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Add More Muscle to Your Exhibition


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Improve your show revenue through innovative exhibit space pricing, hiring the right people for the right positions and finding new potential international attendees.

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Add More Muscle to Your Exhibition

  1. 1. Add More Muscle to Your Exhibition: Best Practices from ECEF Sam Lippman, Founder and President, Lippman Connects Lori Anderson, President/CEO, International Sign Association Vinnie Polito, Managing Director, VP International
  2. 2. • Identify growth opportunities • Develop strategies to keep your exhibition fresh and relevant • Explore how to upgrade and reorganize staff for the continued success of your event Learner Outcomes:
  3. 3. • Self-introductions • Audience demographics polling • Innovative exhibit space pricing • Acquiring attendees • Identifying and retaining top performers Agenda
  4. 4. • 35 years producing exhibitions, conferences, forums, a nd roundtables • Produced International CES, GRAPH EXPO, and PRINT • Consults in strategic planning, management, and marketing • Facilitates board meetings; user groups; and attendee and exhibitor focus groups • Produce by-invitation events for the exhibition and convention industry Sam Lippman Founder and President Lippman Connects
  5. 5. Show Name Attendance Purpose 200 industry executives annually • Exclusively for independent and association executives • Focuses on increasing revenue and the relevance of events 16 attendees 3 times a year • Show managers with at least 125,000 net square feet of exhibit space • Exchanges best practices for large shows 18 attendees 3 times a year • Event marketers focus on ways to find, attract, and retain quality attendees • Tracks lifecycle of attendees • Identifies new prospects and rebuilds lists • Boosts conversion rates 18 attendees 3 times a year • Exhibit sales and service managers share sales technique • Benchmarks exhibit pricing, space assignment, and sponsorships Lippman Connects Events
  6. 6. • CEO International Sign Association since 2004 • Society of the Plastics Industry 1990 – 2004 • Hill staff • Public school teacher • BS and MS from University of Maryland Lori Anderson President/CEO International Sign Association
  7. 7. • 20+ years in the events business • Founder/Managing Director of VP International • IAEE Past Chair, member PCMA, MATSO and SISO • Senior VP Reed Exhibitions • Vice President Ziff Davis/COMDEX • August 2012 – Purchased Marketing Design Group Vinnie Polito Managing Director VP International
  8. 8. Innovative Exhibit Space Pricing
  9. 9. ECEF 2012 On-site Polling Results • How do you set nsf pricing for your next show? 11% 71% 10% 8% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% We do not raise prices We increase based on what the market will bear We increase consistent with the cost of living We raise prices $1.00 each year
  10. 10. ECEF 2012 Pulse • 56% of organizers open to the following exhibit space pricing: 18% - Charge based on different sections of the floor 15% - Offer multi-year contracts 10% - Change based on when the space is paid for 10% - Reduce net square foot charge the more space purchased 2% - Charge based on performance 45% - Other
  11. 11. Reed’s “Choice Exhibitor Pricing” • Gives customers different prices based on location and timing • Recognizes locations are valued differently by customers • Offering ―Choice Pricing‖ changed how Reed Exhibitions: – Design floor plans – Price floor plans – Forecast budgets – Consult, more than sell, to customers
  12. 12. Exhibit Space Pricing • Top exhibitor program • Special events for top buyers and sellers
  13. 13. Acquiring International and Domestic Attendees
  14. 14. ECEF 2012 On-site Polling Results • For your events in the U.S., what percent of attendees come from outside of the U.S.? 6% 26% 18% 25% 25% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% Not Applicable 16% and higher 11 to 15% 6 to 10% Up to 5%
  15. 15. ECEF 2012 Pulse • 42% are exhibiting in overseas events to attract offshore audiences to their U.S. events • Annual spend on marketing to attract overseas attendees (2011 compared to 2012) 25% more 10% more Same as 2011 10% less
  16. 16. International Marketing: Best Practices Website Integration International Brochure Advertising Participation at Foreign Trade Events E-mail Blasts Press and Buyer Relations International Marketing Partners International Buyer Program
  17. 17. Domestic Marketing: Best Practices • Persona research
  18. 18. Status Quo- Jim Meet Jim. Jim runs a small sign shop. He’s not keen about new trends or the latest ―hot‖ idea.. He is interested in talent management education and training younger employees. He attends one conference per year, primarily as a vacation. He is concerned with the proximity of the conference and prefers that the conference be held in a more central location, ideally close to his home. “I don’t have time to get away. I only have a few employees. But when I do get to an ISA Expo, I like to make it a vacation!” Motivators • Less interested in current trends or educational sessions • Attends to get time away/or vacation • Likes hands-on approach when looking at new products Expo Needs and ISA Performance (participants only) Top Reasons to Attend Need Strength ISA Performance Relevant exhibitors High High Vacation destination Average Average Hands-on activities on show floor Average Low Show Disposition • Satisfaction with last ISA Expo – Average • Likelihood to attend 2013 – Low Background Facts • Skews Baby Boomer (75%); Male (86%) • Small business owner (1-5 employees) • Low tech usage (low Internet and app usage) • High school education • Traditional, loyal to prods/suppliers • Likes NASCAR, riding motorcycles Most relevant exhibitors • Components • Equipment Time on exhibit floor • Visits to learn about new prods but doesn’t do much research ahead of time. • Walks floor but with minimal vendor interaction
  19. 19. Meet Rebecca. Rebecca owns a small sign shop but is looking to take her business to the next level. She is really interested in learning about new trends and business management practices. She enjoys learning from her peers and from ISA Expo’s educational sessions. Rebecca can’t afford to go to ISA every year but would if she could. “I enjoy taking risks, and my gut tells me that new technologies will change my world. I come to ISA Expo to see these new technologies.” Motivators • Mid-size business owner looking to grow • Networking with peers/experts, at show and on exhibit floor • Values information on trends, business management • Interested in getting involved, being on committees Show Disposition • Satisfaction with last ISA Expo – Very high • Likelihood to attend 2013 – Very high Background Facts • Baby Boomer skews Millennial (35%) and female (31%) • Small-mid size business owner (6-20 employees) • College degree • Persona with the largest ISA membership • High technology comfort, uses Twitter, Facebook • Also attends other trade shows • Risk taker, opinion leader, creative, life long learner, sensitive Change Agent -- Rebecca Time on exhibit floor • Talk with new, current vendors and plans her show ahead of time • Attends networking events • Hands on with new prods Most relevant exhibitors • Printing • Sign components • Graphic design software Expo Needs and ISA Performance (participants only) Top Reasons to Attend Need Strength ISA Performance Latest traditional technology High High Networking opportunities High Average Education High Very High Cost High Average
  20. 20. Identifying and Retaining Top Performers
  21. 21. ECEF 2012 On-site Polling • Which departments are most in need of staff upgrades? 4% 13% 17% 19% 46% Other Conference programming Exhibit & sponsorship sales Attendance acquisition Social media/internet marketing 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%
  22. 22. Staffing for Success • Empower staff • Set tone and get out of the way • Change things up • Laugh—a lot!
  23. 23. Thank you For more information, please contact: • Sam Lippman • Lori Anderson • Vinnie Polito