Spring 2014 Course 15 Orientation - GECD Career Resources


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  • A life long process
  • Point out Employer Directory, Job Search (next slide), On Campus (slide after) Events (slide) and then Going global and how to make an appointment. Suggest they open their account to viewing by employers (through My Account- My Profile)
  • Varied topics: Employer information sessions, self assessment, cover letters, internship search- we are planning a lot for the weeks leading up to the career fair
  • Pull up on screen if possibleResources and Tools (data)Company presentationsHandbookDrop in hours
  • These change regularly- check the day-of! (Screenshot from last year because events have not been confirmed yet)
  • Only cover briefly
  • Mention the international networks, alumni clubs, plus directory (need to create an account)
  • Find alumni & join groups!
  • Figuring out what you want to do is your priority
  • We’re open all summer!
  • Spring 2014 Course 15 Orientation - GECD Career Resources

    1. 1. Global Education & Career Development (GECD) May 2014 Lily Zhang, Career Development Specialist
    2. 2. • Career Services • Prehealth Advising • Global Education (study abroad) • Events • Resources, including website • Individual Counseling • Job and Internship Postings (and on-campus recruiting) …and how we can help you. GECD…
    3. 3. Job Search/ Resumes, Interviews, Networking Focusing Which organizations are a good fit? What do I need to be competitive? Who can connect me to these organizations? Networking Action Plan Exploration What’s out there? What options do I have? What jobs fit my skills? What careers and industries can use them? Networking Self Assessment Who am I? What are my interests? What kinds of skills do I have? What are my work-related values? What is my work style? Networking From Peter Fiske: To Boldly Go: Practical Career Advice for Scientists, Workshop at MIT. Modified from Stanford University Career Planning and Placement Office Career Planning
    4. 4. Individual Counseling • Self Assessment • Mock Interviews • Networking (including social media and alumni contact) • Resume and Cover Letter Critique • Drop-ins • Job and Internship Search • Researching Companies • Negotiating Job Offers • Skype or Phone Appointments
    5. 5. https://www.myinterfase.com/mit/student CareerBridge
    6. 6. CareerBridge: Job Search
    7. 7. On-Campus Interviews
    8. 8. Events
    9. 9. http://gecd.mit.edu GECD Website
    10. 10. Company Presentations
    11. 11. • Internship listings shared between Duke, Stanford, Georgetown, Harvard, MIT, NYU, Nort hwestern, Rice, UPenn, USC and Yale. • Access off http://gecd.mit.edu or at https://inet-csm.symplicity.com/students
    12. 12. Networking To help decide what you want to do, where you want to do it, and how you are going to get there… Start Building Connections NOW • Faculty • Classmates • Course 15 office • MIT alumni • Family and friends • Other professionals in fields of interest
    13. 13. Find Alumni - alum.mit.edu
    14. 14. Connect to Alumni http://alum.mit.edu
    15. 15. Get LinkedIn
    16. 16. Additional Resources • Company events through student groups • Career Resource Library • Drop-in hours • Career Development Handbook
    17. 17. Contact the GECD Lily Zhang Career Development Specialist lilyz@mit.edu Questions? Global Education & Career Development (GECD) 617-253-4733, Bldg. 12-170 (moving to E39 late June) http://gecd.mit.edu