Augmented Reality


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brief description about augmented reality

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Augmented Reality

  1. 1. Augmented Reality -By Aarti
  2. 2. What is Augmented Reality? • Augmented reality (AR) is a field of computer research which deals with the combination of real-world and computer-generated data.
  3. 3. AR systems have the following three characteristics: Combines real and virtual objects in a real environment Is interactive in real-time Registers (aligns) real and virtual objects with each other.
  4. 4. Augmented vs. Virtual Reality Augmented Reality • Closer to the real world. It add graphics, sounds & smell to the natural world, as it exists. • The user can interact with the real world, and at the same time can see, both the real and virtual world co-existing. • User is not cut off from the reality Virtual Reality • Creates immersive, computer generated environments which replaces real world • present a view that is under the complete control of the computer. • Virtual reality serves for at totally immersive environment . • The user is completely immersed in an artificial world and cut off from real world.
  5. 5. Components that make an AR system works Head-mounted display Tracking system Mobile computing power
  6. 6. There are two basic types of HMDS: Just as monitor allow us to see text and graphics generated by computers, head-mounted displays (HMDs) will enable us to view graphics and text created by augmented-reality systems
  7. 7. Video See Through Displays They block out the wearer's surrounding environment, using small video cameras attached to the outside of the goggles to capture images. On the inside of the display, the video image is played in real-time and the graphics are superimposed on the video. One problem with the use of video cameras is that there is more lag, meaning that there is a delay in image-adjustment when the viewer moves his or her head.
  8. 8. Optical See Through Display Optical see through is not fully realized yet.It is supposed to consist of ordinary looking pair of glasses that will have light source on the side to project images onto the retina.
  9. 9. This is how AR works. 3.Delete Real World Objects 2.Add your Virtual Objects in it 1.Pick A Real World Scene 4.Not Virtual Reality since Environment Real
  10. 10. Terminator Vision +
  11. 11. +Ordinary Reality Terminator Vision +
  12. 12. = Augmented Reality
  13. 13. Augmented Reality Application Medical Entertainment Military Training Engineering Design Marketing And sales Navigation & Information
  14. 14. Marketing & Sales Tissot Watch Simulator by Holition MINI CabrioSimulator by BMW LEGO Box Simulation by metaio Digital Cosmetic Mirror by AR Jewellery Shopping by Boutique Accessoires Virtual Dressing Room by Fitnect
  15. 15. Entertainment & Games AR Games for 3DS by Nintendo AR Invaders by Soulbit7
  16. 16. Navigation & Information LAYAR Vision by Layar Wikitude by Wikitude GmbH Spyglass AR Kompass by Happy Magenta
  17. 17. Automotive, Medical & Military Virtual Mechanic by BMW AR in surgery by TU Munich AR in car assembly by Korea University Medical AR Training by AR dispatch AR architecture by Armes
  18. 18. Start using Augmented reality right now! Android: Go to Android Marketplace, search and download "Barcode Scanner" Blackberry: Go to App World, search and download "Scanlife Barcode Reader" iPhone: Go to Apps Store, search "QR Code Reader"
  19. 19. Conclusion Augmented Reality : • no longer only a Si-Fi technology • Capabilities of AR are becoming increasingly apparent Advertising/marketing medium for companies According to ABI(US Research Firm): •Revenues from AR field expected to double annually •AR estimated to be a $350,000,000 industry by 2014 Industries most widely using AR tech for advertising and marketing purpose today: • consumer Goods •Electronics •Film By allowing users to enhance reality with digital information ..AR technology appears to be an emerging technology with the potential to revolutionize the way many things are done business and in life.
  20. 20. Future of AR Next generation of smart phones will be able to handle augmented reality to a much greater extent due to improved batteries, compasses, graphics chips and processors. The mobility of the smart phone and the location based services make AR a very popular investment. The line between virtual and physical begins to blur as augmented technology grows Greater access to information based on AR will mean greater awareness of surrounding Desire for increased AR technology in the field of medicine, as well as other fields.
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