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Images 2012 2013 slideshow(2)

  1. 1. 2012 – 2013Ottawa Area ISD
  2. 2. “COLLAGRAPH PLATE”Abby HarrellHolland High School – Grade 11Our project was to make a door. This doorcould lead anywhere. I was inspired byvintage doors, and I also incorporated a“summery” feel to it.
  3. 3. “STILL LIFE OF A DRAPERY”Alexis UmlorAllendale High School – Grade 9I created this piece of work because it was a classassignment. The idea of the assignment was learning towork with value. One of the problems I faced whileworking on this project was having enough contrast sopeople could easily see the different parts of thedrapery. While working on this project, I was focusingon making the piece look realistic through accuracy ofthe shadows and using a wide range of shades.
  4. 4. “CAT IN SHADOW”Alicia PosthumaJenison High School - Grade 10This drawing was for an independent project for myart class. I was initially going to draw my own cat,but I though a hairless car with a shirt on would be alittle more interesting. My inspiration came from oneof my grandparents’ cats name Rufus. Peoplecommonly think that they are hideous animal, but Ithink that they are the cutest things. I’ve alwayswanted to try and draw him, but I’ve just never hadthe time to. I didn’t really go through much of athought process, but I’m proud of the way it turnedout.
  5. 5. “BROOKLYN”Ana PatchinWest Ottawa High School –Grade 9The city has always fascinated me.While brainstorming ideas for thisproject I came across a photo of theBrooklyn Bridge and immediately theproject snapped into place. TheBrooklyn Bridge and the New YorkCity skyline represent a world ofopportunity, and the colors I usedsymbolize the bright future that awaitssome in New York. I hope one day Iwill be led into a bright future in a citylike New York
  6. 6. “THE WORKING MAN”Stacy SkekloffWest Ottawa High School – Grade 12From the very beginning of my high school career I have beeninvolved in various art courses at West Ottawa. I am grateful that Iwas able to establish my foundation early my freshman year, onwhich I have been building ever since in the current internationalBaccalaureate Program. IB Art has given me confidence toarticulate clearly my thoughts and opinions. Through these past twoyears I have definitely gained a world perspective that is prevalentthroughout my work. Many of my works have evolved fromshallow subject matters to complex world issues. These issues areaddressed in a way that makes the viewer reflect on the subjectmatter while maintaining the beauty that is present in the art. IB hastaught me how to develop my own ideas and convey them inunexpected ways. My process of working as an artist has alsotransformed into a professional way of thinking beginning withsources of inspiration, followed by research and finished withprecise construction. This particular piece, titles the working man,embodies every person that has had to struggle to pursue their goals.I utilized a technique where I reused old paper towel and shaped itin different ways to create volume and depth. I then used differentmaterials to solidify the paper towel and used paint and paper toshowcase different drawings on top of the texture. This piecedemanded me to take risks, and I am very proud of the outcome.Next year I will be attending the University of Michigan Ann Arborat the school of Art and Design. I will take all of the valuable skillsI have acquired with me next year as I pursue my goal of becomingan industrial designer.
  7. 7. “BOTTLES”Anne SchwendingerJenison High School – Grade 11This picture was an assignment from my painting class.We had to draw a still life with some bottles; our focusshould be on the reflection. For the background we hadto add some movement, that’s why I added the swirls. Ithink this makes the picture more interesting. Myproblem was the blending of the colors. I like when thecolors are blended into each other and I can’t see a clearline between two different colors. This was very hardwith oil pastel, because they are hard to blend. I spenda lot of time with trying to blend the colors. The whitereflection on the bottles is not blended; there I actuallywanted to see a difference to get the effect of areflection.
  8. 8. “HUICHOL YARN PAINTING”Austin HoekstraJenison High School – Grade 10I would have never done this project if Mrs.Moynihan never told me about the project. Iwas just sitting in my seat thinking of what tomake, when I thought of making a snake, but Iwanted to make the snake look like it waswrapping around the cardboard. I chose to do asnake, because I like how sneaky they can beand I have actually seen a snake wrapped arounda pole before and I thought that it was thecoolest thing in the world. The teacherassignment was called a Huichol yarn panting,and everybody else’s where small and in acircle, mine was the biggest out of all her classesand it took a long time, but it was a fun projectto do.
  9. 9. “ISTANBUL”Christa MulderHolland Christian High School – Grade 12I was inspired to create this piece after looking throughimages of my dad’s trip to Istanbul, Turkey. This piececame from a concentration of works where I focused onrecreating different kinds of architecture based onplaces I visited or images I found. I started out byselecting a photo to work from, and then went tosketching out the basic shapes on a raw canvas. I thenbegan the process of layering fabric, paint, and paper tocreate the overall composition. Anyone who hastraveled, knows that there is more to a culture than whatfirst meets the eye. The same goes for this piece. Inorder to notice all the details of this piece, such as thefact that the shredded paper is actually money, one mustspend time examining the piece. I made the decision toleave the edges of the canvas undone because it (alongwith the mismatched scraps of fabric) represents that welive in an imperfect world, and it is our job to try andmake something beautiful out of it.
