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Love the arts 6slides


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Published in: Education
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Love the arts 6slides

  1. 1. 11/16/2010 1 Love The Arts Megan Howell, Takako Mato, Sarah Kramer Text your answers to 22333. Do you like this? 164769 Is this music? 164771 sKnvIw Now answer these questions again Do you like this? 213077 Is this music? 213087 Text your answers to 22333 Do you like that? 213095 Is this music? 213099
  2. 2. 11/16/2010 2 6BcabI Now answer these question again Do you like it? 213104 Is that music? 213114 Do you like this? 216005 Is this art? 216013 Composition IV (1911), oil on canvas by Kandinsky Do you like this?216023 Is this art? 21604 Do you like this? 216036 Is this art? 216071 Sunset Beach, Sketch, 1967, fluorescent and plain alkyd painting by Frank Stella
  3. 3. 11/16/2010 3 Do you like this? 216075 Is this art? 216115 Do you like this? 216140 Is this art? 216151 The Fountain, 1917 By Marcel Duchamp Do you like this? 216164 Is this art? 216219 Exit Slip Why do you believe or not believe that the pieces that we have presented today are legitimate pieces of art or music?