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Hank williams powerpoint presentation


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group 2

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Hank williams powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. Presented by Group 2 Marcel Allen Clint Borkan Susan Slocums EmilyTuttle Kiersten YndestadSeptember 17, 1923- January 1, 1953 white-and-more-cover-hank-williams/
  2. 2. • Born September 17, 1923• Developed a relationship with music early on • Spina Bifida• He grew up listening to different types of music• Rufus Payne helped him develop new styles
  3. 3. • Moved to Montgomery, Alabama in 1937• WSFA radio station.• Drifting Cowboys was his first band• WWII and drinking• WSFA dropped him The Drifting Cowboys k-by-michael-panasuk/
  4. 4. • “Move It on Over”• “Lovesick Blues”• “Your Cheatin’ Heart”• “Hey, Good Lookin’”• “I’m So Lonesome, I Could Cry”
  5. 5. • Alcoholism and drug addiction• Led to a divorce and a firing from Grand Ole Opry• His drinking ruined his career, and his life• Hank Williams passed away January 1, 1953
  6. 6. • Sincerity• Displaced and disillusioned by the city.• The country western archetype. ages/6315077
  7. 7. • Luke the Drifter williams-luke-drifter-1950.html
  8. 8. • Poetic• Assonance• Consonance• Cracking voice
  9. 9. • Jimmie Rodgers (Jimmie Rodgers Foundation)• The Carter Family• Roy Acuff Jimmie Rodgers
  10. 10. • Hank’s largest influence• Exposed Hank to blues and other African American styles• Shyness• “All the music training I ever had” (Ward, 2012)
  11. 11. • Bob Dylan (Lepidus, 2010)• The Rolling Stones• Bruce Springsteen• Ray Charles
  12. 12. Hank Williams Jr. Hank Williams III Jr. source/post/quoted-hank-williams-iii-on-hank- williams-jr/2011/10/04/gIQAfMLlLL_blog.html
  13. 13. • Early Country Music• Gospel Music • His mother • Black and White Communities
  14. 14. • Great Depression • Economic • Unemployment• Jim Crow South Jim Crow South• The Great Migration sy-of-the-gop-jim-crow-is-back-in-a- national-voter-suppression-campaign/
  15. 15. • WWI • Family Issues• WWII • Career Issues WWII
  16. 16. • September 21st “Hank Williams Day.”• 1954 celebration-unveiling of Hank Williams Monument• 11 number one hit songs• 1961-Country Music Hall of Fame• 1985 -Alabama Music Hall of Fame.• 1987-Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-“Early Influence.”• Is still a hit today
  17. 17. • Escott, C. (2005). Hank williams. Retrieved from williams/about-hank-williams/734/• Flippo, Chet (1985). Your cheatin heart:a biography of Hank Williams. Doubleday. ISBN 978-0-385-19737- 3.• Hank William biography. (2012). Retrieved from 9532414?page=1• Jimmie Rodgers Foundation. (n.d.). Jimmie rodgers. Retrieved from• Lange, J. J. (2007, March 19). Hank williams sr.. Retrieved from• Lepidus, H. (2010, September 18). Bob dylan and his first hero, hank williams, sr. Retrieved from• NNDB. (2012). Hank williams, sr.. Retrieved from• Scripps Networks. LLC. (2012). Hank williams sr. biography. Retrieved from,,GAC_26936_4874790,00.html• Shmoop Editorial Team. (November 11, 2008).Your cheatin heart. Retrieved from• Swanson, J., Williamson, S.(1972). "Estimates of national product and income for the United States economy, 1919–1941". Explorations in Economic History 10: 53–73.• Ward, J. (2012, July 9). Panel to discuss hank williams’ influence onamerican singer/songwriters set for june 20th." panel to discuss hank williams’ influence onamerican singer/songwriters set for june 20th. Retrieved from american-singersongwriters-set-for-june-20th