  10. 10. “SUITS”Christine MooreSaugatuck High School – Grade 10“Suits” started out as an assignment with the simple instructions of making a print with texture or layers. While brainstorming ideas for a subject I cameacross a picture of a closet of suits. This picture became my inspiration. The process involved layering different materials to achieve the desired textures, thenlayering colors to achieve the desired look. After experimenting with many different color combinations, I tried these colors and liked the outcome. Theprocess was long and at some points very frustrating, but in the end it was completely worth it.
  11. 11. “FLOWER/PASTEL ON BLACK BACKGROUNDCrystal ReyesGrand Haven High School – Grade 10
  12. 12. “BRIGHT WITH LIFE”Desirae OliverCareerLine Tech Center – Grade 11This bird was painted with bright colors to encase life within it. Then it was decided to write out my bible studynotes around to then encase life around it. The intent is for the piece to have life.
  13. 13. “NEBULA”Elizabeth PierceBlack River – Grade 12“Nebula” was my exploration of different techniques with pastel. My teacher assigned my class to make three art works in pastel of any subject. I had never worked withpastel before and was unsure on how well I would be able to control it. All three of my pastel pieces for this assignment are related and show how I kept improving andchanging as I became more practiced.I chose nebulae as my subject matter because of the bright smooth colors. The stars and outer space have been a life long source of almost magical beauty and wondermentfor me. I have always enjoyed stargazing and watching any informational TV show about outer space and planets. At the time I made the artwork, the background on mylaptop was a picture of a nebula, so I searched the Internet for more pictures of nebulae.My first piece was experimental for blending colors and trying to get that sense of depth. My second was an accurate representation of the God’s Eye Nebula, and my thirdwas based on a picture I found, but not an exact copy. With this piece I wanted to create a sense of wonder and beauty that I find in the stars. I focused on blending thepastels, especially black, to achieve a rich and velvety looking image.
  14. 14. “WINTER MORNING”Elliott HusbandsBlack River – Grade 11
  15. 15. “TO BREAK THE SILENCE”Jared JohnsonHolland High School – Grade 9Uniformity is something I strive againsteveryday. I don’t necessarily want to benormal, I just want to show that you canbe a good football player, you can be oneof the fastest in track, you can be aphenomenal student, and especially be agood artist. Even if you might have anunderlying condition, or something of thatnature. It’s what is below the surface thatcounts.
  16. 16. “FLOWERS”Jenna ChambersSaugatuck High School – Grade 10When I drew these flowers, it was fall, and they were as dry and crisp as the weather. As a matter of fact, they were pretty much dead on the day Ifinished sketching them. However, it was also the best part about painting them. I mixed oil pastels together to create a summery backdrop and amyriad of yellows to color the Black-eyed Susans themselves. Unlike the rest of the work, the foliage was in watercolor, shaded to look like thesun on leaves. The pale, gray outline was no longer there, and in its place was something new. There’s nothing like bringing the dead back to life.
  17. 17. “FLOWERS AND COLORS”Kali LaHaieAllendale High School – Grade 12My goal with this piece was to create a still lifepiece for my portfolio. I wanted it to besomething bright and cheery because I loveworking with bright colors, so I chose thecolorful flowers and vase to match my interests.
  18. 18. “PUNCHED-OUT TULIP”Katelyn MulderZeeland East High School – Grade 11The inspiration for this piece was a photo I hadtaken down town Holland during Tulip Time.
  19. 19. “EXODIC”Kyra ChaseCoopersville High School – Grade 9African American Elephants have always been afavorite animal of mine. Once I heard they wereon the brink of extinction, I felt helpless andupset. Currently the population is 600,000 but isdiminishing by 38,000 each year. The cause oftheir declining numbers is because many peoplepoach for the ivory in the elephant’s tusks.Many organizations like the IFAW and CITESare calling for people to stop the support of legalivory sales. What dragged me to the research ofthe African American Elephant was their charmand biodiversity.
  20. 20. “LANDSCAPE 3D”Leah KostelijkBlack River – Grade 11My painting is of a landscape in New Zealand. This is my home country. I love being out in nature andseeing all the beautiful landscapes in my country. It is painted in the impressionism style with acrylic paint onthree translucent sheets to create a 3-D effect. This project was assigned by my art teacher, Miss Doyle.
