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A brilliantly written and brilliant book about managing a company successfully.

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Read Sandy Richardson's Book

  1. 1. Read Sandy Richardson’s Book:If Ron Johnson had read only the first 3 pages of Sandy Richardson’s book, Business Results Revolution,he would still be CEO at JCP.Johnson wanted to sell “Everyday Low Pricing.” The Customers wanted to buy, “Coupons andDiscounts.” Johnson tried to convince the customer to buy what he wanted to sell instead of sellingwhat the customer wanted to buy. Ron Johnson was fired. JCP published an apology for their corporatestrategy. All this could have been avoided.Ms. Richardson’s book is brilliant. It is focused. Most of all, it avoids the failures that plague most booksof this nature. Ms. Richardson’ book is prescriptive not descriptive. The book lives up to its name:Business Results Revolution. The Operative words are Business Results.Ms. Richardson does not discuss the differences between Theory X and Theory Y management styles;nor the differences between men and women in the workplace; nor Type A and Type B personalities.What Ms. Richardson does do is provide both the questions you must ask, but also the guide toanswering the questions: E.g. How to identify your target customers? How to determine what theywant? How to analyze your competitive landscape? How to develop your strategy?Ultimately, Business Results Revolution is a simple “how to do it” instruction manual that begins withthe basic question everyone in business must ask: Why do our customers do business with us?On pages 44 and 45 Ms. Richardson demonstrates how to address the issues confronting Tim Cook andApple.Remember when the word computer meant IBM? When Xerox® became a verb to everyone in or out ofbusiness because the word photocopy meant only one thing: Xerox. Those companies are still around.However: what happened to them is not as important as how to prevent it from happening to you.How?Buy Sandy Richardson’s BookRead Sandy Richardson’s BookFollow the instructions in Sandy Richardson’s BookThis, then, begs the question, “Okay, but how do I do it?”Ms. Richardson is there for you with links to easy to understand and simple to follow worksheets thatyou can use to access and apply the vital information her book provides. Ms. Richardson promises toguide you in setting, evaluating, and implementing your strategy, and then delivers on her promise.
  2. 2. When I began working as a freelance website designer in 2000, I had enough capital to sustain myefforts for two years. What I did not have was Ms. Richardson’s book. If I had had and had read Ms.Richardson’s book, my launch would not have taken over a year. I could have hit the ground running.Now I will offer some business advice.Buy Sandy Richardson’s BookRead Sandy Richardson’s BookFollow the instructions in Sandy Richardson’s BookSlimDisclosure:The Side Street Journal is an unfunded, unsupported, non-profit web log by Slim Fairview. The opinionsstated in my articles are my own. I never solicit or accept compensation or remuneration from theproviders for any products or services I write about on my blog.