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A basic presentation on RDA and the changes from AACR2.

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Rda basics

  1. 1. RDABASICSHow will RDA affect us?
  2. 2. Outline What is RDA Benefits Major Changes from AACR2 to RDA How will these changes affect us? Resources
  3. 3. What is RDA? Resource Description and Access Based on FRBR: Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records and FRAD: Functional Requirements for Authority Data To be implemented March 31st, 2013
  4. 4. FRBR Group 1 entities: work, expression, manifestation, item. User tasks: find, identify, select, obtain. What Problem does it solve? I want Alice in Wonderland: The movie? The book? A particular edition? What language?
  5. 5. FRBR Work: Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Expression: Original English test Manifestation: 2006 Dial Books edition Item: MPL’s copy
  6. 6. Benefits Used in other data communities, such as software and database communities, which increases understanding and creativity in product development. Adaptable: coded using XML which makes it sharable throughout the web. Emphasizes relationships and linked data. Goal of an international standard.
  7. 7. However… These benefits will not be apparent until library systems come up with creative ways to display content and linked data. Right now, RDA is not fully realized in MARC 21 coding and ILS systems do not have a way to utilize the new standard in a useful way. So really, not much is going to change at this time.
  8. 8. Major Changes from AACR2 Identifying RDA Records In MARC 21 bibliographic records:• 040 subfield $e with value rda• Leader/18 (Descriptive Cataloging Form) coded i if ISBD punctuation is included or # (blank) if ISBD punctuation is not followed or c if ISBD punctuation followed except that ISBD punctuation is not present at the end of a subfield. [Code a is used for AACR2 records].
  9. 9. Personal Name Headings RDA, 17.8,,AACR2 21.6C2, 21.30B1 100 1_ $a Tracey, John Paul, $e245 00 $a Managing author. bird damage to fruit 245 10 $a Managing bird damage to fruit and other horticultural and other crops / John Tracey, Mary Bomford, Quentin Hart, Glen horticultural crops / Saunders, Ron Sinclair. 700 1_ $a Bomford, Mary, $e John Tracey ... [et author. 700 1_ $a Hart, Quentin, $e author. al.]. 700 1_ $a Saunders, Glen, $e author.700 1_ $a Tracey, 700 1_ $a Sinclair, Ron, $e author. John Paul.
  10. 10. Personal Name Headings –DatesAACR2 22.17A RDA,,, John, 1924- Smith, John, 1924-Smith, John, 1900 Jan. 10- Smith, John, 1900 January 10- Smith, John, 1836 or 1837-1896Smith, John, 1836 or 7-1896 Smith, John, approximately 1837-Smith, John, ca. 1837-1896 1896Smith, John, 1837-ca. 1896 Smith, John, 1837-approximately 1896Smith, John, ca. 1837-ca. 1896 Smith, John, approximately 1837- approximately 1896Smith, John, b. 1825 Smith, John, born 1825 LC practice: Smith, John, 1825-Smith, John, d. 1859 Smith, John, died 1859 LC practice: Smith, John, -1859
  11. 11. Personal Name Headings –Fictitious PersonsAACR2 21.4C1 RDA 9.0, 19.2, 18.5100 1_ $a Beard, Henry. 100 0_ $a Miss Piggy, $e author.245 10 $a Miss Piggys guide 245 10 $a Miss Piggys guide to to life / $c by Miss Piggy as life / $c by Miss Piggy as told told to Henry Beard. to Henry Beard. 700 1_ $a Beard, Henry, $e author. 100 0_ $a Kermit, $c the Frog,245 00 $a Before you leap : $e author. $b a frogs-eye view of 245 10 $a Before you leap : $b a lifes greatest lessons / $c frogs-eye view of lifes by Kermit the Frog. greatest lessons / $c by Kermit the Frog.
  12. 12. Related WorksAACR2 21.28 RDA 25.1, 24.5100 1_ $a McCaig, Donald. 100 1_ $a McCaig,245 10 $a Rhett Butlers Donald, $e author. people / $c Donald McCaig. 245 10 $a Rhett Butlers500 __ $a Sequel to Margaret people / $c Donald Mitchells Gone with the McCaig. wind. 700 1_ $i Sequel to: $a700 1_ $a Mitchell, Margaret, Mitchell, Margaret, $d $d 1900-1949. $t Gone 1900-1949. $t Gone with the wind. with the wind.
