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The Open Classroom

  1. 1. The Open Classroom The Open Classroom Constructing an identity in the blogosphere while reflecting on learning and teaching and technology... S A T U R D A Y , F E B R UA R Y 0 2 , 2 0 0 8 About Me 1001 Flat World Tales Name: Jo McLeay Just getting my Year 7s started on a global collaboration project: Location: the 1001 Flat World Tales. This project was begun by Clay Burell Melbourne, last year and sounded lots of fun so this year I thought I would Australia invite my students to participate. This is some information from the I am a teacher of English in a Flat World Tales blog: secondary school and completing a Masters of Education. Email me: The 1001 Flat World Tales Writing Project is a creative writing jbmcleay AT gmail DOT com Or workshop made up of schools around the world, connected by contact me on MSN (jo_mcleay) one wiki. This blog will be the home to the award-winning stories from each group of schools that participate in the View my complete profile workshop, different topics, different grade-levels, different cultures, brought together by the power of stories.So, enjoy the tales, click around, meet the authors — and check out their blogs! There are four schools participating from the US and Canada so it should be lots of fun as well as creative, and not to mention giving the students practice in collaborating and writing. The wiki says it well: This project takes the traditional language arts quot;Writing Workshopquot; into the 21st Century in three easy (but radical) ways: 1. It replaces pencil and paper (or MS Word) drafting, revising, and peer editing with a better (and simpler) writing tool: a wiki; 2. It expands the options for peer response and peer editing beyond the walls of your classroom--and your clock, city, nation, and culture--by enabling peer feedback, editing, and connection with students from around the world; 1 of 8 2/8/08 12:55 PM
  2. 2. The Open Classroom 3. It replaces the quot;authenticquot; publishing of the 20th century classroom--hallways, newsletters, literary journals, etc--with authentic publishing in the 1001 Flat World Tales quot;blookquot;: a potentially endless series of stories from students around the world, inter-linked on individual student blogs. There is information on online safety and digital etiquette, as well as a hall of fame to recognise great writing . It is a well thought out project with potentially great educational benefits. It is a privilege to be able to be involved. Technorati tags: Clay Burell, 1001 Flat World Tales, Collaboration New posted by Jo McLeay @ 10:32 PM 2 comments links to this post W E D N E S D A Y , J A NU A R Y 3 0 , 2 0 0 8 Twitter creativity Support Blogging Just wanted to post about this great mashup made by my friend Sue using RockYou a free widget which works for both windows and mac. It is from from Badongo which is a free “file hosting site that enables you to upload an unlimited amount of files, photos, video and music, to send to friends, family and colleagues.” Sue says, “After having such a connected holiday I really wanted to Directory of Australian express the power of the links we have made, so I tweeted for Edubloggers people to send me a photo of themselves at the computer.” A great result. Password: teacher Map of international edubloggers Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons 2 of 8 2/8/08 12:55 PM
  3. 3. The Open Classroom Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. --> Sue also made the image above using Parody Motivator Generator. Jo McLeay Flickr/jomcleay Technorati tags: Twitter, RockYou, Sue Tapp Myspace/theopenclassroom posted by Jo McLeay @ 10:52 PM 1 comments links to this Facebook/Jo McLeay post Linkedin/Jo McLeay Twitter/jomcleay T UE S D A Y , J A N U A R Y 2 9 , 2 0 0 8 A meeting of twitter friends IRL Skype/jomcleay GMail/Jo McLeay coComment/jomcleay Technorati/jomcleay MyBlogLog/jomcleay Blog/Jo McLeay Get your own Widget Enter your Email Subscribe me! Powered by FeedBlitz Barbara Dieu, a name, a voice and an internet presence that I have been aware of and admired for more than two years and two well known Australian online community builders, Michael Coghlan and Alex Hayes and I met while all three were providentially in The Open Classroom Melbourne at the same time (having attended the Linux is listed in the Online Education conference). We had a meal, some wine and lots of conversation, Database. about identity and digital presence, about twitter and a different manifestation of friendship, and integrity and open source. It was really memorable. See some more photos here and here. I think Bee makes a habit of such serendipitous meetings (grins). (Thanks for the photo, Michael.) posted by Jo McLeay @ 10:45 PM 0 comments links to this Blogs I read post Sue Tapp From Sceptic to ? S A T U R D A Y , JA N UA R Y 2 6 , 2 0 0 8 Lynne Crowe An Aussie Podcast Gail Desler 3 of 8 2/8/08 12:55 PM
