Earn Money Online


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Become a millionaire, earning money whilst online, and if all used suitably
and correctly you could easily make a living just working at home using the Internet.

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Earn Money Online

  1. 1. ==== ====become a millionaire.www.millionairesociety1offoffer.com==== ====One of the greatest quantum leaps you will achieve in theadvancement of your most cherished Goal occurs when your Goaltransforms from being something that is a distant possibilityto an absolute, unstoppable certainty. The good news is thatyou can begin creating that quantum leap today.Every Goal that is lofty, meaning it is beyond your currentcapacity, skill level or comfort zone, will require a majorshift to occur in order to be realized. Big Goals are bigbecause the distance from where you are now to where you wantto be requires so much more of you than you are accustomedto giving."If you want to achieve something you have never had before,you must become someone youve never been before."-Jill KoenigBefore the shift, you are plagued with doubt. After the shift,you dont just think you can do it, you KNOW you WILL. In fact,the Goal becomes so crystalized, it lifts you, it permeatesevery cell of your body and your heart sings with joy everyday, every step of the way even before it manifests. Your Goalsshould be feeding you, motivating you and exciting you longbefore they are realized.Get yourself in sync with your Goal.There are millions of people right now wishing they would becomea Millionaire. Theyre saying, "When I get my million dollars,Im going to start living right. When I get my million dollars,Im going to start giving to charity. When I get my milliondollars, Im going to start waking up earlier. When I get mymillion dollars, Im going to start exercising and eating right.When I get my million dollars, Im going to read and learn somenew skills. When I get my million dollars, Im going to startpursuing my passions. When I get my million dollars, Im goingto be a better person. When I get my million dollars I willstart living my dreams."
  2. 2. They want to keep acting like its business as usual, doing thesame old things, with the same stinking thinking, believing theywill somehow achieve a different result. Same old thoughts, sameold friends, same old habits, same old skills, same old mindset,same old results, same old you.For that person, the identity shift has not yet occurred. Theirthinking is backwards. They think the money comes and then youmagically change internally.If that were the case, then all lottery winners would be thehappiest people in the world. The truth is they are not. Infact, they are far from it. Most lottery winners are bankruptwithin 5 years of winning. Sure lottery winners acquired themoney, but they had the same old mindset. They didnt becomemillionaires internally. There was no inner transformation,no new identity.Every person I have ever known who has achieved this shift, andcreated lasting change, has first recreated themselves to learnand embody the traits of someone who would own the Goal. I amnot talking about fake it til you make it. I am talkingabout redirecting your thoughts, energy and actions into thetype of person who would absolutely manifest that Goal.I will never forget the rapid advancements I experienced when Ifirst began to understand this.It was the time I went from dead broke to seeing money start toflow through me.I chose a few millionaires whom I admired, I studied them andthen I modeled them. I saw that by adopting some of the traitsand habits they practiced, that I was able to become more likethem. I even modeled their mindset. It took some consciouseffort on my part in the beginning, but I quickly realized thatmy Goal of becoming a millionaire was more than a distantpossibility. Because I was becoming a millionaire within, ithad become a certainty.I learned to think, act, walk, talk and feel like a millionaireFIRST and it became my identity inside me long before the moneyarrived. I became a millionaire in my mind first. I felt likea millionaire because I had transformed myself physically,mentally and emotionally and when it rained, it poured.It is simple. Every millionaire I have ever met does things a
  3. 3. certain way. They rise early in the morning. Then they read orlisten to motivational audios. They invest in their ownpersonal development. They have a certain routine that helpsthem focus, think and grow. Read what millionaires read. Gowhere millionaires go. Do what millionaires do. Talk likemillionaires talk. Walk like millionaires walk. Feel likemillionaires feel. Believe what millionaires believe. Andheres the big one, dream what millionaires dream. Set loftyGoals the way millionaires set Goals.I guarantee you the millionaires of the world are not waitinguntil January 1st to set a few random Goals and forget aboutthem within three weeks. High performing men and women arecrystal clear about their Goals and have them in sight at alltimes because they are becoming or have become the Goal theydesire.Think of some people who have achieved a Goal similar to the oneyou desire most.What are some things you can begin doing right now that willcause the shift inside you?Who will you need to become?The greatest reward of Goal Achieving is not what you get, itswho you become.Become the Goal and enjoy the journey. Its a lot more fun!Live Your DreamsJill Koenig, the "Goal Guru" is Americas Top Goal Strategist. A best selling Author, Coach andMotivational Speaker, she is an expert on the subjects of Goal Setting, Time Management andBusiness Success. Her Goal in life is to help you UNLEASH your untapped potential. Get yourFREE Goal Setting CD at: http://www.GoalGuru.comMedia Requests: Jill Koenig is a dynamic high energy tv and radio guest available for interviewsand corporate speaking engagements.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jill_Koenig
  4. 4. ==== ====become a millionaire.www.millionairesociety1offoffer.com==== ====