What's New and Exciting In Social Media (Q1 2013)


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Social media changes so quickly! I put together a quick guide of what you know need to know now about changes to current platform and what's new and you should keep you eye on.

What's New and Exciting In Social Media (Q1 2013)

  1. 1. MARCH 2013 Updates and Additions to Social Media Platforms
  2. 2. OVERVIEWThe new year has already brought more than ahandful of updates and changes to the social mediaplatforms that we love to use personally andprofessionally. Here we show you the most excitingadditions to our favorite platforms, and offer apreview of the new tools and apps that are quicklybuilding buzz in the digital world. 2
  3. 3. FACEBOOKFacebook Graph Search-New search engine within Facebook that allows users to use simple, specific phrases to findanswers about friends, photos and activity on Facebook. -Example search query: “People who are from my hometown”-Graph Search is a new way for users to experience and explore Facebook, with an emphasis onimmediate, visual answers- Facebook Graph Search is currently in beta 3
  4. 4. TWITTERTwitter Photo Filters-Twitter mobile apps now come with photo editing tools that allow users to crop, enhance andadd Instagram-style filters to their photos straight from their phones and mobile devicesTwitter Search-A new Search button on the Twitter mobile app allows users to quickly and easily search users,tweets and photos 4
  5. 5. INSTAGRAMInstagram Web Profiles-Instagram profiles can now be viewed and accessed on the web, not just mobile devices-Web profiles give users the ability to comment and like photos, follow users and view otherusers’ photo streams straight from the web-Non-Instagram users can also take advantage of web profiles to view users’ photo streams 5
  6. 6. TUMBLRTumblr Dashboard Updates-Social blogging platform Tumblr updated users’ dashboards to simplify and quicken theprocess of adding content-In addition to streamlining the dashboard, users with multiple blogs can now manage all oftheir accounts from the redesign 6
  7. 7. PINTERESTPinterest Mobile App Updates-Updates to Pinterest’s mobile apps give users more control over group boards and makes iteasier to manage pins-Users can now edit pins, move boards, delete pins and manage contributors to group boardsPinterest Secret Boards- New secret boards are private boards visible only to the creator. Potential uses include pre-launch Pinterest board curation, gift ideas and event planning 7
  8. 8. TOOLS & APPS TO KNOW NOW Vine Tagboard Use your mobile device to Web tool for searching, create short, simple videos moderating and following that can easily be shared to #hashtags on social media Twitter or Facebook networks WeChat mention Mobile communication tool Create alerts and be that lets users chat with informed in real-time about friends via voice messages, any mentions on the web texts, images or group chats and social networks Mailbox Vyclone iPhone app that helps users Social video app where more efficiently read, sort users can collaborate to and manage messages in create and edit videos Gmail 8
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