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Dr.Sunni- Using Library Aides


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This was a presentation at TLA 2012 regarding the use of library aides.

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Dr.Sunni- Using Library Aides

  1. 1. School Library Aides and Volunteers: Partners for Success Dr. Sunni Johnson Northwest ISD
  2. 2. Why do we need student aides/volunteers?• Budget cuts• Relate to other students• Bring students/community members in the library• Student/community ownership• Free up time to get all our tasks done!
  3. 3. Recruiting• Word of mouth• Signage• Announcements• Website• Facebook• Counselors• Teachers• PTA• Partners in Education
  4. 4. Top 10 reasons to be a library aide
  5. 5. Applying• Scheduling time!!!• Application- all three aides• Ranking• Schedule• Teacher references• Adult- background check
  6. 6. As a student aide I agree toRules and Regulations the following: • I will serve as a positive role model for my • Students must have: peers – passing grades • I will be respectful to personnel, parents, visitors, and other – satisfactory conduct students • I will keep school and personal – positive attitude information confidential – good attendance • I will be responsible and trustworthy and behave in a mature manner – on time • I will follow all school policies and procedures – dress code • I will stay in my assigned area • I will not have personal phone calls • I will not give out hall passes without permission • I will not allow anyone to access to the office without a pass • I will have school work or a book to keep me busy in the event that the staff does not have work for me.
  7. 7. Choosing library aides• What choice?• Scheduling issues• How many per period?• 7th and 8th graders• Check references• Accommodate, Accom modate, Accommodate (plan!)
  8. 8. Adult Volunteers• Don’t have choices• Abilities• Accommodate, Accommodate, Accommodate (plan)
  9. 9. Library Boot Camp • Expectations and confidentiality • Survey • Scavenger hunt • Training videos – Destiny circulation – Destiny Quest • Training on the job • Test!!!!
  10. 10. Training
  11. 11. Boot camp week • Monday: Getting to know you and you getting to know the library. • Tuesday: Destiny and Quest video • Wednesday: Learning how to shelve • Thursday: Practice shelving • Friday: Test! • Monday: Supervised chaos
  12. 12. Training Videos• Getting to know the library • Destiny circulation • Destiny Quest
  13. 13. Jobs and Grading
  14. 14. Library Aides Daily Duties This list should be followed everyday, every period• Check in for attendance and put on library aide badge.• Check in any books in the book drops. (Remember to take out due date cards!!!)• Shelve any books that are on the black cart at the circulation desk.• Check your shelves daily. Make sure your books are in order and brought to the edge of the shelf. (This is the largest portion of your grade)• Stamp due date cards. Check and make sure we have enough for today and tomorrow. There should be at least a 2 inch stack in each basket by the scanners.• Push in chairs and pick up books, pencils, and trash in the research area.• Check the Extra Jobs list and with Ms. Johnson or Mrs. Maples to see if there is anything that needs to be done.• Monitor the circulation desk at all times.• If all duties are finished, you may work on homework, read, or work on the puzzle but you must stay quiet and stay close to the circulation desk.
  15. 15. Shelf Assignments • Fiction- approx. 12 shelves- colored • Nonfiction- approx. 8 shelves- numbered
  16. 16. Retaining library aides “I want a schedule change!!!”• Ownership- Who is in charge?• Choice• Change it up• Get to know your students• Tell them they are important• Special privileges
  17. 17. Not a perfect world• Shelves• Books checked out• Books checked in• Holds• Due date cards• Student IDs
  18. 18. Getting past the challenges• Let go of the control!!!!• Patrons are resilient• Don’t touch the cash!!• “STOP”• Check the shelves• Grades
  19. 19. Using adult volunteers• Circulation• Shelves• Displays• Book fairs• Preview reading• Book clubs• Book repairs• Book processing• Book list• Equipment
  20. 20. If they do all that, what do I do?• Co-teach with all content areas• Give students individual attention• Give teachers individual attention• Order books• Manage contests and book of the month• Manage the aides• Etc.
  21. 21. Making Book Trailers
  22. 22.