Direct Response Copywriting Gets the Business


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This is the original form of copywriting and often the best copywriters actually studied under the original direct-response guys

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Direct Response Copywriting Gets the Business

  1. 1. Direct Response Copywriting Gets the BusinessIn the world of direct response copywriting, there is a well known rule of thumb. The rule states that youcannot educate small business owners...they just dont get it. While I agree that it is very hard to getsmall business owners to sit up and pay attention-I believe it is possible to educate them-once theyunderstand their profits can double or triple.Many small business owners like dentists, chiropractors andacupuncturists-see themselves as doctors only. They are not in the mindset of being a business ownerand therefore do not concentrate on their marketing efforts. In order for any small business to grow andprosper, there are a number of factors to take in.Direct Response Copy WritingAll marketing efforts need to be tracked. A tracking sheet is very easy to develop with Excel. The personresponsible for receiving phone calls to the business-records exactly how the caller found the business.Was it phonebook advertising, flyers, word of mouth.Many business owners utilize phonebookadvertising but have no idea how many calls they receive or how many clients are converted from thecall. This is a waste of marketing money. Eventually the business owner will come to the realization thatthey are getting a small number of calls per month-that once converted-do not equal the money theyare paying the phone company.Direct Response CopywritingLets look at why the ads are not getting calls. When you pick up a phonebook and turn to chiropractors-its not unusal to see two or more ads that look the same. One tactic the phone company uses whencreating ads for to put a graphic of a spine in the ad. Thats a waste of space and thenwhen you consider that two chiropractors on the same page-have graphics of spines in their ads! Wellyou come to the conclusion that the two chiropractors are of equal talent when treating patients.Direct Response CopywritersThe phone company does not use any direct response tactics when creating an ad. That is why most adslook the same, kind of like a business card. Very factual-leaving the business owner open to receivingmany calls from what are called, "tire kickers". These people are time wasters, bargain hunters-who areresponding to the nice colors or graphics in the ad. What the business owner really needs-is targetedtraffic that is responding to a keyword or two in the copy of the ad. it may be a headline or bullet points-that build rapport with the potential client. This brings them to pick up the phone and make anappointment.Direct Response CopywriterOnce the business owner gets this targeted traffic into the office or store, its time to close them. Its notover yet though. The business owner need to retain the client and keep bringing them back as happy
  2. 2. customers. Happy customers tell friends and co-workers-which in turn adds to the client base. The useof direct response copy in any business will have a viral effect. It brings the client in and keeps themcoming in year after year- for as long as they need the service.