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Solving the Emerging Economic Crisis


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The PowerPoint Presentation for the Leaders of Emerging Nations on forming a Union of Emerging Economic Unions.

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Solving the Emerging Economic Crisis

  1. 1. Solving the Emerging Economic Crisis To solve the global economic crisis Emerging Economic Nations must be included in the process. Emerging Economic Nations must form an Emerging Economic Union and a Union of Emerging Economic Unions. In addition, the following: • The Emerging World Court; • The Merging World Monetary Fund; • The Emerging World Council • The Emerging World Bank.
  2. 2. Emerging Nations--Alternative to Failure You've heard of OPEC and you've heard of the EEC. Now, I propose an Economic Union of Emerging Nations--EMEC. This is to help emerging nations to both leverage your position with the rest of the world, and to avoid the mistakes of the past Communities. The OPEC oil embargo hurt the economies of the OPEC nations. The Single European Currency hurt the European Economic Community. The success of Germany was the result of the deficit spending of the Southern Nations: Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. The EMEC--Emerging Nations Economic Community--can join together to increase the potency of its negotiating power, and benefit from size to level the playing field with the rest of the world: The Industrialised Nations.
  3. 3. HERE WE GO: 1. Identify those among you who are Emerging Economies. 2. Identify, classify, and inventory your assets: What you have to sell. 3. Identify, classify, and inventory your present and future needs: What you want to get. 4. Calculate the cost of your needs. 5. Price out your assets and the value to your customers. 6. Invite purchasing nations to a Nation to Nation Trade Conference: N2N Conference. 7. Prepare to negotiate CPCI: Cash Payments + Capital Investment. •Example of Assets: Oil, Minerals, Chemicals, Ports, Stability, Location. •Example of Needs: Agriculture, Health, Microfinance, Energy.
  4. 4. 1st The Leaders of Emerging nations must identify themselves to each other. 2nd Leaders must meet to agree to embrace the paradigm of an Economic Union. 3rd Proceed as indicated previously.
  5. 5. WARNING: DANGERS AHEAD. As a metaphor, if everyone in the district worked for the Big Company, the employees would have no place to spend their money. This abuse was seen in "The Company Store" in the United States a century ago. Microfinance is crucial to spread the opportunities among all the people in the district to help create a base--a middle class. •China: Rising middle class, rising economy. •India: Rising middle class, rising economy. •Soviet Union: No middle class, no Soviet Union. •United States: Declining middle class. Follow the path of the trajectory. In the early days of America, the pioneers, built their own homes, farmed their own land, made their own furniture, made their own tools, and made their own clothes. In time, the division of labour resulted in many trades and crafts: potters making pots for cooking, The School Marm, The Preacher, The Blacksmith, The Butcher, The Baker, The Miller, The Barber, and so on.
  6. 6. DO NOT SURRENDER POWER Old Chinese Saying "Never underestimate the power of a symbolic gesture." The Quotations of Slim Fairview "The power of the symbolic gesture resides with the people making the gesture."
  7. 7. WESTERN TRICKS TO CONTROL EMERGING NATIONS There are a variety of techniques to manipulate people when doing business. The following slides will explain them:
  8. 8. Invitation to Address a Committee Committees do not solve problems. Committees create problems. The first trick is to invite EMEC Leaders to address a committee. This is a carrot and a stick. It suggests that if you address the committee, you may receive what you want. If you do not, you won't. The motive of the committee is to gather information about what you are doing to benefit the members of the committee and their friends--not you.
  9. 9. Creating a List of Activity This trick is to keep you busy in an effort to impede your efforts to accomplish your goals. This gives the appearance of progress toward your goal, but in fact introduces the need for an inflated bureaucracy to dilute your efforts. Along with the activities are: •Data Gather •Reports •Feedback •Analysis •More Meetings Each and all are designed to impede your progress.
  10. 10. Gathering and Providing Mass Quantities of Data The purpose of this effort is to overload your efforts. It also creates a massive deception. What this does is give rise to the following: •The appearance of assistance. •Creating the appearance of the need for assistance. •Justifying the need for more people to join the efforts. •Validating the act of forcing people upon you. •Creating a massive project to keep you obligated to the people exploiting you. •Making you lose focus and lose site of your goals. •Infuse their agenda and advance their goals.
  11. 11. Crowding the Project This trick involves inviting as many people as possible to work on grand plans to dilute the potency of your position. The promise is giving you as much help as possible. The result is to: •Dilute the concentration of those among you working toward your goals. •Work toward their own interests. •Create delays and distractions to benefit the interests of other people--not you.
  12. 12. Lies, Propaganda, Disinformation, and More Lies This trick involves distracting you from your efforts to accomplish your goals by attacking the warnings. The tricksters will accuse their critics of: •Showing you disrespect •Insulting your intelligence •Marginalising your culture •Justifying the efforts they want to make to impede your progress. This is to mitigate the warnings and to advance their schemes and to benefit themselves at your expense.
  13. 13. Putting You in Charge to Reduce Your Control This is a devious trick. It is a form of divide and conquer. Different leaders will be separated to take charge of different projects. These projects will offer you much prestige but little power. The projects will be crowded with people, burdened with excessive data, and cause delays and distractions. You are in charge, not them. Caveat: Do not let them put you in charge of what they want you to do.
  14. 14. Wasting Money by Spending Too Much on Their Agendas. This is another very clever and devious trick. There will be efforts to spend more money for fewer larger projects, or more money for more and smaller projects. This is an attempt to force to you be grateful for help when you are not being helped. The ultimate goal is to deplete the financial resources for your projects and goals by diverting the financial resources to their projects and goals . Your projects will be unfunded or underfunded. Their may also be a false promise to spend more money on your projects in the future. This will not happen.
  15. 15. SOME PROTECTION: Do not listen to anyone who praises you or flatters you. Discuss only business. Speak to only those people who have the power to: •Negotiate the deal •Approve the agreement •Sign the agreement •Release the funds Do not accept their invitations to socialize with them. Socialize away from them to discuss--freely and openly--the progress of your efforts.
  16. 16. Further Reading on This Topic The Unspoken Understanding More about the tricks of manipulation. This gives insight into the efforts to talk about the issues. These tricks are devious and effective. Mr. When's Chicken to explain to The West why Emerging Nations do not like us. And President Obama Said... This explains China's success and insight into American Exceptionalism. In Short: "China will succeed because China will do as we did and not as we say." The Quotations of Slim Fairview. (c) 2014. Solving the Emerging Crisis This offers some of the mechanics of the project. Warmest regards and best of luck. Slim Copyright (c) 2014 Slim Fairview & Robert Asken All rights reserved.