  4. 4. The Open Classroom Just recently I found out from my Twitter network (where else) Lisa Durff about the Edtech Crew an Aussie podcast which I've been enjoying Clay Burell listening to. This is made by two guys Darrel Branson, (a.k.a. The Mark Collinson ICT Guy), and Tony Richards from Learning - Thinking - Playing. From them I have learnt about a number of new things, including Teaching Sagittarian the proceedings of a conference called Powerful Elearning which Darren Draper I'm looking forward to exploring. So that's been great. Rachel Boyd Yvonne Sanders And then tonight, after a week which has seen my return to school after five weeks of holidays, I get a tweet from my blogging buddy Patrick Higgins and twitter friend Sue Tapp. (Sue and I are delighted to be Dave Cormier travelling to NECC together in June.) Sue was inviting me to try Doug Johnson out Yugma, so we did. Using Skype and skype chat as well as Scott Lockman Yugma and twitter Sue, Allison Miller and I shared our desktops to show each other tools we are using such as Jing, Cool Iris and Bruce Schauble Answertips. It was fun. But we have decided that we really should Dave Warlick look at the tutorial before our next experiment. An Identity of One's Own Bit by Bit Technorati tags: Edtech Crew,Darrel Branson, Twitter, NECC, Sue Blog of Proximal Development Tapp, Jing, Yugma, Anne Davis posted by Jo McLeay @ 2:18 AM 5 comments links to this post Clarence Fisher Ms Frizzle Teach42 F R I D A Y , J A NU A R Y 1 8 , 2 0 0 8 The Beginning Education Blogosphere Survey Brian Crosby Care and Justice in Education Scott McLeod from Dangerously Will Richardson Irrelevant has once again put out Vicki Davis his call for participants in the edublogging survey. Why don't you Julie Lindsay have a go? Here, Vicki Davis writes Jen Wagner about her reflections on filling out Women of Web 2.0 the survey which I found an interesting read. The second annual Education Blogosphere Survey is now open for business! 4 screens. 25 questions. Please use the link and/or the graphic and help spread the call for participants. Last year 160 edubloggers participated. Let's see if we can at least double that this year? 4 of 8 2/8/08 12:55 PM
  5. 5. The Open Classroom follow jomcleay at Technorati tags: edublogosphere, Scott McLeod, education, My Feeds blogging, Vicki Davis Bloglines posted by Jo McLeay @ 3:46 AM 0 comments links to this post My Network I am rubyfire on T HU R S D A Y , JA N UA R Y 1 7 , 2 0 0 8 I have 34 people in my network Expectations and reflections I have 59 fans Add me to your network Even though I'm on holidays I have not stopped teaching, perish Jo's MySpace the thought. I have been teaching my 16 year old son to drive. Well not really, I have been sitting in the passenger seat while he drives Class Blogs us to wherever he wants to go. He has had his Learners Permit for 6 months now and this morning as he was at a T intersection Year 7 English (2007) wanting to turn right (please do the adjustments if you are in a The Future of Learning (2007) country that drives on the wrong side of the road), he paused then Year 11 English (2007) pulled out safely, while mentioning a car coming towards us from some way down the street. He said quot;Six months ago I would have Year Eight Class Blog (2006) given way to that car.quot; I responded by commending his improved Hills Debating Group judgement. He reflected that all the practice he had had definitely MCC Writers Group led to improved judgements in all aspects of driving. I was so Recreating the Writer (2006) happy that he had recognised this and could articulate it. At the same time there was a program on the radio in which the host was interviewing a teacher about how he had become a better teacher of creative writing. It was in the encouragement, he said. He only ever pointed out the good bits in the writing, while making one suggestion for improvement. quot;That paragraph is great,quot; he would say, quot;and the second one is fantastic. How can you make a Live traffic feed good transition between them?quot;, rather than quot;your paragraph Guadalajara, Jalisco arrived transitions stink.quot; Well, duh. But it led to a discussion on how my from on quot;The Open son perceived his teachers, in particular his teacher of Literature. Classroomquot; His teacher explained everything really well he said. He didn't Columbus, Ohio arrived from assume too much knowledge on the part of the students initially. It on quot;The Open made me think, as it is a bit different from the approach I take, Classroomquot; where I am looking for much more student input. But it is probably Oxford, Oxfordshire arrived all in the balance. from happychyckwonders on quot;The Open It's really good to have a 16 year old at home as this is the age of Classroomquot; the majority of the students who are even now preparing (or not) to go back to school and be in my classes. But Kieran is preparing for Tempe, Arizona arrived on quot;The school. He was going to pick up his school text books this morning Open Classroom: September 2006quot; and to dive into them fully a week before he has to. And he is not 5 of 8 2/8/08 12:55 PM
