Earn Money Online


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Become a millionaire, earning money whilst online, and if all used suitably
and correctly you could easily make a living just working at home using the Internet.

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Earn Money Online

  1. 1. ==== ====become a millionaire.www.millionairesociety1offoffer.com==== ====There are many different and varied ways of earning money whilst online, and if all used suitablyand correctly you could easily make a living just working at home using the Internet. With some ofthe online jobs, perseverance will be the key: dont just give up after a few days of answering paidsurveys when you get frustrated seeing your account balance still sitting empty. Simply put, thesemethods of earning money online are guaranteed to work, but you must be a patient person. Dontexpect instant results, and dont simply expect to sit back and watch the money roll in; nothing inlife is this simple, you have to put a lot of work into things before you start to see any positivedevelopments.One of the first things you should do is to join a free paid survey website. There are several wellknown paid survey sites that are completely free to join and use, and upon entering some simplequestions on their website you should start getting emailed surveys, usually around 3 or 4 times aweek. Complete these surveys and eventually your account balance will get updated (this isntinstant, so dont panic when you appear to have earned no money as usually it takes a week or soto be included in your earnings). A paid survey completed will earn you around £4 fromabout 30 minutes work. If you complete around 4 in a week, then this is £16 a week frompaid surveys. Obviously not a large amount, but if you were to join a second, or a third paid surveysite, then you could be doubling or tripling your earnings. Potentially you could be earning£48 a week from about 4 or 5 hours work. This is a payout rate of about £9 an hourwhich isnt too bad. Any of the surveys completed are usually multiple choice, and are very simpleto complete. Sometimes they are even enjoyable, involving watching clips from the latest movietrailers and giving relevant feedback.Another simple but effective little earner is writing product reviews online. There are a few sitesthat pay people to write online product reviews, and I really recommend that you join each of thesepaid to review sites. They are completely free to join and use and you can usually earn around 3or £4 per review written. If the review is of a very good quality you might also receive partof a prize fund at the end of the month, which is usually around £10 extra per reviewwritten.After joining a free paid review website, you should decide on a product to review. There arethousands of products listed on the website, including various items such as foodstuffs, toiletries,computer games, DVD players, websites, restaurants, etc. When you have decided and located aproduct to review, write the review and post it on the website. You earn money every time anotheruser reads and then rates one of your reviews - so make sure you read and rate lots of othermembers reviews in the hope that they return the favour. Ive estimated that you can earn around£4 per hour on a paid to review website, you could spend around 30-40minutes writing atop review and then 25 minutes or so reading and rating other members reviews. The best thingabout the paid review websites are that they are very similar, and they allow reviews posted on
  2. 2. one website to be posted on the next. So if you write a review on one site, you can copy and pasteit on to the next, doubling your earnings. Therefore I think you could probably earn on averagearound £6 per hour at a paid review website.Another of the ways to earn money online is by using a cashback website. Usually with acashback website the only way to earn money is by spending money: you get cash back everytime you make a transaction online. However you can earn money just joining free websites, allyou have to do is complete some forms online to sign up to the free sites. I recommend creating anew free email account, as you will receive quite a lot of junk emails from joining these sites.There is around £30 to earn from free to join websites, and although this wont take youlong to get through there are easily another 5 or 6 cashback websites you can use, and can doexactly the same thing with. This could earn you around £15 per hour, although it wont lastforever.Cashback websites also have another section, usually called the "recurring points" part of the site.This is where you can click links and advertisements to other websites and earn money for doingso. You usually earn around 8pence per link clicked, and in a few minutes you can click all thelinks (usually around 10 links). Some links can be clicked more than once per day, so usually youcan earn around £1.50 at each cashback website in about 5 minutes. Say you join 5cashback websites; this could earn you £7.50 in half an hour, every day. Not bad for simplyclicking a few website links every day.Paid forum posting is another way of earning money online. Some website owners are willing topay people to post messages in specific online forums; this is because it allows them to advertisetheir own personal website in the signature part of your username. Every time you make a post ona forum (if allowed) your signature usually follows you. This is a free piece of space that you canuse to