The Fallacy of US Diplomacy in Libya


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The Fallacy of US Diplomacy in Libya

  1. 1. The Fallacy of U.S. Diplomacy in LibyaSlim Fairview’s Four Rules of Communication:1. Precision2. Concision3. Enumerate4. SpecifyThe Fallacy of U.S. Diplomacy in Libya. Review the following questions andanswers to arrive at a conclusion if not an understanding of how we undermineour own efforts in the Middle East and Northern Africa.A. We cant arm the rebels because the rebels may be a greater danger.More so than Gaddafi? Yes? No? If yes, we wouldn’t be there. If no, then armthe rebels.B. We can’t arm the rebels because the arms may fall into the hands of ourenemies.If the rebels are our enemies, our other enemies will arm the rebels. If ourenemies did not arm the rebels, then the rebels are not our enemies.C. We can’t arm the rebels because the rebels may be our enemy.If we don’t arm the rebels, others will. If others arm the rebels, the rebels will betheir friends not ours.[Write one thousand times: The friend of my enemy is my enemy. The enemy ofthe enemy is my friend.]D. Al Qaeda members may be in Libya.Al Qaeda members may be anywhere. That does not justify not doing anythinganywhere.E. Let’s talk about the mission. Let’s not.What we have is regime change under the guise of humanitarian aid.Getting rid of Gaddafi is not regime change.Talking about Gaddafi’s sons is not regime change.
  2. 2. F. What will we be getting into if we don’t have regime change?We won’t be getting into anything. We will have what we’ve had all along.G. What will happen if Gaddafi leaves?Nothing if we define Gaddafi leaving as regime change.H. What will happen if the rebels win and take over Libya?We will fail at yet another diplomatic mission. Why?To understand why, answer this question:What happens if the rebels win and the Tribal Leaders decide to form agovernment where a ruling council runs Libya: a ruling council where the TribalLeaders choose members of the Ruling Council?We are not equipped to establish diplomatic relations with a country where thepeople fought a revolution to gain freedom and established a government notconsistent with our perspective of governments.Regards,SlimFor further reading:Quill Pens and Powdered Wigs in Today’s Classrooms Media is the Medium: Greater than the sum of its parts. slimfairview@yahoo.comCopyright © 2011 Slim Fairview