  6. 6. The Open Classroom coming back to school after having had his brain in neutral for six Webster, New York arrived week. He has been online every day, but not all day. He has been from on quot;The communicating online in his forums and while playing his games. He Open Classroomquot; often tells me that the etiquette in the forums he participates in is Hobbsville, North Carolina to write in a grammatically correct way. We have been discussing arrived from on quot;The his gaming and whether they foster creativity or not. I have even Open Classroomquot; learned a new term from him: linear and non linear games. He Delhi, Delhi arrived from expects school to be different to the way he admits he learns while on quot;The Open on holidays. He expects to be quiet in class while discussion Classroom: March 2007quot; happens one at a time and in a teacher directed way. He doesn't expect to be using technology to learn. He tells me that he Ireland arrived on quot;The Open respects authoritarian teachers and works more cooperatively with Classroomquot; them, and pointing out (having never seen me in class) that I am Melbourne, Victoria arrived probably too soft to to be an effective teacher. I don't know. from on quot;The Open Classroomquot; But it has really made me think about the students that I will have Melbourne, Victoria arrived on in my classroom in only two weeks from now, how they will have quot;The Open Classroomquot; been filling their time while on holidays and what their expectations Options>> are of me. How will I be able to help my students learn in a way that Click to get FEEDJIT meets their needs and uses the skills, abilities and creativity that they bring to class from their out of school life? Previous Posts posted by Jo McLeay @ 7:41 PM 1 comments links to this post 1001 Flat World Tales Twitter creativity A meeting of twitter friends IRL T UE S D A Y , J A N U A R Y 1 5 , 2 0 0 8 An Aussie Podcast The power of networks Education Blogosphere Survey Expectations and reflections The network will be working tomorrow. In a post entitled quot;Help make The power of networks the network realquot; which I think will be about demonstrating the Students write power of the network, Will Richardson tells about a gathering of independent school heads and teachers near Philadelphia, called It really makes you think “21st Century Education: 20/20 Vision for Schools”. It will be a Welcome new voices global event and include live skype video calls and a wiki that you can add to. Archives quot;Just leave your name, your place in the world, your blog if July 2005 you have one, and one link or resource or piece of advice that August 2005 you feel will help these folks get their brains around some of September 2005 the challenges and questions and opportunities we face right October 2005 now.quot; November 2005 December 2005 And then in a networking effect from this post I found a blogger January 2006 6 of 8 2/8/08 12:55 PM
  7. 7. The Open Classroom that I did not know about who I was glad to read. From this blogger, February 2006 Woody , and his blog, Edumorphing, about Education Reform in March 2006 Practice I found this interesting post, where he critiques the April 2006 quot;worksheetquot; culture in schools. He says: May 2006 June 2006 The use of worksheets... July 2006 Uses an unspeakable amount of paper. Most of the August 2006 paper goes unused and is discarded in the trash or September 2006 recycled. October 2006 Creates teachers that begin to rely on a 1-dimensional teaching method. Introduce... teach... have them fill in November 2006 the blanks. December 2006 Creates dependent learners. Students depend on the January 2007 teacher to direct their learning. Discovery and reflection are put on the back-burner. February 2007 Creates a sense of monotony and boredom amongst March 2007 most students. Pass out the paper, put your name and April 2007 date on it, read the directions, answer the questions, fill May 2007 in the blanks, pass your papers in. Dilutes creativity. Students begin to lose the creative June 2007 aspect of learning. They start to feel comfortable filling July 2007 in the blanks. It's easy! August 2007 Creates a stack of graded worksheets that is taken September 2007 home and thrown away. Why should the students care about the worksheet? They didn't create it. They don't October 2007 own it. They have no stake in it except for the grade. November 2007 Creates teachers that don't want to grade the December 2007 worksheets and end up throwing some of them away, January 2008 meaning that students did the work for absolutely no reason. February 2008 Creates teachers that share worksheets and just use ones others have created. This results in teachers my using worksheets that don't truly match what they are » ozeteacher » trends currently teaching or can even be at odds with the learning. » The Partnership for 21st Century Skills - Framework for 21st Century Learning Couldn't have said it better myself. » 4Teachers : Main Page And finally, go Aussies! Graham Wegner has a guest spot on one » Minds on Fire: Open Education, the Long Tail, and of my favourite webcasts from the Edtech Talk stable, Teachers Learning 2.0 (EDUCAUSE Teaching Teachers. If you're in Eastern Australia, tune in live on Review) | EDUCAUSE CONNECT Thursday 17th January 2008 at 1 pm DST. (which is 9 pm eastern USA the day before). » Penguin Reading Guides | Girl 7 of 8 2/8/08 12:55 PM
  8. 8. The Open Classroom Technorati Tags: with a Pearl Earring | Tracy Chevalier Will Richardson, Karl Fisch,Graham Wegner, edumorphing, Teachers Teaching Teachers,networks,wikis, education, teaching, innovation » Blogs that link here posted by Jo McLeay @ 4:39 PM 1 comments links to this post Recent Readers You! Join Our Community derekw C JC nj_techteacher View Reader Community Join this Community (provided by MyBlogLog) Quote of the Day I am certain there is too much certainy in the world. Michael Crichton more Famous Quotes 8 of 8 2/8/08 12:55 PM