  13. 13. Inaccuracies – MonographsAACR2 1.0F RDA 1.7.9, 10 $a 245 10 $a Micromagentic [sic] Micromagentic study study of of magnetoeleastic magnetoeleastic materials / $c Yunfei Ma. materials / $c Yunfei Ma. 246 1_ $i Title should read: $a246 3_ $a Micromagnetic study Micromagnetic study of magnetoeleastic of magnetoeleastic materials materials
  14. 14. Three New MARC Fields Replacethe GMD (245 $h)336 - Content Type (RDA 6.9) The form of communication through which a work is expressed. Examples: performed music; text; two- dimensional moving image337 - Media Type (RDA 3.2) The general type of intermediation device required to view, play, run, etc., the content of a resource. Examples: audio; computer; microform; unmediated; video338 - Carrier Type (RDA 3.3) The format of the storage medium and housing of a carrier. Examples: audio disc; online resource; microfiche; videocassette; volume
  15. 15. General Material DesignationAACR2 1.1C RDA 3.2, 3.3, 6.9 245 00 $a The sweet 245 00 $a The sweet hereafter / hereafter $h $c Alliance Communications [videorecording] / $c presents an Ego Film Arts Alliance Communications production ; a film by Atom presents an Ego Film Arts Egoyan ; screenplay by Atom Egoyan ; produced by production ; a film by Atom Camelia Frieberg and Atom Egoyan ; screenplay by Egoyan ; directed by Atom Atom Egoyan ; produced Egoyan. by Camelia Frieberg and 336 $a two-dimensional Atom Egoyan ; directed by moving image $b tdi $2 Atom Egoyan. rdacontent 337 $a video $b v $2 rdamedia 338 $a videodisc $b vd $2 rdacarrier
  16. 16. Transcription of Marks ofPunctuationAACR2 1.1B1 RDA 1.7.3245 00 $a If elected-- :  245 00 $a If $b presidential elected... : $b campaigns from Lincoln to Ford, as presidential reported by the New campaigns from York times / $c edited Lincoln to Ford, as by Arleen Keylin and reported by the New Eve Nelson. York times / $c edited by ArleenTitle appears on chief Keylin and Eve source as: If elected... Nelson.
  17. 17. Parallel TitlesAACR2 1.1D RDA 2.3.3245 10 $a Modern 245 10 $a Modern English-Lao, Lao- English-Lao, Lao- English dictionary / $c English dictionary = $b by Bounmy Vatchanānukom samai Soukbandith. mai ‘Angkit-Lāo, Lāo- ’Angkit / $c by Bounmy246 1_ $i Parallel title Soukbandith. on cover: $a 246 31 $a Vatchanānukom Vatchanānukom samai samai mai ‘Angkit- mai ‘Angkit-Lāo, Lāo- Lāo, Lāo-’Angkit ’Angkit
  18. 18. Statement of ResponsibilityAACR2 1.1A2 RDA 2.2.4, 10 $a 245 10 $a Environmental Environmental data data for the eastern North Pacific and Bering Sea / $c for the eastern North by Edward J. Gregr and Pacific and Bering Ryan Coatta. Sea / $c [by Edward J. Gregr and Ryan Sources that can be used for Coatta]. statement of responsibility are expanded in RDA. Only statements takenStatement of from outside the resource responsibility taken itself are enclosed in from title page verso. square brackets
  19. 19. Statement of ResponsibilityAACR2 1.1F5 RDA 245 00 $a Second 245 10 $a Second growth : $b growth : $b community community economic economic development in rural development in rural British Columbia / $c British Columbia / $c Sean Markey, John Sean Markey ... [et T. Pierce, Kelly al.]. Vodden, and Mark Roseland.
