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Biology 121.summer


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Biology 121.summer

  1. 1. This lab is being performed to monitor how the different levels of fitness affect the heart rate. The heart rate measures how many times your heart beats in one minute. Normal range for a healthy individual is from 60 to 100 beats per minute. The heart rate measures how many times your heart contracts and relax every minute. The heart rate can be measured by placing the index and third finger on the side of the windpipe on top of the jugular vein. Today we will be monitoring the effects of walking up three flights of stairs at different intervals affect the heart. *
  2. 2. * Question Is there a relationship with the amount of exercise, causing the heart rate to increase? Hypothesis The heart rate increases as the length of time decrease during physical exertion.
  3. 3. riam agurra Nesterkova Liubou Webster Petal Robert Russell Oladipo Olujemiyo Samiato Omotunwash e ntrol 82 Control 84 Control 84 Control 88 Control 60 Control +108/2=94 ght 1 min 88+96= 92 Light 1min 92+100/2=96 Light 1 min 82+76/2=79 Light 1 min 100+112/2=10 6 Light 1min 68+56/2=96 Light 1min +100/2=98 dium 30 c 100+160/2 =130 Medium 30 sec 100+160= 130 Medium 30 sec 108+92/2=100 Medium 30 sec 116+108/2+=1 70 Medium 30 sec 104+92= 196 Medium 30 sec 8+108/2= 8 avy 20 sec 108+120/2 =168 Heavy 20 sec 108+120/2=6 4 Heavy 20 sec 98+100/2=99 Heavy 20 sec 124+124/2 124 Heavy 20 sec 120+108/2=1 14 Heavy 20 sec
  4. 4. Observation: The group performed walking up the stairs at different intervals 1min as light, 30 seconds as medium and 20 seconds as heavy. This information was timed using a stop watch. Each member of the group member took their pulse prior to the exercise. This pulse was used by each member as a control for the experiment. The different intervals were used as variables to monitor the effects. After careful examine the information collected from the data. It shows that physical exertion does play a role with increasing a person heart rate. Some of the other factor that plays a role in increase heart rate is the different level of fitness, age, medication and smoking. Heart rates tend to be lower in the morning, and increases at high temperatures. Dehydration can cause an increase in heart rate. Heart rate during running varies by a few beats from day-to-day. Training heart rate does not predict racing heart rate. Listening to different types of music, Watching scary movie and drink coffee also can affect heart rate. Exercise is good for the
  5. 5. Conclusion: After carefully examining the data that I collected from the experiment, I found that the heart rate increases as the length of time decreases during physical exertion. But also there are many other factors outside of exercise that affects the rate, such as age, diet, hereditary and medication. I am a smoker and have high blood pressure. Which leads me to not be able to directly link pressure change to physical exertion alone. Therefore, My data forces me to reject my hypothesis, that the amount of exercise affects the heart rate as
  6. 6. Robert Russell Biology 121 Summer Session 2013 Dr. James Onoda Group Members Miriam Bigurra Nesterkova Liubou Webster Peta Robert Russell Oladipo Olujemiyo Samiato Omotunwashe