Green Tree Fundraising


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Green Tree provides opportunities for communities to come together in support of organizations that need funding.

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Green Tree Fundraising

  1. 1. No money upfront No minimum orders Free shipping Free fundraising kits For every 10 items your group sells we will plant a tree in your group’s name 800-983-0976
  2. 2. 800-983-0976
  3. 3. Your Community Coordinator facilitates fundraisers held in your community, guaranteeing a successful and lucrative fundraising event. Having a local coordinator ensures that benefits of the fundraisers stay within your community. Your Community Coordinator is there for you if you need any assistance or if you have any questions regarding your fundraiser. 800-983-0976
  4. 4. This is a unique fundraiser that is hassle free, with NO DELIVERIES! Your community supports your group by purchasing a sponsorship for a tree to be planted in a US National Forest. Your group makes 66% profit for this fundraiser! 800-983-0976
  5. 5. No Delivery 66% Profit No Money Upfront Certificate of Sponsorship Online Tree Registry Educational Your group can make this! This fundraiser is hassle free, with ! 800-983-0976
  6. 6. 25 oz. Food-grade stainless steel bottles 11 oz. Porcelain Tumblers Customizable with your logo Free shipping Up to 55% profit! For every 10 items you sell, we will plant a tree in your group’s name! This fundraiser is the perfect solution for the group that wants to be more environmentally and health conscious. 800-983-0976
  7. 7. Shopping Bag Can hold up to 40 lbs! Shopping Bag Folds Into Built-in Pocket Unique 2-in-1 Snack and Sandwich Wraps Recycled cotton produce bags No minimum order For every 10 items you sell, we will plant a tree in your group’s name! Reusable bags are a valuable alternative to the ever-present plastic shopping bag. 800-983-0976
  8. 8. $2-$5 profit per item for your group 100% recycled handmade paper Made in the USA You can grow these cards Fun vibrant wrapping paper For every 10 items you sell, we will plant Easy planting instructions a tree in your group’s name! appear on the back of each card, along with the seed content. Each handmade card will recycle naturally into the soil as the seedlings grow. They are blank inside to be personalized. 800-983-0976
  9. 9. $2-$7 profit per item for your group Reduce pollution Protect wildlife Promote healthy living Keep children and pets safe For every 10 items you sell, we will These are an affordable plant a tree in your group’s name! green home product line helping people everywhere save money by mixing homemade, natural & safe green cleaning and gardening recipes using inexpensive ingredients. 800-983-0976
  10. 10. Contact your Community Coordinator or visit Green Tree’s Website and register for a fundraiser. Receive your Fundraising Kit, educate your participants, and host your fundraiser. Contact Green Tree, and submit payment. If hosting a Presale Fundraiser, receive your products within two weeks of payment to Green Tree. 800-983-0976
  11. 11. 800-983-0976
  12. 12. Made in the USA Educational, many are scientific and artistic based Environmentally friendly Fun and safe toys Encourage physical activity Made from recycled materials 800-983-0976