  20. 20. Statement of ResponsibilityAACR2 1.1F7 RDA 00 $a Lasers in medicine 245 00 $a Lasers in medicine / $c edited by Ronald W. / $c edited by Ronald W. Waynant ; foreword by Waynant ; foreword by the Leon Goldman. late Dr. Leon Goldman.245 10 $a Gold fever : $b a 245 10 $a Gold fever : $b a narrative of the great narrative of the great Klondike Gold Rush, 1897- Klondike Gold Rush, 1897- 1899 / $c by R.M. Dickey ; 1899 / $c by the Reverend edited by Art Petersen. R.M. Dickey ; edited by Art Petersen.
  21. 21. Edition StatementAACR2 1.2B1, B.5A, C.2B1, RDA, B.4, 1.8.1C.3B1250 $a 2nd ed. 250 $a Second edition. Source of information reads: Second Source of information reads: Second edition edition250 $a Nouv. éd. 250 $a Nouvelle édition. Source of information reads: Source of information reads: Nouvelle édition Nouvelle édition250 $a Version 4. 250 $a Version IV. Source of information reads: Version Source of information reads: Version IV IV250 $a 6. Aufl. 250 $a 6. Aufl.. Source of information reads: 6. Aufl. Source of information reads: 6. Aufl.
  22. 22. Publication, Distribution, Etc. The 260 field will be found in older RDA records (and AACR2), but it has been replaced with the 264 field in newer records. It is possible that both the 260 and 264 fields may appear in the same record. The 264 field is repeatable and allows for recording of production, publishing, manufacture, and copyright information, while the 260 field did not differentiate between these functions.
  23. 23. Publication, Distribution, Etc. The second indicator shows the function of the entity mentioned in $b:  0=production; 1= publisher; 2= distributor; 3= manufacturer; 4=copyright. 264 _1 $a New York : $b [publisher not identified], $c 2004. 264 _2 $a Philadelphia : $b Adirondack Distributors, $c 2005. 264 _4 $3 ©2004
  24. 24. Publication, Distribution, Etc. The first indicator shows the sequence of statements if more than one 264 field is present in the record:  [blank]= n/a or earliest; 2= intervening; 3= last. 264 _1 $a New York : $b Popular Press, $c 2004. 264 21 $a Chicago : $b Lakeshore Publishing, $c 2005. 264 31 $a Madison : University of Wisconsin Press, $c 2008.
  25. 25. Publication, Distribution, Etc.AACR2 1.4B4 RDA $a Victoria, B.C. : 264 $a Victoria, $b Dept. of Geography, University of Victoria, British Columbia, $c 1979. Canada : $b Department of Source of information reads: Department of Geography, Geography, University University of of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Victoria, $c 1979. Canada
  26. 26. Each adjacent data element that requires squarebrackets is enclosed in its own set of square bracketsAACR2 1.0C1 RDA D.1.2.1264 $a [Beltsville, 264 $a [Beltsville, Maryland?] : $b Md.? : $b [Agricultural Research Agricultural Service], $c [1997] Research Service, $c 1997] 264 $a [Place of publication not identified] : $b264 $a [S.l. : $b [publisher not identified], $c 1966. s.n.], $c 1966.
  27. 27. Place of Publication, Distribution,Etc.AACR2 1.4C3 RDA, $a London [Ont.] : 264 $a London : $b Environmetrics Press, $c $b Environmetrics 1990- Press, $c 1990- 500 $a Published in London, Ontario.264 $a Vancouver 264 $a Vancouver : $b City of [Wash.] : $b City of Vancouver, $c [2009], ©2009. Vancouver, $c c2009. 500 $a Published in Vancouver, Washington.
  28. 28. Approximate Date of Publication,Distribution, Etc.AACR2 1.4F7, 2.16G RDA 1.9.2[1971 or 1972] [1971 or 1972][1969?] [1969?] [between 1906 and 1912][between 1906 and 1912] [1960?][ca. 1960] [between 1970 and 1979][197-] [between 1970 and 1979?][197-?] [between 1800 and 1899][18--] [between 1800 and 1899?] [not after August 21, 1492][18--?] [not before April 22, 2010][not after Aug. 21, 1492] or [date of publication not identified]
  29. 29. Unknown Date of Publication,Distribution, Etc.AACR2 1.4F6 RDA, 2.11264 $a Vancouver : or $b UBC Press, $c 264 $a Vancouver : c2010. $b UBC Press, $c [2010], ©2010. or 264 $a Vancouver : $b UBC Press, $c [2010?], ©2010.
