us the facility of obtaining information of a sure form<br />STEPS<br />-118110748665To enter web page http: //<br />53340459105To enter BB virtual classroom<br />c. Interaction between teachers and students<br />LIVED EXPERIENCES<br />It is a very interesting and beneficial experience because it allows us to know new technological areas, which will be a fort to confront in an included world and permitting to be in the informative forefront, besides the fact that it allows us to accede to the information of a sure and useful way.<br />BLOGGER<br /> It is a web site where are published chronologically texts, articles, images, videoes of personal interest, preserving always the freedom of making published what is created pertinent.<br />OBJECTIVES<br />To think and to publish to near informed by the authors of the BLOG and this way to establish a dialog between the followers<br />STEPS<br />269875427990To enter web page<br />3556008255<br />To enter profile<br />127000280670<br />NEW AT PONTIFICA UNIVERSIDAD JAVERIANA<br />The pontificia university javeriana possesses important events: new careers, courses of support to students, contest like the bag millionaire, conferences on managerial opportunity and exchanges academic national and international.<br />NEW FACULTY - MEDICINE <br />-70485125730<br />It guarantees that the student of medicine of the Pontificia Javeriana Cali possesses a formation endorsed by a path and knowledge that is not improvised. This Career relies on agreements in recognized institutions of health accredited and certified in quality, that they allow to the students to have formative practices in institutions of different degrees of complexity and with multiple communities, to assure the contact with the reality of attention in health of our region and of the country, in an globalize context.<br />COURSES OF SUPPORT TO STUDENTS<br />23495260985<br />The pontificia university javeriana offers course of support to students as Advanced Courses of Excel in order to strengthen the knowledge in IT tools (Microsoft Office).<br />1861820806450 In addition, it is a tool of work that has managed to be almost indispensable so thanks to his precision and functionality to allow to do things that before it was more complicated to realize like to take the accounting of the company, to do accounts, balance sheets, databases and the better thing with the rapidity and efficiency that any company needs.<br /> What looks for the community Javeriana is to achieve that the students have an integral formation in all the Microsoft Office, in order to prepare ourselves for the market to work.<br />COMPETITION IN THE STOCK EXCHANGE<br />-6350172720<br />It offers Markets of actions, which will allow to invest real time and to realize commercial operations, as well as to have the possibility of establishing strategies of trade Briefly they will be playing as if they were investment.<br />CONFERENCE ON BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY<br />In the Pontificia University Javeriana seeks To generate a propitious environment to realize business, in order that the entrepreneurs are announced. In addition to offer capsules in opportunities of: financing, services of support, business management. Sharing knowledge and to propitiate an exchange of experiences, Motivating the young persons to undertaking Creating new opportunities of business.<br />EXCHANGES ACADEMIC NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL<br />-213360128270<br />Thanks to the agreements for the academic mobility, a student of the Javeriana Cali can realize national and international internships for one or two semesters in other universities.<br /> <br />Thanks to the agreements for the academic mobility, a student of the Javeriana Cali can realize national and international internships for one or two semesters in other universities.<br />SKYPE<br />With Skype, stay in touch with family and friends around the world is easy, fun and free. As with other aspects of life, it is important that you know how to stay safe when surfing the Internet, both when using Skype and other web sites.<br />The Pontifical Javeriana Unversity offers its students the possibility of having, discussions with students from other countries to which we bring them knowledge in English and Spanish.<br />I was fortunate to experience and is very good because it allowed me to interact with people who constumbres and thoughts than mine. Also because it's an innovative idea that creates a good image for the university and students in general.<br />With out forgetting that there are many which have a low level of English and sucH in teractions are an uncommitted because nobody wants to be the worst.<br />Defenitivament this idea for me is wonderful for every WHAT benefits offered to this union.<br />Defenitivament this idea for me is wonderful for every what benefits offered to this union.rik<br />COMMENTARY ON USE OF SKYPE:<br />"Very good experience"A few months ago that I first saw HispaZone available in the Skype program. An internet communications program that focused heavily on voice communication in addition to offering instant messaging. I really liked the program but did not get to test it thoroughly, as I thought it would be one more and that having and IRC, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, etc. that would greatly advance the issue.Months later a friend of a business partner fixed, seeing that spent a lot of phone calling to the same co-worker recommended me to use it, but either I did not remember or did not care too much about the subject.About a month ago I began to see in several companies, each time more and I finally decided to buy a good headset, the Plantronics Audio 90, and start using it. The truth is that it is very comfortable to use, reduce costs and also I have my hands free.To my surprise I realized that the program also serves to make phone calls at a cost of 1.7 cents per minute, ie, cheaper than a call interprovincial, which in my case I do several every day. And with that price you can call most of Europe, much of America and many other sites.Anyway, for me is becoming a substitute for fixed telephony and the messenger.The good news is that unless you call a phone, is free and requires no more than register a login or user name, no need to create email addresses or anything.We must also say that no video and does not have the typical games messenger. Another thing left to improve is the transfer of files to the contacts, which is somewhat mediocre and go slow.However I recommend to everyone, it's worth.Those who try or have tried and comment if you have such a good impression.<br />