Instructions for adding a person to customer source


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Instructions for adding a person to customer source

  1. 1. Instructions for adding a person to CustomerSource Who can add a person: 1. Company Administrator 2. Susan Looby from ACE Click on add Professional
  2. 2. Important: click on a role and send an invitation email to set up account Then click Save…. The person you added will receive an email that looks like this…if not check junk folder for email
  3. 3. -----Original Message----- From: [] Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 11:04 AM To: Amy Looby Subject: Microsoft Dynamics CustomerSource Invitation Welcome to CustomerSource -- your online web portal designed to help you get more out of your Microsoft Dynamics investment. As a Microsoft Dynamics customer current on a service plan, you are entitled to access timely and relevant information about your solution via our information packed web site -- CustomerSource. CustomerSource can help you boost productivity and reduce support costs by providing unlimited access to online training and certification information, technical support Knowledge Base, newsgroups, downloads, event details and more - anytime, from anywhere. To begin using CustomerSource, you will need to have a Microsoft account or an Organizational account. For more details on the two account types read the information provided under the "Authentication Accounts" section within this email. After confirming that you have a Microsoft or Organizational account, visit the following URL to associate your Microsoft or Organizational account to your CustomerSource account. Note: If you have multiple Microsoft or Organizational accounts, close all web browsers and log out of all/any of your accounts before you visit the URL listed below. -4c6b-8899-3c24c93d4f3d Authentication Accounts 1. Microsoft account Sign in with the account you use for SkyDrive, Xbox LIVE,, or other Microsoft services. If you do not have a Microsoft account, one can be obtained by visiting the Microsoft account web site. 2. Organizational account Sign in with the account provided by your work or school to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, or other Microsoft services. Please bookmark this URL for future visits to CustomerSource: Access your benefits today!
  4. 4. Do Highlighted in yellow first, once you have a live id account using use the same email address you used when you were setup in CustomerSource above. Click create account-you will then receive an email like this to verify your email
  5. 5. Click on verify your email….and you will see this screen… Now go back to this email and link your account by following the below
  6. 6. Click on link above… You will receive a screen like this Now login to CustomerSource with your email and password at this address…
  7. 7. customersource/default.aspx Once logged in successfully you will see this…
  8. 8. Congratulations you now have access to all of your CustomerSource benefits and eLearning!