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Everyone Can Be A Social Entrepreneur - Dublin Web Summit 4


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Everyone can be a social entrepreneur. It's about wanting to bring a change to the world and the first step is by baking cause into what you do. Examples include small and large companies and takeaway tips.

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Everyone Can Be A Social Entrepreneur - Dublin Web Summit 4

  1. 1. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Baking Cause Into Your Company
  2. 2. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Before We Begin…
  3. 3. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | What Is Social Entrepreneurship? A social entrepreneur is a mass recruiter of local change makers in society — a role model proving that citizens who channel their passion into action can do almost anything. - Ashoka
  4. 4. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Historical Examples of Leading Social Entrepreneurs • Susan B. Anthony (U.S.): Fought for Women's Rights in the United States, including the right to control property and helped spearhead adoption of the 19th amendment. • Vinoba Bhave (India): Founder and leader of the Land Gift Movement, he caused the redistribution of more than 7,000,000 acres of land to aid India's untouchables and landless. • Dr. Maria Montessori (Italy): Developed the Montessori approach to early childhood education. • Florence Nightingale (U.K.): Founder of modern nursing, she established the first school for nurses and fought to improve hospital conditions. • Margaret Sanger (U.S.): Founder of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, she led the movement for family planning efforts around the world. • John Muir (U.S.): Naturalist and conservationist, he established the National Park System and helped found The Sierra Club.
  5. 5. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Bake It Into What You Do: Social Gumbo
  6. 6. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Plan Of Attack
  7. 7. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Entrepreneurs Getting Their Cause On
  8. 8. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Kiva & Microlending
  9. 9. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Tide Loads Of Hope
  10. 10. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Container Store & Step Up Women’s Network
  11. 11. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Microsoft & How To Be An Intrapreneur
  12. 12. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Don’t Let Opportunities Pass You By
  13. 13. Sloane Berrent | @sloane | | Thank You! Questions? “There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?” – Robert Kennedy This presentation is available on