Mind Power Secrets - Excerpt


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Are you ready for your life to change for the better?

Do you want to be ready for all the surprises that life has to throw at you?

There is a power that you possess and that power can help you achieve everything you want in life. The power of your body, mind, and soul is a power that can only be wielded by you, depending on how much you want to emit it.

If you are tired of the way your life is going and want a more successful life, you’ll want to read this book. It will help you understand the universe we live and the power you possess within yourself so that you can achieve everything you want to achieve in life. It will help you understand how the power you possess and the power of the universe can work in harmony to create profitable and positive outcomes in your life.

Give yourself the gift of the best life ever!

This is the best book ever to come into existence about success, wealth, health, personal development, mind power, law of attraction and secrets of the universe that cover every area of life!

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Mind Power Secrets - Excerpt

  1. 1. Chapter 2: How the Body Helps the Mind“The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell and a hell of Heaven.” -John MiltonWhen it comes to the body and the mind, there is a correlation between the two, otherthan physical connectedness. The way your body feels will affect your mind, and that cancome through with physical ailments or disabilities as well as what you eat and how youfeel about it.As the body is continuously changing physically, through shape, health, age, etc., the mindis also changing. Just like the body, the mind can be influenced and pulled towards onething or another. What this means is that the body and mind are connected throughdifferent channels and that we, through mind power, can resolve certain conditions in ourbody with this power to an extent which is greater than we may think.One of the major contributions this power can offer is how to change the age of your body,through your mind. So how does it work? Let’s break it down.Naturally our body’s run a cycle. We are born, we grow up, and then we die. The way thenatural body is made is amazing. All the organs and veins, tendons, muscles, joints, etc.,are made to naturally work together, therefore, your natural state should be at maximumcapacity. Maximum capacity includes physical functionality, strength, thriving health, and apowerful mind. With a powerful mind, the body can benefit greatly, as it always grows andis influenced by its surroundings.Now when talking about power of the mind and the body, it is important to understand thatthere are natural powers at work. For instance, when a wound is inflicted onto your body,your body has the power to start healing it immediately. Now, since your body and yourmind are connected, and your body possesses the power to heal the body, why can’t themind heal the body? The ideology behind this is not only life changing, but also as possibleas you want it to be.To believe that it is possible to change your bodily condition through your mind is beneficialto you in all aspects of your life. What is important is to understand that there is a greatrange of physical conditions that your mind can control.For instance, have you ever met an elderly person who seems young? A person who may be60 or 70 years of age, but is physically fit and mentally young? If you have ever come acrossone of these rare people, you will be happy to know that his or her condition is not somemiracle only bestowed onto them, or good genes that must be in their family. Thatindividual is the way he or she is because of their mental capacity to stay young physically.What that means is that the individual who harnesses and hones the power of the mind canphysically stop aging, and it is as easy as you want it to be.To further break down this process we need to break down the mind. First of all, there aretwo spheres of your mind. There is the subconscious and there is the conscious mind. Bothrun as parallels in your head, while one is made up of your conscious thoughts anddecisions, and the other is of your non-conscious thoughts. Both are influenced by differentthings.What you consciously think and decide has to do with your environment and how you
  2. 2. perceive that environment. Your subconscious is constantly awake and overlooking yourthoughts, body, and feelings in a quiet and tranquil state.While the conscious and subconscious are two parallels, the conscious mind does have someinfluence over the subconscious mind. Your every thought, feeling, and emotion is absorbedby the subconscious which then takes all those unspoken and spoken opinions and beliefsand stores it away.The influence that this information has on our body through our subconscious is unlimitedand completely unadulterated by our environment because once the subconscious takes outthoughts it interprets them without any influence by our outer surroundings.Once the subconscious has our thoughts, they are completely subjective thoughts aboutwhat we truly feel and desire. Once you understand the power of the subconscious, you canmake some incredible changes to your body and to your well-being. Whether you want tobe healthier, be stronger, or be younger all you have to do is channel your subconscious andconscious energy into the right direction.Consistently thinking about being healthier, happier, stronger, and younger can actuallymake a difference, and it is a life-changing difference when you know how to harness thatkind of mind power. When thought is constant, it has a way to change you, the energy youpossess, the environment around you, and even the ways others think.The change is not only psychological, but physical. Our constant thoughts will change ourattitude, the way we perceive the world, and the way we approach the world. The slightestchange in you and your environment can change the path on which your life progresses. Thepower of the mind is extremely strong and powerful, and you must be careful what youconstantly think about.If, for instance, we have consistently negative thoughts, the subconscious will pick up onour attitude and emotions and will then emote that feeling and energy into our bodies,physically changing our body’s cells and units. The best way to describe it is if you haveever been in the company of someone who thinks they are always sick. That personeventually always ends up feeling physically sick because of their negative thoughts.Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum, a person who believes in themselves and feelshealthy, happy, and strong can affect the way their body feels and builds. The body willbuild strong cells and units with positive energy flowing through the body and with thepower of the conscious and subconscious mind. It is so important to realize the power youpossess when you understand the way your life can change when you hone into the powerof the mind. That which we believe in can become a tangible goal when we harness thispower.Even the thought of aging can be reversed when you simply channel your energy and mindpower to think of positive and young pictures. Your subconscious takes that reflection ofyour truest feelings and then emits it into your body and soul, therefore allowing your bodyto build upon the power of your thoughts. When you feel young in your mind and in yourheart, your body will follow suit and help you feel young physically. It’s about believing inyourself and the power you possess within yourself.When you have consistent positive thoughts about your physicality, you will see a gradualchange in your physical being. A small force will then start to mobilize within your body andthrough the power of your mind you will be able to feel as fit and healthy as you want. If
  3. 3. you’ve been in a slump and have felt a bout of bad luck that affects you mentally andphysically, you can, with the power of your mind, improve your condition over time withpositive thoughts.The power you hold within yourself can be channeled towards your body and the strengthand health within your body that can actually make you physically feel better. However, ifin your bout of bad luck you pick up bad physical habits, you’ll want to stop those habits tohelp the power of the mind effectively heal you. So if you are eating improperly, you’llwant to discontinue improper behavior.A ball of energy exists in you and through harnessing and directing, you can achieveeverything you want. So many people out there are using the power of their mind toimprove their physical and mental beings, to push for the things they want and need, andare staying in the most fit and happy state they can be in because they believe in thepower of the mind and because they believe in the power that is within themselves. Youcan be the force you want to be when you take that step and believe in yourself. And thebest thing about it is that you can start at any time in your life.You don’t necessarily need to start when you’re young or when you’re old, that is allrelative when it comes to your mind and how you feel, because you may be old when itcomes to numbers, but not in the mind. You can counter old age with your mind and makesure that you are physically and mentally happy and fit.If you think about being young, you will feel young and that feeling is something thatcannot be taken away from you. For example, take a mother. A mother raises her kids andthen they grow up and start their own lives. When children leave, some mothers feel aninstant emptiness and at times feel like their life has no more purpose, but that is not trueand should never be felt. As the circle of life goes on, so does a mother.The lull that a mother has faced while raising her kids, is just a lull. Now is the time toembrace your space and to shine. Now you can get back into the things you’ve alwayswanted to get back into and try new and different things. Life is about learning and living,so as a mother, you’ve bestowed the learning and living onto your children, now its time totake your own advice and push yourself back into functioning society to be the force ofpower you want to be.When you begin to accept the fact that you can be the change you want to be, you will seehow the way you see your life will change. Focus on the positive of nature and appreciateyour physical being as well as your mental being. Follow the line that connects these twoand learn how to control and channel the energy that makes you unique.As life goes on, so will you, and the way you approach every phase can make thedifference. As the saying goes, “every situation is what you make it”, you have to believe inyourself and have a positive outlook on how you want yourself to feel and be. If somethinghas happened in your life that has taken you a few steps back, don’t let it keep holding youback anymore.Through the power you possess within yourself, you can change any outcome of your life. Ifyou don’t let the bad times push you down and keep you there, you’ll be able to conquerevery obstacle that will come your way, whether physical or mental.Life and people will consistently throw you lemons, but you need to embrace the power youhave within yourself and, make lemonade! So start shifting those ideas in your head and
  4. 4. pushing out the negative thoughts and bringing forth the positive which can help changeyour life and help you become the person you want to be. Be everything you want to be andmore. Not only will you thank yourself, others will gravitate to you because of your positivenature and energy. You’ll be a great role model for your family, friends, and even completestrangers.The final end result is up to you, and you will see and feel all the proof you need when youexperience the power of the mind. Download ‘Mind Power Secrets’ eBook now at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B006HGG07S (US) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B006HGG07S (UK)