SpecialQuest Accomplishments


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Several accomplishments of the groups participating in the 2010 National Leadership SpecialQuest are paired with wordles and music. Be sure to give the music time to download so that it syncs with the slide changes. Enjoy!

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SpecialQuest Accomplishments

  1. 3. … is infusing the SpecialQuest approach and materials into state required early care and education coursework.
  2. 4. … influenced policy for early care and education providers.
  3. 5. … held a webinar for early childhood providers on inclusion.
  4. 7. … has collaborated with colleges and universities to use the SpecialQuest approach and materials.
  5. 8. … has hired and trained a cadre of regional Inclusion Coordinators  in the Resource and Referral regions.  
  6. 9. … developed a benefits pamphlet on inclusion to share with child care programs.
  7. 11. … has collaborated so that cross-agency trainings and activities are now taking place across the state.
  8. 12. … is working to embed the SpecialQuest approach and materials in child care training throughout the state.
  9. 13. … ensured that the Head Start Training and Technical Assistance system is using SpecialQuest.
  10. 15. … co-sponsored a 3-day conference with a SpecialQuest track for over 600 participants.
  11. 16. … has three very active communities that are promoting inclusion using the SpecialQuest approach and materials.
  12. 17. … sponsored a day-long Early Childhood Inclusion Symposium.
  13. 19. … has supported Child Care Resource and Referral Regional Inclusion Specialists to use the SpecialQuest approach and materials.
  14. 20. … invited all SpecialQuest Graduate Programs in the state to attend State Leadership Team meetings.
  15. 21. … frequently presents workshops at statewide early care and education conferences and meetings.
  16. 23. ...is providing follow-up and support to participants of intensive training on inclusion.
  17. 24. … has influenced development of a document regarding specialized services to preschoolers with disabilities on Indian reservations.
  18. 25. … is sharing the SpecialQuest approach and materials at local, state, and national levels.
  19. 27. … is working to embed the SpecialQuest approach and materials in colleges and universities.
  20. 28. … has embedded the SpecialQuest materials in curricula for professional development through the Department of Education.
  21. 29. … has implemented trainings on the SpecialQuest approach and materials across the state.
  22. 31. … conducted three training sessions for early care and education providers throughout the state.
  23. 32. … is developing a system to track the use of the SpecialQuest approach and materials.
  24. 33. … conducted training sessions for higher education early care and education faculty.
  25. 35. … planned and implemented an awareness session on SpecialQuest at a state-level conference for early childhood professionals.
  26. 36. ...is supporting early care and education professionals to use the SpecialQuest approach and materials in their work.
  27. 37. … provided a training session for early childhood special education faculty on the SpecialQuest approach and materials.
  28. 39. … developed a SpecialQuest brochure to disseminate throughout the state.
  29. 40. … is learning from and replicating the SpecialQuest Graduate Communities’ successes with providing inclusive services.
  30. 41. … is training early care and education providers on inclusion.
  31. 43. … conducted on-site visits with the State Leadership Team Communities.
  32. 44. … facilitated the Community Perceptions of Inclusive Practices process with State Community Teams.
  33. 45. … worked with State Community Teams to develop action plans to sustain inclusion in their communities.
  34. 47. … serve as the link to all SpecialQuest Graduate Communities.
  35. 48. … are making significant progress in implementing inclusive practices in their communities.
  36. 49. … are sharing and utilizing the SpecialQuest approach and materials.
  37. 51. … provided consultation to State Leadership Teams.
  38. 52. … collaboratively conducted 12 training events with State Leadership Teams.
  39. 53. … with SpecialQuest staff, supported Arkansas to design and implement a state-wide, cross-systems professional development for inclusion.
  40. 55. … supported Ambassadors with two retreats and 60+ conference calls.
  41. 56. … supported ten State Leadership Teams with 83 on-site visits.
  42. 57. … are reaching out to individuals with interests in early childhood and inclusion through conference presentations, eNewsletters, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  43. 58. … developed support materials for the SpecialQuest approach.