Successful deployment of systems of engagement: Making it work with the team that will make it work


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We’ve all heard that enterprise marketing technology tools are really only as good as they are well-implemented. So why is it that enterprises often place much more effort into selecting the tool than they do the team that will make it work for their unique needs? Even if the deployment will be performed by the internal technology team, enterprise business managers need to make sure that the team that is going to help them realize their objectives by implementing the Web Content Management (WCM), Social, Marketing Automation, Search, and Analytics systems is ready to facilitate the new world of constant change in strategic content and web engagement. This workshop will explore proven methodologies for translating business strategies into selection criteria for both technologies and the agencies and integrators that implement them. It will prepare participants to answer critical questions that will help them ensure their enterprise technologies are successful:

- What does my organization need to be prepared for?

- How should I determine the optimal solutions given the many options?

- What are the best practices for finding the best team to carry out my strategy and implement my chosen technology(ies)?

- What responsibilities do I have for making sure the team is successful, and how can I stack the deck in my favor?

We will explore all of this and more in an entertaining, informative and actionable workshop. Led by Digital Clarity Group's Scott Liewehr and Robert Rose, attendees will leave this workshop much better equipped to make strategic decisions about how to select and work with the team that help fulfill their vision.

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Successful deployment of systems of engagement: Making it work with the team that will make it work