  30. 30. 3.4.5 Extent of Text No abbreviations in 300 field.  Abbreviations (p., v., ill.) are spelled out (pages, volumes, illustrations). The abbreviations ca. and i.e. are replaced with approximately and that is. Can still abbreviate centimeters and inches. 300 approximately 350 pages : $b illustrations ; $c 21 cm
  31. 31. Comparison of ExtentAACR2 RDA300 $a xxiii, 554 p. : $b ill., 300 $a xxiii, 554 pages : $b map ; $c 24 cm. illustrations, map ; $c 24 cm.300 $a xv, 453 p., [16] p. of 300 $a xv, 453 pages, 16 plates : $b ill. (some col.), unnumbered pages of plates : $b illustrations (some colour), maps (some col.) ; $c 24 maps (some colour) ; $c 24 cm. cm. 300 $a 1 online resource (ix,300 $a ix, 120 p. : $b ill. 120 pages) : $b illustrations (chiefly col.), digital, PDF (chiefly color), text file, PDF. file.
  32. 32. Comparison of ExtentAACR2 RDA300 $a ca. 200 p. : $b 300 $a approximately 200 chiefly ill. (some col.) ; $c pages : $b illustrations 32 cm. (some colour) ; $c 32 cm. 500 $a Chiefly illustrations. 300 $a 1 audio disc (64300 $a 1 sound disc (64 min.) : $b digital, stereo ; min.) : $b digital, stereo. ; $c 12 cm. $c 4 3/4 in. 300 $a 1 videodisc (116300 $a 1 videodisc (116 min.) : $b colour, sound ; min.) : $b sd., col. ; $c 4 $c 12 cm. 3/4 in.
  33. 33. Series NumberingAACR2 1.6G RDA 2.12.9490 $a Dictionary of literary 490 $a Dictionary of biography ; $v v. 68 literary biography ; $v Numbering on source of volume 68 information: Volume Sixty- eight490 $a B.C. geographical series ; $v no. 51 Numbering on source of information: NUMBER 51 490 $a B.C. geographical series ; $v number 51
  34. 34. Series NumberingAACR2 1.6G RDA 2.12.9490 $a The last 490 $a The last legionary ; $v bk. 4 legionary ; $v book Numbering on source 4 of information: Book Four490 $a Canadian essays and studies ; 490 $a Canadian $v 6 essays and studies ; Numbering on source of information: VI $v VI
  35. 35. What is going to change for us? Original cataloging will be done in RDA after March 2013. Options for copy catalogers:  Take the best record as you normally would regardless of rules used.  Make a few changes/corrections to non-RDA records as detailed in handout.
  36. 36. Information from SirsiDynix 3.4.1.SP2 released in mid-August.  LinkedRDA updates in MARC.  RDA Toolkit linking service.  MARC tag help by right clicking on a field. 3.4.1 SP3 released end of the year. Main client released 2/1/2013. There will be a script to update MARC tags. In the research stage of display options using FRBR.
  37. 37. FAQ Since 3XX fields will not be displayed properly, can we still use $h? – Yes, but don’t strip out 3XX fields. Most vendors are only thinking about ways to fit RDA within the constraints of MARC 21. OCLC Policy is to use any full record that is appropriate, regardless if it’s AACR2 or RDA. Don’t create a new record just to change the cataloging rules.
  38. 38. Resources List of changes to AACR2 instructions available on the JSC website: http://www.rda-jsc.org/docs/5sec7rev.pdf  MARC 21 changes for RDA http://www.loc.gov/marc/RDAinMARC29.html  OCLC Technical Bulletin 258http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/Worl dcat/tb/258/default.htm
  39. 39. Resources BadgerLearnhttp://badgerlearn.dpi.wi.gov/index.php?P=Advance dSearch&Q=Y&FK=rda&RP=10&SR=0&ST=Quic kRDA Toolkithttp://www.rdatoolkit.org/OCLC Policyhttp://www.oclc.org/us/en/rda/policy.htm