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You've got the tools but do you have the team


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Choosing the right team is often overlooked in this world of "shiny features" for CMSs. The process to choose the right CMS for the job is well worth the investment, but it's easy to get distracted, and forget that the people who lead your Content Team are equally, if not more important than the tools themselves.

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You've got the tools but do you have the team

  1. 1. You’ve Got the Tools, But DoYou Have the Team?1Robert Rose (@Robert_Rose)Scott Liewehr (@sliewehr)May 16, 2013 | CMS Expo
  2. 2. About Digital Clarity Group2DCG helps businessleaders navigate the digitaltransformation and createcompetitive advantage fromdisruption.
  3. 3. 3The ideal…
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. 5The reality...
  6. 6. 6You can’t buy that
  7. 7.  Defined goals, objectives, strategy, plan,metrics Organizational alignment Team (internal and external) Process Technology Content More content Governance7
  8. 8. Chaos: The Real World ofcontent marketing and howenterprises are making it upas they go.2.
  9. 9. Constant Engagement is an imperativeConstant Engagement is an imperative
  10. 10. So, what’s the challenge?It’s a Change….Human Capital Index – Corporate Culture Performance Kotter & Keskette
  11. 11. Sources of innovationSystematic ProcessSwept Into ItSerendipitousReplicated FromPrevious Job!
  12. 12. Producing EngagingContent2012 Content Marketing challengesProducing ContentMgmt Buy-InBudget
  13. 13. So – what’s really going on?So – what’s really going on?
  14. 14. So – what’s really going on?
  15. 15. How we buy content technologyWe identify all theshortcomings of oursystem (real andperceived)We make a wish list to fitthe design of our newpresentation NOT ournew process.We get demos fromvendors who show us allthe new stuff todifferentiate themselves.OurWishListVendorNew StuffAll The StuffOur CMSDoesn’t Do.
  16. 16. How we implement the sameThe stuff wedon’tunderstand.We’ll wait forphase 2 onthisThe rationalized the purchaseof the technology.OurWishListVendorNew StuffAll The StuffOur CMSDoesn’t Do.
  17. 17. All WCM’s failAll WEM’s / SOE’s will fail too.Smart Content Strategy & Good Technologyimplementation – that enables CHANGE – iswhat’s key.How do we, as marketers, and contentstrategists get to good implementation.Conclusion:
  18. 18. Building the process
  19. 19. Building the process
  20. 20. It’s where mostcontent agencies start.Google sez there’s4 million ways to sayWe listen to you...We repeat it back...We design it...We develop it...We help you maintain/measure it...
  21. 21. It’s time for marketing to step upand YOU can be the catalystWe must create andcommunicate new processes– anchored around an abilityto change.Doesn’t matter whether it’s anew WCMS, or WEM/CXM orSOEDeployment / implementationis the critical factor.
  22. 22. 27s all about the experience you’re creating
  23. 23. 28Scott’s Law:The more software you need, the lessimportant it is to your overall successThink about it.
  24. 24. Elements of a successfulprocess29Elements of success
  25. 25.  Enabling technology? Aligned philosophy? Inspiring trajectory? Partnership mentality?When considering technology…
  26. 26. 31When considering the team…
  27. 27. 32Team = People. People are different. Duh.
  28. 28.  Empathetic to your needs? Capable and fluent? Consistent? Accountable? Fit?Assembling the A-Team
  29. 29.  Strategy Voice of Customer Content strategy Copywriting Design Technology [Enterprise] technology Measurement / Optimization34Essential skills
  30. 30. 35Robert Rose | @Rober_RoseScott Liewehr | @sliewehrDigital Clarity Group | @just_clarity