write something or advertise a website link. It is a very valuable piece of space that can beused for free advertising, and so the more posts that you can submit then the more freeadvertising is available. It can also help the website owner when it comes to the search enginerankings, giving that website hundreds more backlinks. Paid forum posting usually pays around10pence per post submitted, and so with 100 posts you can earn £10. This can easily beachieved in 1 or 2 hours, thus earning a rate of £5 per hour spent doing paid forum posting.Working online doing data entry jobs is another way to earn money online, though it is often veryhard finding legitimate data input jobs on the Internet. Most of them are scams, and will try andcharge you just for joining, or the information about joining. Never pay for any kind of job seenonline. Usually you can find simple data entry jobs at webmaster forums, as some people donthave the time or cant be bothered to do simple but boring data entry. You should expect to earnaround £6 per hour spent entering data, but this really depends on the job that you find as itreally depends on the employer.Usually most of the data entry jobs found on web forums will only last an hour or two, so theyarent the most reliable form of income though you can normally find several data input jobsadvertised on website-owner forums.Mystery shopping isnt strictly a job which you can do directly from your computer, though you willneed to find and apply for a mystery shopping position using the Internet. Mystery shopping willinvolve going to a shop or premise with a view of purchasing an item or service, and then going
  3. 3. away and reviewing the whole experience. You need to report back to your employer with yourfindings, and on doing so you can expect to earn around £15 for your troubles. This worksout at around £7 an hour, although with Mystery Shopping it is hard to do it constantly andregularly. Dont expect regular mystery shopping opportunities, you might be lucky enough to beinvited once a week or less.Online betting is another method of earning money online, but this way doesnt involve any risks orgambles. Arbitrage is a way of betting so that you back all possible outcomes of an event, and willalways end up with a profit from doing so. It involves scanning through odds at online bookmakers,and when you find odds that are higher at the bookmaker than at an exchange, then you havefound yourself an arb. This is the most time consuming part of the job, and thankfully there arefree forums that can be used where by people will post arbs for others to use. Arbing also involvesbetting large amount of money; the more you can afford to bet, the more profit you can expect. Toearn any kind of decent money from arbing then you need a few thousand pounds spare whichyou are free to invest for the period that you are arbing. An example of an arb could be odds onMan Utd to win at 2.5 at Ladbrokes, and odds to lay Man Utd to win at 2.3 at Betfair (anexchange). If you place £1000 on Man Utd to win at Ladbrokes and you lay this at Betfairwith £1000, if Man Utd win you have £1500 profit at Ladbrokes and a loss of£1300 at Betfair. This is an overall profit of £200 just from one arb found, which isvery good going from just a few minutes work. Unfortunately arbs like this dont come along veryoften, and when they do they dont last long. You can expect to earn around £5 per hourspent arbing, but this depends on the amount of arbs you are able to discover.The final method of earning money online that we will discuss here is by advertising on freewebspace. Anyone can join the Blogger website for free, and can post information on to their ownblog. Then they can apply for the Google AdSense program directly on the website, and so theycan start earning money just from adverts placed on their free blog site. If you are able to uploadinteresting, unique web content and manage to get regular traffic to your website then you canexpect to earn around £5 or £10 a day from your free website, which isnt bad goingfor minimal effort. Obviously the hardest part of this is managing to get people to come to yourwebsite, and tempting them into clicking the Google adverts. However if you do manage all of this,you can expect to be earning at least £5 a day from adverts placed on your website.Overall there is a lot of free money available to earn using the Internet. Even from the paid reviewwebsite you could be earning around £5 an hour and this is just one way to earn moneyonline. You can also be earning around £50 a week from paid survey sites, and thenaround £40 a week from cashback websites recurring clicks. Then you could be earningabout £50 a week from paid forum posting, and then about £30 a week from onlinedata entry jobs. Then theres the online arbing, which can earn you an endless amount of money.Anyone can easily be earning £150 a week from arbing. Then on top of this you can beearning money from your free webspace, which could be around £70 a week. This is agrand total of around £400 a week, which is an excellent amount of money considering thelittle effort required working online from home.Learn how you can earn money online answering paid surveys by email, writing product reviews,and by earning cashback every time you shop online; learn more ways to work online from home
  4. 4. and join these sites for free today.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Matthew_Tutt==== ====become a millionaire.www.millionairesociety1offoffer.com==== ====