  1. 1. Successful Deployment ofSystems of EngagementGilbane ConferenceRobert Rose (@Robert_Rose) & Scott Liewehr (@sliewehr)November 27, 2012
  2. 2. About us “The five-year technology plan is as archaic in today’s context as a flintlock rifle on a modern battlefield. Tactics are the new strategy, and ‘business as usual’ is a terminal disease.” -Tim Walters “Technology should only be scaled where it helps to drive agility and flexibility to react more quickly. Adaptability will be the new competitive advantage in marketing.” -Robert Rose “The combination of the social web, open standards, the cloud, and ubiquitous mobility represent a field of dreams for empowered audiences to both collaborate and self-satisfy.” -Scott Liewehr “Success will require a long-term commitment, a full company transformation, and the willingness to embrace the disruption rather than avoid it.” -Cathy McKnight2   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  3. 3. Say “Hi” if you see these folks…3   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  4. 4. Systems of Engagement§  Recently, Geoffrey Moore suggested a different way of looking at the creation, optimization, and delivery of content with his notion of Systems of Engagement (SoE). Systems of Engagement Systems of Record4   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  5. 5. 5   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  6. 6. The Advantages of SoE From To Focus on Focus on consumer of content content Web Touch points of content consumption Software Comprehensive system categories Incidental to Central to business / business THE point of business6   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  7. 7. SoE = Can’t go it alone7   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  8. 8. Now let’s talk about what you came for…8   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  9. 9. 9   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  10. 10. 10   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  11. 11. The reality of WCM in marketing11   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  12. 12. The reality of WCM in marketing§  Less than half of customers trust paid advertising§  92% trust earned media.§  But… more than 60% trust owned media.§  Systems of Engagement that create content-driven experiences are powering this transition.12   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  13. 13. Engagement is an imperative13   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  14. 14. Engagement is imperative§  60% of consumers that engaged with a brand through social channels are “significantly” more likely to recommend or purchase.§  “Fully Engaged” consumers represent an average of 23% premium in terms of ‘share of wallet, profitability, revenue and relationship growth”§  “Actively disengaged” consumers represent a 13% discount in this same measure14   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  15. 15. Business as usual – isn’t§  The old maxim “adapt or die” is still true. But usually marketers knew what we were adapting into.§  In today’s marketplace the question for the visionary CMO isn’t “What must we evolve into?” Rather, it’s how can we build an agile marketing organization that can rapidly adapt to . . . the unknown and unpredictable?15   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  16. 16. 16   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  17. 17. 17   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  18. 18. So, what’s the challenge? Human Capital Index – Corporate Culture Performance Kotter & Keskette18   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  19. 19. Sources of innovation Swept Into It Systematic Process Serendipitous Replicated From Previous Job!19   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  20. 20. 2012 Content Marketing challenges Mgmt Buy-In Producing Content Budget Producing Engaging Content20   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  21. 21. It’s time for marketing to step up§  We must create and communicate new processes – anchored around an ability to change.§  Doesn’t matter whether it’s a new WCMS, or WEM/CXM or SOE§  Deployment / implementation is the critical factor.21   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  22. 22. So – what’s really going on?22   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  23. 23. So – what’s really going on?23   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  24. 24. So – what’s really going on?24   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  25. 25. So – what’s really going on?25   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  26. 26. How we buy content technology§  We identify all the shortcomings of our system (real and perceived) All  The  Stuff   Our    §  We make a wish list to Our  CMS   Wish   fit the design of our new presentation NOT Doesn’t  Do.    List   our new process.§  We get demos from vendors who show us all the new stuff to Vendor     differentiate themselves. New  Stuff  26   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  27. 27. How we implement the same The reason we purchased the technology. All  The  Stuff   Our     Our  CMS   Wish   Doesn’t  Do.    List   The stuff we Vendor     don’t We’ll wait for New  Stuff   phase 2 on understand. this27   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  28. 28. Conclusion:§  All WCM’s fail§  All WEM’s / SOE’s will fail too.§  Good implementation – that enables CHANGE – is what’s key.§  How do we, as marketers, test to good implementation.28   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  29. 29. [Baton passes…]29   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  30. 30. “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” - Wayne Gretsky30   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  31. 31. So you want to go shopping...When  one  goes  clothes   They  shop  to  fulfill  an  shopping,  they  are   image.  They  are  looking  looking  for  more  than   to  blend  in,  to  sUck  out,  protecUon  from  the   or  maybe  to  dress  a  cold  and  a  way  to  cover   certain  way  for  an  their  body.   event.   31   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  32. 32. What experience are you creating?Whether  buying   It’s  about  a  WCMS  or   finding  a  hiring  an  agency   partner  that  to  implement  it,   aligns  with  your  it’s  not  just   strategy  and  about  checking   will  help  create  the  boxes...   the  experience   you  want  for   your  audience.   32   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  33. 33. It’s not getting any easier§  Channels explosion§  Ubiquity of the Web§  Global audience§  Social Web§  Content proliferation§  Consumer Expectations§  Speed-to-market pressure33   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  34. 34. Important elements to consider§  Enabling technology§  Aligned philosophy§  Inspiring trajectory§  Partnership mentality34   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  35. 35. Enabling technology§  Give me control§  Make it easier (not harder)§  Help me do it faster§  Tell me what I don’t know§  Help me improve over time Hone  in  on  focal  needs,  not  just   funcUonal  requirements.    35   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  36. 36. Aligned philosophy§  Customer service?§  Personalization?§  Channelization?§  Social?§  Globalization?§  Brand advocacy? Do  the  agency  and  technology  support  your   strategic  orientaUon?  36   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  37. 37. Inspiring trajectory§  Innovative and strategic§  Agile, responsive to market§  Transparent roadmap§  Stable and supportive Are  they  skaUng  where  the   puck  is  going?  Are  you?  37   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  38. 38. Partnership mentality§  Understands your needs§  Sets clear expectations§  “Gets” customer service§  Plays nicely with others§  Has a strong community§  Fits YOU These  are  criUcal  for  both   technologies  and  agencies  to  saUsfy  38   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  39. 39. Elements of the approach §  Focus on what matters most –  Hint: it’s not the technology §  Identify the elements of your strategy §  Align internally before looking externally §  Determine your focal needs §  Find the agency and technology that fit §  Be a good partner to get a good partner §  Skate where the puck is going…39   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  40. 40. [Baton passes…]40   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  41. 41. The Web Engagement Stack41   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  42. 42. Building the process42   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  43. 43. Building the process43   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  44. 44. Building the process44   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  45. 45. Building the process§  FIRST: Successful communication with customers means our engagement process is BUYER FOCUSED.§  SECOND: Successful deployment of tools means we are clearly communicating our needs to our implementation team.45   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  46. 46. 46   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  47. 47. 47   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  48. 48. 48  
  49. 49. 49   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  50. 50. Okay, okay…time for a break [Baton passes…] 50   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  51. 51. Exercise Action Storming 4 Groups – Each has an SoE Challenge 1.  Startup Company that just got a lot of money to develop 2.  Fortune 50 Enterprise, siloed organization. This team is in charge of completely re- designing the web content platforms 3.  Mid-sized company; budget cuts – you’ve got to do more with less… 4.  Large publishing company completely disintermediated… COMPANY Task – Come up with the 5-10 high level actions that will ensure that if you give this to the Implementors – that they wjll implement the right thing. IMPLEMENTORS Hand off to the next group – Now you are the implementors – regardless of what they have provided you, what will you implement? USERS AND MAINTAINERS Can you use this thing? What questions do you have? What’s missing………?51   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  52. 52. Case study52   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  53. 53. A teensy pitch…53   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  54. 54. Why Digital Clarity Group?Because business-as-usual isn’t.§  Digital disruption abound§  Transformation necessity§  Consumer / employee empowerment§  Unprecedented opportunity54   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  55. 55. Research themes and practice areas Consumer Social Engagement Enterprise Innovative Adaptive Change Technology @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity   55  
  56. 56. How we helpServices we offer Technologies we coverTechnology and process assessments Web Content ManagementStrategy and roadmap development Social MediaRequirements / needs assessments Content Marketing PlatformsTechnology selection and acquisition Marketing AutomationAgency assessment and selection Email and Campaign ManagementGovernance advisory Collaboration SystemsWorkshops and speaking engagements Digital Asset ManagementContent Marketing strategy PortalsExecutive and user education Web and Behavioral AnalyticsAnalyst access advisories and retainers Enterprise Content Management @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity   56  
  57. 57. Values and differentiators§  We are guided by a promise of clarity§  We believe pragmatism is essential§  Impartiality is not our goal§  We are guided by a clear world view§  We incorporate collaboration, partnership and mutual learning in everything we do57   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity  
  58. 58. Thank you Sco]  Liewehr  –  President   Robert  Rose  –  Sr.  Analyst   h]p://   h]p://                                     @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity   @Robert_Rose  |  @just_clarity      58   @Robert_Rose  |  @sliewehr  |  @just_clarity