  21. 21. “LEAVES OF ALL AGES”Marissa MarquesHolland High School – Grade 12My name is Marissa Maques. My work “Leaves of All Ages” was done in an independent art class that I took. When I saw this image on the internetand was instantly attracted to the bright contrasting colors. I originally started this work in oil pastels but as I started I thought it would be a lot better inwatercolor, so I started over. This was the first watercolor I ever did and I was a little worried at the beginning, but pleased with how it turned out.
  22. 22. “DUSK IN GRAND RAPIDS”Mary MorkesWest Ottawa High School North – Grade 12For this piece, I worked from a photograph I had taken. In this photo, I experimented with silhouettes and shadows, a subject which has intrigued me for quitesome time. I aimed to create a variation through texture. I chose not to cover the entire piece in tissue paper, to create depth through different layers. Thecomposition of this photo was key: the two figures are placed off center, and the telephone pole balances the other half. Not only did I provide contrast betweenmy light and dark colors, but between the flat black background and the tissue covered background. The focus on the two figures is mysterious, and yet hopeful,as they go toward the brightness. However, most of them are enveloped by the darkness on the bottom. This is where the mysterious mood derives from, and itputs the direct message of the pieces up for interpretation.
  23. 23. “UNTITLED”Megan YasickGrand Haven High School – Grade 12The picture that inspired this painting moved me.When I saw the woman I was struck by theimmense sorrow she projected. She looked sohaunted, intense, and desperate. I looked at herand saw raw emotion. When people look at thispiece that’s what I want them to see and feel -EMOTION.
  24. 24. “COMPLEMENTARY”Michael PierceWest Ottawa High School – Grade 11At the beginning of the year our art teacher had told us we had to pick a concentration. I had thought hard about this, like I do everything. I finallydecided that my concentration from which I would base my artwork from, would be “old to new.” My teacher told my class that our next piecewould be a spray stencil. So in my spray stencil I show my old relationships in my past with the records in the background. Then I show my newrelationships with the image of me and the girl I had recently started dating. All of it emphasizing that although some things end, there are alwaysnew beginnings.
  25. 25. “HEART/MATCHSTICKS”Mira HarmonHudsonville Freshman Campus – Grade 9My picture was inspired by my love for catching the detail and setting a story behind the picture. This certain picture however wasthought up to start as an accident when I was using matches for another picture I was trying to create. It wasn’t till the end, when Ilooked at the burning batch of matches in the small box, that I thought to draw with one match a heart, thus creating that picturethat was chosen to represent my art.
  26. 26. “8TH”Samuel BoerchelZeeland East High School – Grade 11In this image I wanted to show depth with the highcontrast between the black and white, emphasized bythe 3-D glasses. I like the way India ink blends withwater to form swirls and bleeding areas. This imageis a statement about my personality and the waypeople view me, I enjoy making people smile.
  27. 27. “COLOR FIELD”Sierra VantilCoopersville High School – Grade 12It had been awhile since anybody had said tome “just doodle,” however, that’s exactly whatthis assignment was about. The class waslearning about Zen doodles, which became ourinspiration. We were given a blank piece ofpaper, a black Sharpie, and free time to just letour minds run free. “Color Field” is whatbecame of this. We had also been focusing onatmospheric perspective, colors that are in thedistance appear duller. I added water color toachieve this concept and to add a little of mypersonality to the piece. I am proud to say thatthis entire piece came directly from my day-dreaming mind and was all done with my freehand.
  28. 28. “ROACH 4 LIFE”Zachary HendersonHudsonville High School – Grade 11The inspiration for this project is what provided themotivation to create Reach 4 Life. As a middle schooler, Iattended a church camp that had a ministry by this name.This ministry was created to end as much poverty as theycould in Africa, to raise the awareness of AIDS to teenagersthere, and to share the truth of God’s word to as manystudents and teenagers as they could. This ministryimmediately gripped my heart as I thought of how fortunateI was to live in such a wealthy country and community. As Ipainted this piece, all of the epidemics, all the malnutritionand abused children in so many African’s have and howthere’s a God watching over each and every one of themwith loving care. My intent for this piece was to paintsomething intricate that grabs the eye’s attention with warmcolors and abstract patterns, with each pattern and symboleach representing meanings that Africa has. Whenever Ibecome stressed, whenever I feel treated unfairly, wheneverI feel oppressed or unthankful for what I have, my mindturns to the starving, abused children in Africa; rags forclothes, a shack for a home, polluted water and no certaintythey will have food each day. They suffer such a greateramount than I. We are blessed beyond imagination. Thispiece, and this little African child in the painting are aconstant reminder to be thankful for what it is we have, andto be an outreach to those who have less.