June Accounting Final 2010


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Slides from the Nebraska Society of CPAs Annual Conference in June 2010

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  • Speaker Introductions...
    Tonight we are going to talk about how Omaha has changed in the last year, and how Social Media has enabled that change to occur.  
     We are going to highlight the key events that have enabled this.

  • Vibrant community happening, and knew it was here...but underground /

    Like, Matt...notice vibrant community happening, and knew it was here..

    Goals of Silicon Prairie News...exist to solidify these groups and promote
    videos, events, interviews, stuff mainstream isn't doing...and exciting to connect various groups/interests/skills
    building community

  • June Accounting Final 2010

    1. 1. What’s So Relevant About Social Media?
    2. 2. What IS social media and why should I care?
    3. 3. Social Media is an “umbrella term” that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio...
    4. 4. Or a way to describe the millions of conversations happening online right now...
    5. 5. More Time With Social Media Means...
    6. 6. More Time 39% less time on newspapers With Social Media Means...
    7. 7. More Time 39% less time on newspapers With Social 36% less time on magazines Media Means...
    8. 8. More Time 39% less time on newspapers With Social 36% less time on magazines 30% less time watching Media television... Means...
    9. 9. The Common Tools
    10. 10. Just Tools Facebook... just a phone Twitter...a fax machine
    11. 11. •Over 125 million users Up from 105m two months ago (6/10/10) •An easy way to share information, status updates and photos which are limited 140 characters
    12. 12. • More than 500 million active users • Over 50% of active users log on to Facebook each day • The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older
    13. 13. • Greater than 70 million users • Primarily professional users sharing resume and searching for jobs / consulting opportunities
    14. 14. • Myspace has roughly 120m users • Primarily focused around the music industry and the younger demographic
    15. 15. The Focus
    16. 16. The Focus To Grow...
    17. 17. The Focus To Grow... To Interact...
    18. 18. The Focus To Grow... To Interact... To Learn...
    19. 19. The Focus To Grow... To Interact... To Learn... To Engage and Embrace...
    20. 20. The Focus To Grow... To Interact... To Learn... To Engage and Embrace...
    21. 21. 18
    22. 22. Are These Legitimate Tools for Professional Accountants?
    23. 23. Survey Says... • All of the Big Four CPA firms have a presence on Facebook. • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) along with a large – and rapidly growing – number of state CPA societies have presences on both Facebook and Twitter. • Intuit, Thomson Reuters, and Sage Software all have a presence on Facebook and many of their team members use Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo, and LinkedIn to communicate. • Based on both the volume and the breadth of usage, there is little doubt that social networking tools are legitimate tools for accountants and other business professionals.
    24. 24. This is great, but we must know the details... 21
    25. 25. • Many firms and individuals have a basic presence, at the minimum, on Twitter • Very easy to search for key phrases that are being mentioned as well as relevant to the industry. This provides a great way to interact and
    26. 26. • Nearly 300 accountants have joined the Official QuickBooks Small Business Online Community. • You'll find ideas about marketing, the new features of QuickBooks, and how-to answers in the discussion area. • Also check out the QuickBooks ProAdvisor group where there are some useful resource links.
    27. 27. • Connect with other accountants and QuickBooks consultants via your profile or by joining a groups like Successful QuickBooks Consultants Group which is growing like wildfire. • Members include Intuit employees, many QuickBooks ProAdvisors, accountants, and bookkeepers • The group helps facilitate networking and developing collaborative relationships with other QuickBooks ProAdvisors.
    28. 28. • Scan the more than 300 user-generated QuickBooks how-to's or add your own. These videos are especially effective to share with clients when they have a question about QuickBooks that is answered in the video. • They can also be used to reinforce learning or a point you made in your last consulting session with the client.
    29. 29. • “Top 100 Accounting Advice Blogs” http://www.onlineaccountingdegree.com/top-100-accounting-advice-blogs/
    30. 30. Not Just News
    31. 31. Community
    32. 32. You’ve peaked my interest...now what?
    33. 33. Steps to Move Forward • Start Small. Set up a profile on the social network sites • Listen. Don’t start throwing a lot of stuff out there right away, just watch conversations, make friends, talk, find out what the conversations are, and then add to those communities & discussions. • Have fun. Continue experimenting and trying things out. • Once you get good at one, try another one. Pretty soon you’ll find which service you really like the most and is most efficient
    34. 34. • Take the time to learn where clients and competitors are participating in online communities • Follow their activity and posts using an internet search engine to search the name of one's own accounting firm • This way you can see what others are saying about the company or if the firm has been mentioned in any articles or blogs
    35. 35. • To build awareness, include the Twitter address and Facebook information on customer statements, emails, newsletters and post links on the company • Let the unique personality of an accounting firm shine through by allowing staff members to write and monitor posts.
    36. 36. Recommended Follows Twitter Jason M. Blumer on Twitter - twitter.com/JasonMBlumer Shane Eloe / BluffsCPA - twitter.com/BluffsCPA Joe Kristan - twitter.com/joebwan Blogs http://bluffscpa.com/ http://www.onlineaccountingdegree.com/top-100-accounting-advice- blogs/ http://www.rothcpa.com/taxupdates.php
    37. 37. Additional Resources Gary Vaynerchuk, Author “Crush It” Tara Hunt, Author “The Whuffie Factor” Chris Brogan, Author “Trust Agents”
    38. 38. Questions...
    39. 39. Jeff Slobotski jslobotski@aiminstitute.org jeff@siliconprairienews.com twitter.com/slobotski 402.968.9048