The inside scoop on industry analysts and how to work with them


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I feared posting this due to the embarrassing deathy-by-bullet-point nature of it. However, it was pointed out to me that the content actually makes for a better leave-behind. A valid point. There are even more points in the notes.

The subject is pretty much exactly as the title says.

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  • Individuals expertise background (from consulting, from buy side, from sell side, lifer analyst) interests – area of coverage, new vs old tech, trends personalities – cynics v optimist, straight v crooked, we are NOT the firms we work for, nor the same as our colleague, etc.Biases, opinions and world view show me one without this and I’ll show you a future unemployed analyst you WANT them to have biases / opinions you also want TRANSPARENCYNot press not timely often a single view / slant of an announcement or conference based on what interests usNot product experts so don’t expect us to beNo crystal ball don’t blame us if the company we recommended gets acquired or… We are also not equity analysts and can’t necessarily evaluate financials
  • Buy-side vs Sell-side One or the other or both RSG vs 451 vs us/forr/gartner/etcWe want to help businesses transform, working w vendors is one of the best ways INTEGRITY is keySyndicated research and dataUsually according to a research calendarSold individually at a premium, or via annual subscriptionInquiries usually includedFreemium modelUsually monetize via advisories and consultingAdvisorye.g. competitive intelligence, roadmap feedback, SWOT analysis, speaking, webinarsConsultinge.g. training, workshops, procurement, strategic planningEvents
  • Learning about the space we coverTaking briefings, reading, researching, working with buyersAdvisingAdvisory days, inquiries, consulting projectsBroadcastingWriting, speaking, multimedia, social media
  • Understand our model pay-to-play: myth or reality? comes down to understanding the model shouldn’t have to pay to brief shouldn’t have to pay to be covered, BUT you DO need to gain influence, so… Influence-wise, yes, paying gets you time, which can work for or against youResearch us Know our slant, what we’ve written, etc. How are we organized? Industry? Horizontal? Coverage area? Practice area?Decide what you’re looking for: Influence coverage, short- or long-listing Collateral licensed research, sponsored research, webinars, speaking, lead-gen… Advice critique, strategy, positioning, competitive intel, networking
  • Pick the right firms / analysts By need / engagement typeBuild a relationship with us INDIVIDUALLY Learn what makes us tick Advisory / SAS dayHave a plan For overall how you’ll work with the analyst and get the most out of the relationship Probably want to do a SAS day BEFORE you have them speak at an eventBrief us regularly 2x/yr Learn who to get advice from, who’s charismatic, who’s fair, what our POV isSolicit advice ask what we think about your strategy your opportunities your challenges vs competitorsSend us the press releases IN ADVANCE of their releaseHelp us help you…we often receive calls at 8a from the press asking for our thoughts Don’t meet w press and analysts togetherOur job is ask hard question which, often, point out a flaw in your planPress will latch onto thatAdditionally, don’t tell press you’ve just spoken w us unless you’ve addressed the criticism, because the press will call and we’ll tell them the sameRequest feedback after a selection project We owe it to you
  • Don’t pay…you shouldn’t have toRequest the specific analyst(s) you want to brief When you brief an analyst, you brief him/her, NOT the firm or his/her peersWe’re not very good at sharing informationPlan the agenda and determine your desired outcome - are you just trying to get introduced to us? Update us? What message do you want us to leave with?Bring your A-team…and your A-gameNOT an occasion for your standard sales deckBTW, it probably stinks anyway – we can help thereKNOW your analysts – research their interestTread carefully about the competitionSkip the setup and get to the meatwe can probably tell that story better than youGo beyond 101…and probably 201 tooIf I have to watch another vendor show me In Context Editing of a Press Release I’ll screamGet to what you do *distinctively* wellCheck in: Are we there? Hearing what we want?Answer our questions honestlySolicit our inputDeliver follow-ups
  • Understand what you are buying Access to research? Access to customer base? Perpetual license? Embargo? Modifications okay?Understand our research agendaWhat do we offer? How much? Embargo? Sole use?Multi-client researchIndustry studiesLicensed researchSponsored researchCustom research (TCO study, other hired market study)Multimedia eventsWebinars, webcastsWill it be custom?Plan and rehearseTake controlCo-marketing?Live speaking eventsWant to put butts in seats?Want charisma?Want top analyst?Use the rest of the time wisely
  • critique, strategy, positioning, competitive intel, networkingCritique during briefings / inquiriesAdvisory (SAS) day / hoursNetworking tech partners services partners other analysts VCs Customers press potential m&a targetsConsulting engagementSWOTs PositioningCompetitive intel
  • Know what you want general information? Pragmatic advice? Deep product expertise? CYA for decision / direction?Consiglieri to bounce ideas off or share existing strategy, etc. Ongoing or short-term?Understand your options are you a large enterprise discerning between multiple subscribed relationship, or a smaller firm looking to buy its first relationship what do you already have? established v disruptor | new v old | big personality v firm player do they know your vertical? Others your size?Take a test run Try them out, even if it’s an interviewChoose a product / service mix Reports and research Inquiries (3 parts) Description of your situation/problem (20%) Analyst drill-down questions (30%) Analyst insights/feedback with discussion (50%) Don't expect the analyst to solve your problem; you’ll get ideas about how you can solve your problem. Advisories Consulting
  • The inside scoop on industry analysts and how to work with them

