Global strategies dr yitades gebre


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Global strategies dr yitades gebre

  1. 1. Health Promotion in the Workplace:Global StrategiesDr. YITADES GEBREAdvisor, Family Health Disease ManagementPan American Health Organization
  2. 2. Healthy work places: A mode foraction
  3. 3. II. Healthy workplaces: a newwayof thinking• Traditional & emerging occupationalhealth – minimizing workers exposureto job-related physical & psychosocialrisks• Health promotion – promoting healthy behavioursamong workers, both job- and Life style-related• Enterprise involvement in community – to addressbroader social & environmental determinants offworkers health
  4. 4. 2004Pan AmericanHealthOrganization
  5. 5. II. Healthy workplaces: a newwayof thinking• Traditional & emerging occupational health –minimizing workers exposure to job-related physical& psychosocial risks• Health promotion – promoting healthybehaviours among workers, both job- andLife style-related• Enterprise involvement in community – toaddress broader social & environmentaldeterminants of workers health
  6. 6. Occupational health risks• 160 million new cases of work-related illnessevery year (non-fatal)• Occupational risks play a big role in chronicdiseases:– 26% CVD & chronic obstructive pulmonarydisease– 15% asthma– 10% cancer– 8% injuries– 8 % depression
  7. 7. Health promotion: improvedworkershealth-better performance• Smoking cessation• Obesity control• Cardiovascularhealth• HIV/TB testing &treatment• Exercise & physicalactivity
  8. 8. Enterprise community involvementsocial & environmental determinants• Safe/healthy access to work – public transport,carpools, walking, cycling• Voluntary pollution/waste control & clean up• Primary health care measures unavailablethrough health care services
  9. 9. 2004Pan AmericanHealthOrganization
  10. 10. Increased business awareness1. The right thing to do: businesses are part ofsociety and ethical/social frameworks2. The legal thing to do: in our globalized world,businesses that ignore or undermine workers healthare open to litigation and media scrutiny3. The smart thing to do: businesses that protectworkers health are among the most successful overtime
  11. 11. IV. Global policy anchors• WHO Global Strategy on Occupational health forAll,1996• ILO Global Strategy 2003 & PromotionalFramework• World Health Assembly Workers health: globalplan of action (2007)
  12. 12. Workplace health program• Workplace health programs are acoordinated and comprehensive set ofhealth promotion and protectionstrategies implemented at the worksitethat includes programs, policies, benefits,environmental supports, and links to thesurrounding community designed toencourage the health and safety of allemployees.2004Pan AmericanHealthOrganization
  13. 13. Summary Strategies• Health-related programs—opportunitiesavailable to employees at the workplace orthrough outside organizations to begin, change,or maintain health behaviors.• Health-related policies—formal or informalwritten statements that are designed to protect orpromote employee health. They affect largegroups of employees simultaneously.2004Pan AmericanHealthOrganization
  14. 14. Summary Strategies• Health benefits—part of an overallcompensation package including healthinsurance coverage and other services ordiscounts regarding health.• Environmental supports— refer to the physicalfactors at and nearby the workplace that helpprotect and enhance employee health.2004Pan AmericanHealthOrganization
  15. 15. Is there a difference?2004Pan AmericanHealthOrganization
  16. 16. 2004Pan AmericanHealthOrganization
  17. 17. To the organization To the employeea well-managed health andsafety programmea safe and healthy workenvironmenta positive and caring image enhanced self-esteemimproved staff morale reduced stressreduced staff turnover improved moralereduced absenteeism increased job satisfactionincreased productivityincreased skills for healthprotectionreduced health care/insurancecostsimproved healthreduced risk of fines andlitigationimproved sense of well-being2004Pan AmericanHealthOrganization
  18. 18. Workplace health promotionis the combined efforts ofemployers, employees andsociety to improve the healthand well-being of people atwork.2004Pan AmericanHealthOrganization
  19. 19. 2004Pan AmericanHealthOrganizationThank you for yourattention!