You Go Into an Ice Cream Parlour


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You Go Into an Ice Cream Parlour

  1. 1. You Go Into an Ice Cream ParlourYou go into an ice cream parlour. You sit in a booth. You look at a menu. Youlike cherry vanilla ice cream. You check the sizes available. You look at theprices. You order cherry vanilla, you eat cherry vanilla, you enjoy cherry vanilla,you leave a tip, pay your bill and leave.I go into an ice cream parlour. I stand in line at the counter. I see the assortedflavours in their containers in the freezer case. I see the maple-walnut, thebutter-pecan, the chocolate. I see the dishes, the sizes, the cones, and thevariety of cones, the sprinkles, and the toppings. I decide I can handle twoscoops. Butter-pecan and chocolate. I ask for hot-fudge. I ask for wet-walnuts.I pay the bill, leave a tip and enjoy the ice cream, the toppings, and theexperience.You enjoy the ice cream. I enjoy the experience and the ice cream.The problem arises when there are too many choices. Though perhaps not withice cream, but perhaps with sweaters.You have an event to attend. You shop for a sweater. The choices are red,white, and blue.You don’t want white, because it shows every little spot. Red, well, you have askirt to go with a red sweater, but only one. Blue is nice. You have a bluesweater but it is light blue. This is dark blue. It goes with several skirts. You buythe blue sweater. You have closure. You are happy.Your friend is attending the same event. Your friend goes to another store.There are many colours from which to choose.Your friend thinks green. Will it go with her outfit? There is mint green. Toolight? Kelly green. Too bright? Forest green. Too plain? What about blue?Royal blue, navy blue, sky blue, or aquamarine?Your friend decides on the Kelly green. Your friend gets home and has doubtsabout her choice. Your friend reviews the options she’d had in the store. Yourfriend does not have closure. Your friend is not happy.There are different aspects to life. How we approach each event is determinedmore by the event.
  2. 2. The considerations:CostDurationPurposePrevious experienceRather than approach the activity at hand, or the choices among differentactivities available, focus on the different aspects of the experience and matchthem up to what you are looking to find in the experience.If all you want is an ice cream, buy a package of Klondike Bars at thesupermarket. If all you want to do is wear a sweater, pull one out of your closet.When you go beyond that, think about what you really want from the experience.Regards,Slimslimfairview@yahoo.comCopyright © 2011 Slim Fairview