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Joining Accessibility and UX for Accessible UX


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Presented at WebVisions 2014, Chicago, 26 September.

Published in: Technology

Joining Accessibility and UX for Accessible UX

  1. 1. Joining Accessibility and UX for Accessible UX Sarah Horton and David Sloan Webvisions Chicago September 26 2014
  2. 2. People are people
  3. 3. What do you need to know?
  4. 4. 8.1 million people in the US have some difficulty seeing
  5. 5. Sister Daughter Brother Mother Me Father Husband Wife Colleague Friend Son
  6. 6. You feelin’ it?
  7. 7. We believe: Successful engagement with digital information and services is an individual and societal imperative
  8. 8. We believe: Reliance on digital technologies without due regard to accessible user experience could worsen social and economic exclusion
  9. 9. We believe: Inattention to accessibility fundamentally compromises quality and user experience
  10. 10. We believe: Truly advancing accessibility requires change, for people, processes, and technologies
  11. 11. We believe: We will all reap benefits if we collectively commit to accessibility and accessible user experiences
  12. 12. We recognize: Many environmental factors influence accessibility needs
  13. 13. We recognize: As human beings, our capabilities and preferences are unique and variable
  14. 14. We recognize: There is no easy and direct path toward accessibility
  15. 15. We recognize: The accessibility roadmap we have been following has shortcomings
  16. 16. We will: Build a culture of accessibility in every organization we work with
  17. 17. We will: Commit to helping all stakeholder groups understand accessibility
  18. 18. We will: Prioritize engagement with people with disabilities
  19. 19. We will: Commit to continuous improvement in knowledge and practice of accessible UX
  20. 20. We will: Focus on accessible UX as a commitment to making the best possible digital experiences for more people
  21. 21. Sarah Horton @gradualclearing David Sloan @sloandr