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Eloqua Pushing Past Send...Get More From Email Marketing 2011


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Are you getting the most from your email marketing provider? Download this guide to check and see...

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Eloqua Pushing Past Send...Get More From Email Marketing 2011

  1. 1. To-Do’s BACK TO BASICS PUSHING Uncover a Well Behaved Audience PAST SEND Don’t Duplicate, Automate Empower the Sales Team See Beyond the Click 4 Ways to Get More from Your Email MarketingBrought to you by 2011
  2. 2. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND byAn Introduction294 Billion.That is the number of emails sent per day in 2010 according to WHAT’S INSIDE?Radicati Group. With 6.91 billion people inhabiting the earth,that works out to 43 emails per day, per person. In realitythough, only about one-third of the world’s population are 4 Ways to Get More from Email Marketingemail users. Still, with volume like that, it’s no surprise that the 1. Uncover a Well-Behaved Audiencequestion for marketers has evolved from “should we use email?” Send relevant offers with Behavioral “how should we use email?” 2. Don’t Duplicate, AutomateUnfortunately, the answer for many has become untargeted, Manage repetitive tasks with technology, not time.non-personalized batching and blasting. In fact, it’s estimatedthat 90% of today’s email is considered spam. Cutting through 3. Empower Salesall of that clutter requires thinking past the send button With tools, intelligence & better quality leverage a mix of tactics that will drive significant andmeasurable results from all of your marketing, not just email. 4. See Beyond the Click Measure data and dollars to drive growth.Use this guide as a checklist to compare your current emailmarketing technology against four core areas where marketingautomation extends the power of email – audience targeting,automating marketing tactics, enabling sales and measuringresults.2 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  3. 3. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND by Uncover a Well Behaved Audience.3 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  4. 4. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND byUncover a Well Behaved Audience.Marketers are a biased group. We pour When you can target your offer basedour time and creativity into what we on what someone has demonstrated an “Campaigns that target based on Web-site userdo – and when it comes time to select active interest in, they’re more likely click-stream data generatean audience for a promotion, we tend to to engage. Sadly, most email providers conversion rates thatgo big. It’s not only ego that drives mass are unable to track past offer response outperform untargetedblasting, though - many lack a better and web activity, so segmenting on broadcast campaigns byway to target. Think about how you pull behavior just isn’t an option. The result nearly 4 to 1.”contact lists now. Is it based primarily is massive, de-personalized email blasts–on demographic or static data? If so, cause of low open and click through – Forrester Researchyou’re missing out on a vital indicator of rates.someone’s likeliness to act …how they’vebehaved in the past. Here are a few ways that Eloqua helps you find the best behaved audience: Digital Body Language – today’s buyers start their journey online, researching your product or service extensively before wanting to connect. These online ‘clues’ called digital body language – are key indicators for sales & marketing4 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  5. 5. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND byabout what messages and offers will audience. With Eloqua, data values are Frequency Guardrails – Time andresonate. Think about targeting a easily standardized to ensure you get money are consumed in great volumefield event invite focused on ‘widget what you’re looking for. growing a marketing database. Are youx’ to anyone who is located near that putting them at risk to un-subscriberegion, but has also visited the ‘widget List Flexibility – have you ever received a due to over-communication? Withx’ information page online in the last contact list and then realized you forgot Eloqua, you can easily set system levelquarter. Conversions would sky-rocket! to exclude a group of people or that excludes to ensure contacts don’t get you simply had the wrong information? overcommunicated to and, you’re aStandardized Data/Fields – imagine Normally this results in spreadsheet click away from visual reports of emailtrying to pull a list based on the values acrobatics, fun with pivot tables, and volume by core audience the ‘First Name’ field. You’d have delayed execution. But making on theto include every possible first name fly adjustments is simple in Eloqua – nothat existed in your database! This spreadsheet necessary.scenario seems crazy, but it’s similarto the frustration most marketers facewhen trying to target on ‘job title’ or‘state’. If the values in these fields aren’tentered in the same way (standardizedor normalized) then you have to queryagainst every version of that job title(think CMO, C.M.O, Chief MarketingOfficer, etc) to capture the entire5 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  6. 6. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND by Uncover a Well Behaved Audience. Answer these questions to determine your targeting prowess. I can easily and confidently identify audience members based on demographic data. Yes/No I am confident that this demographic data is accurate and standardized. Yes/No I am targeting contacts based on past email response activity. Yes/No I am targeting contacts based on past website activity. Yes/No I am able to make on the fly adjustments to my target list. Yes/No I am easily able to manage communication frequency for my prospect/customer database. Yes/No6 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  7. 7. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND by Don’t Duplicate, Automate.7 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  8. 8. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND byDon’t Duplicate, Automate.Write down the process you went These steps remain more or less thethrough executing communications for same each time, right? The content Siemens PLM, an Eloqua customer, was able toyour last webinar or event. Are there may change, but the time between reduce the time it tooksimilarities in the tasks you performed? invitations is likely pretty similar. Why to execute marketing spend time scheduling reminders to campaigns from anYour list probably looks like this: execute the next step, recreating the average of 100 to 101) Send first invite email same process every time? hours through the use of2) Send confirmation of registration automation.3)Send a second invite to non-registrants With marketing automation, you can4)Send a reminder pre-event trigger communications based on5) Send Thank You email actions and build a re-usable process/ Time to Execute Campaigns6) Send Sorry You Didn’t Come email workflow for events, webinars and other repetitive tasks. By automating 100 these manual tasks, marketing can stay in touch in a consistent manner Hours (known as lead nurturing). Some email providers can trigger communications based on a limited set of actions, but they fall short on both the breadth of 10 triggerable actions, as well as the ability to automate outreach after that first Before After touch.8 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  9. 9. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND byTime-Saving Differentiatorswith Eloqua:Access a robust library of proven multi-touch program templates to help youget started faster with programs likelead scoring and nurturing.Build your own multi-touch, multi-channel programs for webinar/event/offer execution and follow up. Copy andre-use for similar activities.Trigger any number of emails (or directmail, voicemail, SMS) off of web activity,form submissions, content tags, email Eloqua’s Campaign Canvas allows easy drag and drop design for singleresponses, profile information and more. or multi-touch. Build once. Re-use often.9 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  10. 10. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND by Don’t Duplicate, Automate. Answer these questions to see if automation could put hours back in your day. I often use the same process to execute marketing activities (ie webinars include invite #1, invite reminder, follow up (attendee/non attendee). Yes/No I currently repeat the timing and sending of event based emails manually each time we run an event. Yes/No Emails are triggered automatically when specific activity occurs on our website, like a form submit or asset download. Yes/No I have the ability to create a consistent buying process/experience for every lead that enters our database. Yes/No10 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  11. 11. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND by Empower the Sales Team.11 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  12. 12. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND byEmpower the Sales TeamWhen sales is left without insight into Hold back ‘cold’ leads – let sales focus Companies that invest in leadthe digital activity of their prospects, on calling the leads most ready to buy. scoring and sales enablementthey’re calling blindly - hunting for a “Score” leads based on each person’s tools see:needle in the haystack with the most level of fit for your product/services 71% year over yearqualified prospects possibly stuck at and their engagement (digital body improvement in sales cycle timethe bottom of a very long call list. language). Those not yet ready to buy, or 51% year over yearSiriusDecisions benchmarks show that missing valuable profile data stay with improvement in lead conversion rateson average, each lead is called 10 times marketing to be further profiled and 54% year over year improvement in the percent of sales reps achievingwith only a 10% chance of connecting! nurtured until they are sales ready. quotaThis inefficiency is costly and a mainpoint of tension between sales & Source: Aberdeen Group, Sales Intelligence: The Secret to Sales Nirvana,marketing teams. January 2009Some email service providers now offerCRM integration - which is a step in theright direction – but there is so muchmore that marketing can do to helpalign with sales to drive efficiency andresults.12 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  13. 13. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND byShare Contact Level Marketing Data – Empower Reps to Respond – Now thatwith Eloqua, marketing can give sales you’ve shared who is interested andreps a visual, interactive view of each what they’re interested in; give repscontacts’ digital history – emails opened marketing approved email templatesand clicked through, web visits, search that they can send from Outlook onterms – everything they need to hone the spot. Track open and click-throughand target their sales pitch. Even set rates just like any other communication.up real-time alerts when key contactsare hitting the website for a timelyresponse.Help ‘Build’ Territory Call Lists –Eloqua Discover® provides a roll-up ofthe digital body language of individualcontacts to the account level, reps nowsee when certain accounts are really hot– an indicator of an active sales cyclethat helps to validate current targetsand identify those that weren’t yet onthe radar. Eloqua Prospect Profiler gives sales a visual interactive view of a contact’s digital history.13 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  14. 14. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND by Empower the Sales Team. Answer these questions to uncover areas where Sales and Marketing alignment could improve. Sales often complains about the quality or quantity of marketing leads. Yes/No We pass every marketing lead to sales for follow up. Yes/No I feel confident that sales has the best insight into each leads history of activity with our company. Yes/No I can easily alert sales to the most interested/ready to buy leads. Yes/No Sales is empowered with on-brand, on-messag e content they can use to respond to interested leads. Yes/No14 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  15. 15. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND by See Beyond The Click.15 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  16. 16. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND bySee Beyond the Click.If you were to break measurement way to gain one view of the truth into& reporting into two categories–info the tactics and strategies that guide Automatically email key reports toI need to do my job better, and info marketing’s contribution to the bottom anyone in the organization using pre-my boss needs to show marketing’s line. scheduled sharing features.contribution; where would email open& click-through rates fit? It’s certainly How Eloqua Reports Dynamic, interactive reports let younot for your boss. And, what about you!? One-View of the Truth: drill down, filter, export and add similarDoes watching the click-through rate contacts to strategic segments for truelike a hawk really give you the insight Tie movement at each stage of the insight to need to spot patterns of success, buying process back to marketingor be inspired about new ways to help touch-points for insight on what’s really Use out of box reports, or flex yourgrow sales pipeline? Probably not. working creative muscles by building your own dashboards.Email may make up the majority of Real-time ROI reporting by tactic (email,marketing communication, but it is not for example), or rolled up to entirethe only way that a buyer interacts with campaigns/geographies/product lines,your business - so why would it be the etc.main measure of your success? Closingthe loop on dollars spent and dollarsmade – across all channels – is the only16 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  17. 17. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND by See Beyond The Click. Answer these questions to expose opportunities for improved insight. I can tie my email campaigns to revenue to ‘close the loop’ on my email marketing efforts. Yes/No I can easily track the progression of email responders to qualified leads to opportunities - without a spreadsheet. Yes/No I can measure the effectiveness of my campaign by geography and product line. Yes/No My boss can view a real-time dashboard to see how my email marketing drives business results. Yes/No17 © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This
  18. 18. BACK TO BASICS: PUSHING PAST SEND bySo, how does your emailmarketing compare?Consider the results: Consider these other great results:Some of the most successful marketers on earth, fromthe fastest growing brands rely on Eloqua to drive 7x the Best in Class Eloqua users see aninquiries, 4x the leads and nearly 3x the revenue of the S&P average 26% click-thru rate and500 average by extending the power of their email marketing 58% open rate in their traditionalstrategies. Their science for success includes a winning email marketing efforts.mix of finding the right audience, automating continualtouch-points based on buyer interests, aligning with sales, Download the Eloqua Benchmarkand measuring and optimizing their efforts for predictable report to learn morerevenue generation. more from your email marketing with Eloqua.About EloquaEloqua helps clients dramatically accelerate revenue growth through RevenuePerformance Management. Thousands of sales and marketing professionals aroundthe world rely on the marketing automation power of Eloqua to improve demandgeneration and lead management while driving more qualified leads. For moreinformation, visit, subscribe to the It’s All About Revenue blog,call 866-327-8764, or email © 2011 ELOQUA CORPORATION Tweet This