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Lens - Logging Effectiveness 'n' Satisfaction


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Daily Work Portfolio Management Tool. Using the LENS, an organisation can aggregate the both employee effectiveness and customer satisfaction on real time.

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Lens - Logging Effectiveness 'n' Satisfaction

  1. 1. Modules Task – Task Management User – User Management Schedule – Schedule Management Team – Team Management Reports – Reports and Insights Notification – Alerts and Triggers
  2. 2. Modules Task Management Task is a request or Activity that needs to be performed A Task can be any of the 7 below types : SLA – Regular Tasks to be performed at certain Frequency Adhoc – On Demand Items – to be performed immediately Projects - Tasks to be performed at specific time Calls – Telephonic Calls / Video Conferences Meetings – Huddles, Discussions, Town Halls, Client Visits Trainings - Internal/External/On-Job Trainings and Workshops Downtime – Downtime of H/w, S/w App, Network, Power Breaks,etc
  3. 3. Modules User - is a Normal Business Stakeholder or System User. Types of User Roles: Doer: One who performs a Task is Doer ( User ) Manager: One who supervises a Task is Reviewer ( Manager ) Client: One who requests to perform a task is a Receiver ( Client – Internal/External ) Admin: One who monitors overall process is Admin ( Complete Owner) User Management
  4. 4. Modules Schedule is a Fair flow of work. It tells the order and sequence of routines that needs to be followed. Schedule can be created manually inside LENS Schedule also can be imported from external sources in the form of an Excel Scheduler is backed with a notification / alert engine which ensures that employees have visibility on the work they need to undertake and in what order Schedule Management
  5. 5. Modules Team Management is a Supervisory Task. It is to help the Team Lead to Swiftly Manage his/her Team. LENS allows to create new Teams Add/Remove Members to a Team Manage Team members attendance. Team Management
  6. 6. Modules LENS has built-in Reports for various stakeholders Reports can be downloaded in Excel formats. Report Samples: My day @ work – It will show how was the day spent @ work. You can select custom range as period. Track each employee productivity here Task Summary – It will provide Time and Volume Summary. Track tasks at summary level and draw the report Task Status – It will provide status of tasks at any given moment and generate reports in real time. Custom reports can be produced based on the Analytical requirement of the Organisation. Reports and Insights
  7. 7. Modules Notification module will allow you to track the flow of tasks for a given cycle like daily/weekly/monthly. It will guide on when the tasks need to be performed. Email notifications will be sent daily with check list. User alerts for the following events. • Notification to Client when request is sent to Doer • Task processed by Doer notified to Reviewer • Task reviewed by Reviewer notified to Doer and Client • Task Re-Assigned by Reviewer notified to Doer • Task On-Hold by Reviewer notified to Doer • Task Closed by Reviewer notified to Doer • Task Re-Assigned by Client notified to Doer and Reviewer • Task On-Hold by Client notified to Doer and Reviewer • Task Closed by Client notified to Doer and Reviewer Alerts and Triggers
  8. 8. Roles • Client can create a Task • Client can capture an Error • Client can reassign a Task upon Error • Client can provide a Feedback • Client can view a Report Receiver ( Client )
  9. 9. Roles • Doer can create and assign a task for self • Doer can log the time and volume against any assigned task • Doer can generate his report Doer ( Normal User )
  10. 10. Roles • Reviewer can create task for himself and for his team. • Reviewer can log the time and volume against an assigned task. • Reviewer can review and provide feedback to Doer • Reviewer can reassign task to doer upon error. • Reviewer can transfer the task from one member to another member of his team. • Reviewer can view his productivity and his team productivity reports. Reviewer (Manager)
  11. 11. Roles • Admin has complete access to LENS. • Admin can upload the Schedule Periodically. • Admin can create New User • Admin can activate or de-activate an user for login. • Admin can create Team • Admin can map User to Team Admin ( Unit Admin )
  12. 12. client lead doer #4 Feedback Demand – Fulfilment Cycle #2 Log Activity First Time Right
  13. 13. Demand – Fulfilment Cycle leadclient doer First Time Not Right Rejection by Reviewer #6 Feedback #4 Log Activity #2 Log Activity First Time Not Right Rejection by Reviewer
  14. 14. leadclient doer #7 Feedback Demand – Fulfilment Cycle #5 Log Activity #2 Log Activity First Time Not Right Rejection by Customer