    1. 1. Industry Analysts:The inside scoop and how to work with them1Scott Liewehr | President and Principal Analyst | @sliewehrMay 6, 2013 | J.Boye CMS Experts Group
    2. 2. About Digital Clarity Group2DCG helps businessleaders navigate thedigital transformationand create competitiveadvantage fromdisruption.
    3. 3. First, the obvious… We are individuals(with varying expertise, backgrounds, interests, personalities…) We have biases, opinions and world views(the good ones among us do, anyway) We are not the press(not timely, bias will be evident, and we cover what interests us) We are not product experts(how can we be with so many to cover?) We do not have a crystal ball(study tons of data and some predictions come easy, but Confucius we’re not)3
    4. 4. Business Models Buy-side vs Sell-side Syndicated research and data Open research Advisory Consulting Events4
    5. 5. Things we spend time doing Learning about the space we cover– Taking briefings, reading, researching, workingwith buyers Advising– Advisory days, inquiries, consulting projects Broadcasting– Writing, speaking, multimedia, social media5
    6. 6. For vendors (tech and services) Understand our business model– Pay-to-play: Myth or reality? Research us – know what makes us tick Decide what you’re looking for:– Influence– Collateral– Advice6
    7. 7. For vendors seeking influence… Select the firm(s) / analyst(s) Build a relationship with us, individually Have a plan Brief us regularly Solicit advice from us Send us press releases in advance Request feedback after a selection project7
    8. 8. An aside about briefings Don’t pay…you shouldn’t have to Request the specific analyst(s) you want to brief Plan the agenda and determine your desired outcome Bring your A-team …and your A-game Skip the setup (we can probably tell it better) Go beyond 101…and probably 201 too Tell us what you do *distinctively* well Check in: Are we there? Hearing what we want? Answer our questions honestly Solicit our input Deliver follow-ups8
    9. 9. For vendors seeking collateral Understand what you are buying Understand our research agenda– Multi-client research– Industry studies– Licensed research– Sponsored research– Custom research Multimedia events– Webinars, webcasts Speaking engagements9
    10. 10. Vendors | Seeking Advice Critique during briefings / inquiries Advisory (SAS) day / hours Networking Consulting engagements– SWOTs– Positioning– Competitive intel10
    11. 11. For Buyers Know what you want Understand your options Identify the individual analyst(s) Take a test run Choose a product / service mix:– Reports and research– Inquiries– Advisories– Consulting engagements11
    12. 12. Other Points to Consider Most people who criticize the analystprofession have never been analysts anddon’t understand the business. Integrity is key.12
    13. 13. 13Scott Liewehr |